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Saturday, April 20, 2024

The mad insanity of Donald Trump

Donald Trump: Mad or insane? Probably both.

After managing to read, pretty much word for word, text written for him by someone else in a speech to a joint session of Congress and managing, briefly, to appear “almost presidential,” Donald J. Trump reverted to his manic self with paranoid Twitter “tweets” claiming former President Barack Obama wiretapped him and got into a pissing contest with Arnold Schwarzenegger over “The Apprentice” television show.

The pathetic and dangerous insanity of the 45th President continues to dominate his floundering opening of his administration.

Republicans and Democrats alike shook their heads Saturday after reading Trump’s latest Twitter Tsunami and increasingly wonder how much time is left before something will need to be done to remove the man elected to office by the largest minority of voters in American history.

Some see Trump as a modern version of Charles Foster Kane, the title character of Orson Welles great film, Citizen Kane, about a deranged millionaire, modeled on publishing tycoon William Randolph Hearst.

Perhaps Trump hates the media because Kane and Hearst rose to power through newspapers.

Trump remains mired in a growing scandal about his financial ties to Russia, his open admiration for dictatorial and violent rule of Vladimir Putin and questionable and perhaps treasonous contacts by his appointed cabinet members, campaign staff and his former national security aides with Russian officials.

It’s not the only question of honesty, ethics and propriety facing him.

Revelations Saturday by The Washington Post show Trump’s sons openly cashing in on contacts made during the 2016 Presidential campaign to lure lucrative building projects around the country, right after taxpayers footed lavish bills for a trip to Dubai to open a new hotel and condo tower.

Trump continues to ignore the Constitution with his flood of “executive orders” even after federal courts stopped his questionable ban on immigrants and promises to issue a new order on immigrants this coming week.

Writes Dan Balz of The Washington Post:

Russia has become the slow burn of President Trump’s administration. It is the issue that he and his team cannot get beyond. They cannot get beyond it because they are skittish about accepting what is already known. They cannot get beyond it because they have not been as forthcoming as they could be about what they did. They cannot get beyond it because they don’t know what they don’t know.

Observes Maureen Dowd of The New York Times:

Donald Trump is stuck in his own skull.

He’s unreachable.

“He lives inside his head, where he runs the same continuous loop of conflict with people he turns into enemies for the purposes of his psychodrama,” says Trump biographer Michael D’Antonio.

Because Trump holds Thor’s hammer, with its notably short handle, we must keep trying to figure out his strange, perverse, aggrieved style of reasoning. So we’re stuck in Trump’s head with him.

It’s a very cluttered place to be, a fine-tuned machine spewing a torrent of chaos, cruelty, confusion, farce and transfixing craziness. Of course, this is merely the observation of someone who is “the enemy of the American people,” according to our president.

Trump biographer Tim O’Brien explains our President in fewer words:  “He’s the emperor of chaos.”


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53 thoughts on “The mad insanity of Donald Trump”

  1. I’m canadian…you have my sympathy…but you elected him…Our buck is nicknamed a Looney. Should have trumps picture on it.

  2. “…mad insanity..” about covers it. Toss in a roaring case of paranoia & the sTrumpette closely resembles the little fat boy over in N. Korea. I’m beginning to think his is a case of hereditary alzheimer’s–just like daddy.

  3. There is something called the 25th amendment. The hard part is getting Pence to agree to it then it will be implemented…….it reads in part 4:……………….. “Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President. OBVIOUSLY TRUMP CAN NO LONGER, OR EVER HAS BEEN ABLE TO CARRY OUT THE DUTIES OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. …………..ENACT THE 25TH AMENDMENT ON MENTAL DISABILITY……PLEASE & SOON!

  4. There are a lot of deficit hawks in the Republican Party. What’s going to happen if they don’t deliver on his budget requests? Will it send him over the edge?

  5. when is this thing going to have a mental test? he belongs in a mental hospital locked up for good.

  6. People in other countries can’t figure out why the American people would elect this narcissist. Every day this lunatic remains in office we’re all in danger. It’s time for the GOP to reach into it’s collective pair of shorts and find a pair so they can repeal and replace him with Pence. Personally I loathe Pence and all he stands for but at least I won’t have to worry about him setting off nuke over an unflattering tweet.

  7. What Doctor is going to diagnose Trump as mentally unfit as grounds for impeachment? None. Why? Hmmmm.. Their are a number of reasons I could think of.. Not as an advocate and as a layman I could suggest that because he is slow, emotional, and unfocused and maybe Bi Polar or Narcissistic he is not stupid and is somehow functioning at a level where their are Americans who do support him. Diplomacy with other Countries does not appear to be in Choas. However their was not one Doctor who could successfully surround Caesar with proper medical treatment without the Senates confirmation either, nor other dictators who followed.. Looks like Democrats might have to work on their side and make a lawful comeback , so the Pendulum swings fully Left and Right with smooth precision and not over the Top. Maybe he is releasing sensitive information over Twitter that can only be corroborated with those who hold the highest clearances rendering it unacceptable for other layman or medical professionals to give an appropriate diagnosis.. Truth is a defense to Slander and Libel.. Maybe Trump Twitter Truth is veiled because of his position as Commander and Chief.. Maybe he is a Nut.. Bottom line………. At the moment no one with any reliability or authority has really presented valid ground for impeachment other than speculation or desire.. Or have they?

  8. I have said it for a year. Trump and his wife ( who is multilingual because it is required by the KGB) work for the Russians. And before you Trump Goombas come at me with this liberal crap, I am non-partisan. I am even anti-partisan i.e. I don’t fall in line with anyone’s ideology.

  9. How much longer will the GOP members of Congress continue to support this raging Maniac. They are all afraid of losing their positions and viability of the American Citizens. They have already lost my support to any of them. We need to limit terms of office and cut their entitlements. They do not deserve to have any paid benefits. They are not doing their job for our country. They are milking us citizens for all it is worth. Just follow the reputations of the ones in office.

    • No Carmen. The republican “party” is supporting this INSANE “disaster-in-chief” because they are POWERMAD … They now control everything in Washington ( EXCEPT their “twitter-in-chief” that is ) for the first time in more than a decade, and they’ll be damned if they’re gonna let THAT PRIZE slip away – TRUE IRONY here is that slip away it WILL, and they’ll be DAMNED ANYWAY ! SAD !

  10. Narcissistic personality disorder (Textbook Trump) is defined as: a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for admiration and a lack of empathy for others. But behind this mask of ultraconfidence lies a fragile self-esteem that’s vulnerable to the slightest criticism.

  11. Why do we, the American People, continue to accept this behavior? When will something be done? I hope it won’t be too late—–for the entire world………………………………………

    • Barbara, pick up that sign and get out there. If we can cause enough Repugnantcans to lose state and local seats, the House and Senate would follow, then a sane presidency.

  12. Trump knows his days are numbered. Trying desperately to turn the conversation around to fight off his ties with Russia. He is even more confident now that his tax returns do not have to be released. His acknowledgement of going to bed after midnight and rising at 5am only means one thing. Sleep deprivation. “Clearly, your brain doesn’t work very well when you’re sleep-deprived,” Even a low level of sleep deprivation has an impact on cognitive and emotional function. When people get sleep-deprived, they don’t show positive emotion in their faces. And sleep-deprived people also don’t tolerate disappointment very well.



  14. Narrcistic personality disorder. Its obvious that he suffers from it. A person must meet at least five of the nine indicators to get that diagnosis. Trump can check off all nine boxes. Thats what we have to contend with for four more years.

    • Do you really think he will be in the White House for 4 more years? Gosh, I hope not. Just think of all the destruction he can do in that time.

  15. Yes, you’ll notice as we get more and more proof of the Russian connections, that the Emperor is losing it; more diversions that Obama wire tapped him; only a matter of time when the real truth comes out, and baby, it’s gonna come out soon!

    • UnEDUCATED, UnAWARE, and UnPREPARED Americans voted for him… and most didn’t vote so much FOR him as against Hillary… Both parties put up an unacceptable candidate, and this is the result!

  16. A-M-O-R-A-L ! DONALD TREASON IS AMORAL and the media refuses to inform the public of that fact as they continue to treat him like he is just an ordinary person. DONALD TREASON (who is poorly educated) relies on the fact that most Americans are just like him. He said, “I love the poorly educated!”

    Will someone in the media RISE UP and become an EDWARD R. MURROW who brought down alcoholic Senator JOE MC CARTHY! Where is the COURAGE in the media to EXPOSE THIS EVUIL CREATURE WHO WAS SENT FROMHELL TO DEMONIZE AMERICANS!?!?

    • Amoral is a perfect definition, but since this narcisist man is highly ignorant and his dictionary very limited I wonder if he understands all that is said about him.
      He has to go sooooon .
      What are they waiting for? has he not shown enough incapacity to govern ? Dementia , Insanity, Ignorance.

  17. Tronald Dump is, as we say here in Texas, just plain “loco.” I still can’t understand how he was able to hoodwink the millions of people who voted for him. Whereas he and his pampered family live in luxury and continue to flaunt that luxury now at taxpayers’ expense, his supporters continue to wait for the miracle cures that he promised them. He’s never going to change for the better. People like him never do.

  18. A psychiatrist friend of mine said bi-polar; someone else said sociopath; someone else said both.
    How is this? There IS a tape of Trump in the shower. There have been some deals made in Russia.
    Trump’s son in an interview stated there were two projects from the “private sector” in Russia. Then
    there is the weakening of NATO thing that may not happen. For one, I would NOT want to owe Vlady anything, not even a dime. ‘Cause he will collect it–no question………..and/or China is pressuring
    him on that $650 Million loan that he had defaulted on once already. He threatens China regularly and is finding they do not sway, even tho he said they would. I believe he should undergo a psych eval by the MILITARY. He is the Commander-In-Chief and they need to know if the CIC has something wrong that would prevent him from functioning in that capacity. In other words, would they have a General over
    a large project such as the ME if they behaved like Trump????

  19. Trump is unhinged. When he doesn’t like the news, he finds someone to blame even if it requires making something up. He is also trying to distract and deflect.

  20. If there were any sane, decent, and patriotic members of the House on the GOTP side of the aisle, they would begin impeachment. Unfortunately, then we would be stuck with Pence but at least he is sane.

  21. Trump is Brando IN “APOCALYPSE NOW! ” A rabid dog caught in a corner, that he and his team created!
    He’s a manipulator turning on Obama to deter attention from the Trump team/family Russia issues!
    The sad thing is, he actually thinks that the American people are stupid?! The Trump team actually thought they could get away with lying and not get caught. Kinda like all these years of fraud, lies, deceit in all of Trumps business dealings!
    Impeach!! He’s been crazy for years. But now it’s out there in the open. His tweets, confirm his guilt.

  22. So the New Youk Times and Washington Post have become personality experts !!!!!
    Good grief, I’m mortified !!

  23. You have the GOP for thinking they could make a change with a mad man. he still hadn’t given up his business ties. He has business in the Russian country side. And as for Putin how can You trust the old head of the Russian nuclear submarine corp. And a man who kills anybody that disagrees with him. Trump soled us out to the Russians.

  24. I hate to admit it, but the Donald is getting a little stranger by the day. His latest tweet yesterday concerning Obama’s wire taps of the Trump Tower was fine and all, but why can’t he produce some form of evidence to support his wild claims. He said he learned that morning that Obama had ordered wire taps on the Trump Tower – sounds a little bizarre, but where exactly did he ‘learn’ this and why doesn’t he disclose his source to support the claim. Instead, just more mud slinging, name calling and wild innuendo.

  25. This idiot is going to cause a civil war between the alt-right and the alt-left and the rest of us are going to be pulled into it whether we want to be or not! I think Bannon is looking for an upheaval and his puppet in chief with help from Russia and the Kremlin is happy to oblige.

  26. trump is a basket case, his supporters sycophants, nobody wants to come to america anymore because it sucks. Potty train trump!

  27. As the evidence mounts on the Russian connections this orange fool is trying desperately to divert attention from the Putin love match. Maybe for his slaves it is okay but for the majority of americans we are not impressed with him, his administration and just want him gone.

  28. “The mad insanity of The Insane Liberal Media”
    There, fixed that really bad headline for you.

    • Willful delusion is not a good thing, Mr. McDaniels. It is glaringly obvious that Trump is unfit for the office of President. You can post nonsense all you want, but deep down (or maybe not so deep down), you know that Trump is incompetent.

  29. The White House has an official psychiatrist and/or medical physician that could have Trump evaluated for his mental ability to handle this job. His mouth is his worst enemy in this job, while it may serve him well when he is abusing everyone else around him.

    We have enough danger to be concerned about in this country and frankly, having a mentally incompetent President is just not something we need in this country.

  30. I keep thinking the Republicans will have an awakening that the man they selected to be our President will realize they are all on a ship gradually sinking. If they want to keep their reputation as a viable political party, they need to make a decision to get him to resign or impeach him.

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