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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Trump: Manchurian Candidate, traitor

Petitions calling Trump a traitor and demanding he be charged and punished have appeared on web-based petition operations.

The minority of American voters who gave Donald J. Trump an electoral college victory in the 2016 Presidential election may have turned the government of the United States into a subversive arm of Russia.

Trump himself has spent more than 30 years trying to build a “Trump Tower” in Moscow.  Several of his cabinet members have strong business and personal relationships with the Russian government and some of those ties go back to the days when the U.S.S.R. was a Communist nation.

Revelations this week of even more questionable contacts with Russia by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who recused himself Thursday from involvement in investigations on the country, the forced resignation of national security adviser Michael Flynn last month after he admitted lying to Vice President Michael Pence, Congress and the American public about his contacts with Russia, awareness that Trump may be billions of dollars in debt to a country that many consider a sworn enemy and more details of a growing scandal suggest American elected a Russian candidate patterned after the Manchurian Candidate of literary and film history.

Notes Russian dissident and chess champion Garry Kasparov  “Trump has criticized: Republicans, Democrats, the pope, U.S. elections, C.I.A., F.B.I., NATO, Meryl Streep. Trump hasn’t criticized: Vladimir Putin.”

“Mr. Trump appears to be infatuated with the autocrat in the Kremlin,” writes OpEd contributor Max Boot in The New York Times in a column entitled: Donald Trump: A Modern Manchurian Candidate?

Adds Boot: “At the same time that Mr. Trump continues to exhibit paranoia about American intelligence agencies, he displays a trust verging on gullibility in the mendacious and murderous government of Mr. Putin.”

Voters should have quickly recognized Trump as an opportunistic egomaniac who puts profit ahead of patriotism but the real estate guy living penthouse style in Manhattan somehow convinced the working folks that he, someone, was one of them.

A growing number of those voters now suffer from buyer’s remorse.  He never was the choice of the majority of voters in either the GOP primary or the general election but the Democrats fell flat on their ass with their own flawed operative, Hillary Clinton, and her failures helped swing the handful of key states that he needed to win in an electoral college that has, in recent elections, delivered a President not preferred by the majority at the ballot box.

Did Putin and a team of rich Russians buy the Presidency of the United States of America?  Increasing evidence and a mountain of circumstantial indications suggest they did exactly that.

Those who know much of what is actually in his hidden tax returns say Trump and his companies are financed by Russia, China and the Mid-East.  When Trump tried to use poorly conceived and ineptly constructed “executive orders” to bar those from seven nations to enter the United States, his list did not include a single nation that has financial ties with him even though some have stronger terrorism tactics than the ones he cited.

Trump bypasses the law with money, bluster and threats.  Allegations of sexual abuse by him against women disappear when they succumb to threats and payoffs.  Questions about his Slovenian-born wife’s citizenship disappeared after a promised, but never delivered, a press conference to “answer all the questions.”

He bought off many of those defrauded by his “Trump University” with settlements he claimed he would never make.

He calls questions about his involvement with Russia “nonsense” and “very unfair” without offering a single answer to a single question.

“FAKE NEWS,” he shouts on Twitter, ignoring the proven facts that he, himself is a documented originator and distributor of many fake news reports, including his incredibly outrageous claims of “thousands of Muslims” cheering when the twin towers of New York fell in the 9/11 terrorism attacks and his long series of claims that President Barack Obama was not legally born in America.

Many of us, including a majority of voters, knew Donald Trump was a fraud and con artist.  Now we also are learning that he and much of his administration may be Russian puppets who are, by their actions, traitors to the United States of America.


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2 thoughts on “Trump: Manchurian Candidate, traitor”

  1. The head scratcher, why isn’t there any significant outcry!!

    And, Why responses to these serious allegations are mute and somehow fizzles away as soon as they appear?

  2. “He calls questions about his involvement with Russia “nonsense” and “very unfair” without offering a single answer to a single question.”

    How can his supporters not see that this is why he refuses to release his tax returns that are certain to show his involvement with Russia?

    Trump lovers are fools!

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