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Sunday, December 10, 2023

‘Enemy of the People?’ I’m not but Trump is

Donald Trump holding his head after a federal court handed it to him (AFP Photo)

Donald Trump repeatedly calls many news organizations like The New York Times or The Washington Post “fake news” and “enemies of the people.”

Trump is the real “enemy of the people.”  We are sworn enemies of the state of Trump.

In my opinion, and this is an opinion column, Trump is un-American, unbalanced, unhinged, and unfit to be a collector of dog crap on the streets of New York, much less the President of the United States.

Whenever he speaks, Trump issues at least a dozen lies and often many more.

Most Presidents are noted for their “first 100 days.”

The Huffington Post noted Trump’s “First 100 Lies” and adds that it only took 36 days for him to reach that milestone.

As many media organizations noted (us included) Trump blasted out so many lies in his inaugural address that fact checkers couldn’t keep up.

In his campaign, Trump promised to “drain the swamp” in Washington.

If anything, he turned it into more stinking, putrid, toxic cesspool than before.

Trump’s cabinet picks included billionaires and multimillionaires who, among other atrocities, like Steve Mnuchin, who hid $100 million in assets from the Senate Finance Committee or andy Puzder, who later withdrew, who said his fast food enterprises could run better and more efficiently with robots serving hamburgers.

After going back on his promise to release his tax returns, Trump also skirted the law that prohibits him benefitting financially as President, a form of self-enrichment not seen in this country wince the 19th century.  He profits from collecting increased and extravagant rents and fees from the federal government at his properties, sends his sons, at taxpayer expense, to lavish business scouting trips around the world and hides a total indebtedness of billions to nations that now have a stake in what he does as President.

He’s a classic “robber baron” who pillages, plunders and rapes the nation at will and dares anyone to stop him.  As we also know, he has been charged with raping a 13-year old girl.

In 1007, Jill Harth said in a lawsuit that she and her romantic partner were working with Trump on a business deal when he started making unwelcome sexual advances.  She said her leered at her inappropriately, groper her on several occasions and attempt to rape her.

Tump has an overflowing closet of skeletons.  He bragged, on audio tape, about seducing woman and grabbing “them by their pussy.”  He told stories about enjoying walking unannounced into the dressing rooms of undressed and naked beauty pageant contestants, including those of Miss Teen USA.

So evidence says our President is a pervert and child predator.  Most of those go to prison, where they are raped themselves, not elected President and live in the White House.

Trump also laughed and discussed his daughter Ivanka’s looks with shock job Howard Stern called Trump’s daughter Ivanka.

Trump called her “voluptuous” and “beautiful.”

“She’s a piece of ass,” Stern said.

“Yeah,” Trump answered.

Trump listens to a white supremacist racist like Stephen Bannon, the chief strategist who laughs as he pulls the President’s strings in myriad ways that violate the Constitution and the laws of morality and decency.

Like Trump, Bannon has his own skeletons in his closet. His now ex-wife accused him of spousal abuse in 1996.  The charge was dismissed after witnesses refused to testify and sources say there were threatened. Bannon also demanded to know if a private school if it had any Jewish children as students because he didn’t want his kid “to be around Jews.”

As a newspaperman who has been digging up facts and lies by politicians for more than half a century, I am proud to be called an “enemy” by the likes of Donald Trump.

But, as those of us in the media have to do with anything said by Donald Trump, I must correct his lie.

We are not “enemies of the people.”  He is.

We are “enemies of the state” or, more precisely, “enemies of the State of Trump.”

We will treat him with all the disrespect he deserves.


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3 thoughts on “‘Enemy of the People?’ I’m not but Trump is”

  1. Everyday the pressure of intelligent action and responsibilities grow – how long before he’s duck tape solution burst open. Really we need a betting pool on what’s next.

  2. Trumpf is not just an enemy of the people , he’s also possiblya very special kind of enemy a TRAITOR. Eventually his taxes are going to surface and the shit ( Donald) is going to hit the fan ( the law.) Where that is going to leave the country is to be seen?

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