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Monday, July 22, 2024

Trump robs and plunders America

Donald Trump: Laws? I don’t need to obey any stinkin’ laws.

Documents uncovered by ProPublica show Donald Trump continues to financially benefit from the “trust” he claims he created to separate himself from his business holdings while serving.

As usual, Tump lied when he claimed the trust “builds a wall” between him and his business.  He continues to collect funds from hotels, golf courses, resorts, branded products and more.

He controls the so-called “trust” and has the sole authority to revoke it any time he chooses.

Documents filed with the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board in Washington show his trust is “to hold assets for the exclusive benefit of Donald J.Trump” with his lavish hotel in the old Post Office on Pennsylvania.

The “trust” does not dissolve Trump’s business or financial interest in any properties or holdings.  When he and his White House entourage spend lavish weekends at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, where he has already spent three weekends in his first month in office, already expensive rates that were hiked up after his election victory in November, are paid by the government and the proceeds go to Trump.

General Accounting Office records show Trump’s weekends at Mar-a-lago has already cost more than $10 million in federal funds while taxpayers in New York shell out $500,000 a day to guard Trump Tower, where former nude model and now First Lady Melania Trump lives with their son who remains in a private school nearby. That adds up to about $183 million a year.

Even the space he and his wife occupy on the trips is paid for by the government, at his own hotel and resort.  Administration officials, Secret Service and others involved with the White House, stay at lavish rooms with higher-than-before rates that are paid by the U.S. treasury and benefit the owner — Donald J.Trump.

His “Trump International” hotel space in Washington’s old post office has a lease with the General Services Administration that prohibits any elected official from benefiting from the property.

The GSA received new documents about Trump’s involvement in the hotel and is reviewing them to determine how Trump is finding ways about the lease and its legal requirements.

Rep. Elijah E. Cummings of Maryland says Trump is out of compliance with the lease.

“This legal concoction from President Trump’s lawyers does nothing to address is conflicts of interest or the breach of the lease for his hotel,” Cummins says in a statement.

The record clearly shows that, as President, Trump continues to do what he wants without any actions from the party controlled by the political party he embraces.

Trump continues to lie, cheat and steal from the taxpayers who, technically, should be considered his bosses.

He will continue to pillage and plunder while no one seems to have the guts or fortitude to stop his grand scheme to rape America.


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3 thoughts on “Trump robs and plunders America”

  1. Please leave the President alone & let him do his job. Why should he after 4 years are up he will need his bessnis if he don’t get reelected so leave him alone. Mr.President keep on keeping on

  2. Saw an estimate the other day that Vladimir Putin has looted Russia to the tune of $45 billion. Trump’s going to have to up his game a little here… J.

  3. In order to understand and apply the concept of ethics, one has to have both moral underpinnings and a conscience.

    This President has withered examples of both at best.

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