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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Trump slapped down by federal court

Donald Trump holding his head after a federal court handed it to him (AFP Photo)

In direct, but grammatically correct, legalese,, three Federal Appeals Court judges for the 9th District unanimously rejected president Donald Trump’s attempt to reverse a lower court block of his constitutional immigration and travel ban of Muslims and others deemed undesirable by an out-of-control White House.

Perhaps they should have simply told Trump, in the kind of language he uses so frequently, to “go f–k yourslef.”

Trump, of course, turned to Twitter and all capital letters (which is “shouting” on the Internet, to respond: “SEE YOU IN COURT, THE SECURITY OF OUR NATION IS AT STAKE!”

The president claimed the appeals judges made a “political decision.”

“We have a situation where the security of our country is at stake, and it’s a very, very serious situation, so we look forward, as I just said, to seeing them in court,” he said.

In reality, the appeals court put a block on Trump’s political attempt to overturn the Constitution with yet another of his very-political “executive orders.”

Yes, the security of the nation is at stake.  It will be as long as the madman Donald John Trump is president.

It took a single judge in Seattle to take Trump down a notch or two and three more appeals judges to affirm the ruling that his overreaching ban on immigration and travel to the United States is too damn much abuse from a vapid president who sees himself as emperor of the United States of America.

Trump’s flock, of course, calls the appeals court decision an “action of a liberal court appointed by Democrats.”  One of the three judges, Richard R. Clifton, was appointed by George W. Bush.  The other two were appointees of Democrats Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter.  The Bush appointee voted to keep the lower court block in place.

“The Government has pointed to no evidence that any alien from any of the countries named in the Order has perpetrated a terrorist attack in the United States,” the judges said in their ruling. “Rather than present evidence to explain the need for the Executive Order, the Government has taken the position that we must not review its decision at all.”

In other words, Trump feels his presidency has no limitations and no one to serve as a check and balance.  He overlooks the Constitutional mandate that the federal courts, with the Supreme Court as the final check and balance, is part of the “triad” that governs the country with the President and Congress as the other two.

Congress, controlled by the Republican Party, has shown little interest in keeping Trump in line with the Constitution or other guarantees that Americans are supposed to expect.  The court, thankfully, did.

The Justice Department, under Trump puppet Jeff Sessions, the attorney general with a racist past, must decide if it want to let the block stand since the executive order expires in 90 days for one part and 120 for the other or ask the full 9th district appeals judges to consider it or go directly to the Supreme Court.

Trump, of course, will tell Sessions what to do and he has already said he will take his insanity all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary because he is president and he doesn’t believe that anyone can or should be able to stand in his way.

Memo to wannabe King Trump: A lot of people can, and will, stand in your way and the number is growing.  You are already the most unpopular President to ever take office and a tainted one who lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes.

You ain’t a king, you ain’t the emperor and you ain’t God.

You’re a flawed, insecure, childish brat.

You talk about protecting America from terrorists.

Trump, you’re the terrorist who threatens the Constitution, our way of life and our security more than anyone you are attempting to block from our country.

Deport yourself.

An “executive order” that best serves our nation.


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