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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Memo to Trump: ‘Shut up, you lying SOB’


Lots of discussions lately within media outfits on what to call the growing and monumentally-sized list of lies by President Donald John Trump.

Some media organizations try to use the word “lie” when describing a misstatement of fact, untruthful remark or falsehood by the 45th President of the United States.

“Whether and how to push back when Trump says something untrue is an ongoing question for news outlets,” reports Callum Borchers in The Washington Post.  “Use of the word ‘lie,’ in particular, is up for debate because it asserts the president didn’t just relay inaccurate information, but that he intended to deceive.”

Some news outlets says a blanket claim that a misstatement is a lie is editorializing because it is a conclusion, not a reporting of “fact.”

Others, like The New York Times, says there isn’t much wiggle room when it comes to Trump’s lying.  He lies, he knows he lies and he does it a lot.

Says a headline in the Times: Trump repeats lie about popular vote in meeting with lawmakers.

Same for New York magazine: Trump repeats lie that millions voted illegally in meeting with congressional leaders.

Dean Baquet tells National Public Radio says an obvious lie by Trump, and there are many to choose from, is called it for what it is, especially when Trump repeats what has already been documented as false information.

Baquet is right. Trump’s lies should be called lies because he is the most prolific liar to occupy the White House in modern times, if not in the history of the American presidency.

Yet newspapers like the Wall Street Journal often calls one Trump’s many lies an “unsupported claim.”

The New York Daily news calls a Trump lie an “unconfirmed claim.”

Slate says it is a “false claim.”

The Washington Post often says a lie is “without evidence.”


Trump lies. His frequent and often repeated lies have been documented as lies many, many times.  He lied about former President Barack Obama’s birthright.  He lied about voter fraud that does not exist.  He continues to repeat lies about his relatively small turnout for his swearing in and inauguration, calling them records that aren’t.

Trump lies so much that even the best fact-checking services say they can’t keep up with all of them.

I came up through the newspaper and journalism ranks as a veteran reporter taught to attempt objectivity at all times in reporting and writing the news.

As a columnist for the past 50+ years, I have also had the privilege to add perspectives to the news from a singular goal of reporting the truth.  I haven’t always met that goal and have apologized for doing so when it has happened.

Trump is a proven liar.  That fact is documented, again and again, but he has never apologized for any lie and continues to repeat many of them.

As President of the United States, he should use truth to govern and make his points.  Instead, he uses lies to serve his many, and often conflicting agendas.

My conclusion, in this case, as an opinion columnist?

Memo to Donald John Trump:

“Shut up you lying SOB!”


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5 thoughts on “Memo to Trump: ‘Shut up, you lying SOB’”

  1. Trump lies because he can. Furthermore, he’s well on his way, with GOP support, to eviscerating social programs and environmental laws protecting everyone’s health and well-being. These actions are and will be passed off as beneficial to business and national economic growth, clearly additional lies, and this movement will not be stopped until people realize that our “me first” attitude is shortsighted in this interdependent world we live in. When enough people eventually realize we can’t follow a leader whose “me first” approach is derived from our economic and political system and is unsustainable, when we start caring for others as least nearly as much as we care for ourselves, then we’ll see change. Until then, he can continue to say whatever he wants unhindered. He’s the product of the way of life we’ve encouraged for decades now and until we change our simplistic system of evaluating everything from the view of “what’s in it for me?”, we’ll continue along this spiral to isolation and self-destruction. When and if we change, we’ll demand better. As of now, we didn’t demand truthfulness and integrity and we certainly didn’t get it.

  2. Can you believe this? At this point in his Presidency, Donald Trump is openly, loudly and widely called a liar. Not mistaken, not in error, but a LIAR, and with evidence to back up each allegation. . How did we get here?

    • Honouring stupidity.

      Should have seen it coming a long time ago, though. Look at the halls of any high school, and see who’s walking down the middle with a beautiful girl. Hint – It’s not the guy who won the science fair. When you have skewed reward systems like that, you should expect skewed results.


  3. IMPEACH IMPEACH IMPEACH….my Gosh, this FOOL does not even remember half of what he says ….he needs ro look at himself before he throws up the trash and disgust out of his mouth….he is NOT MY president….

  4. Strictly technically, I think the term “SOB” unfairly disparages his mother. I imagine he got that way just fine on his own (his father may have helped).


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