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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Lies, damn lies and Donald Trump


The New York Times said it best: “Mr. Trump himself has little regard for facts.”

That’s a polite way of saying the incoming President of the United States is a bald-faced liar.

Donald Trump is many things, nearly all of them despicable and deplorable.

He’s a liar, a con-man, a corrupt businessman who built his shaky empire by cheating otherst, a racist and bigot, a misogynist who mistreats women and is charged with raping a 13-year-old girl and an incredible megalomaniac in a world where ego thrives.

Yet none of this matters to his legion of supporters, a minority of voters who cast their ballots in the right places to give him a majority of Electoral College votes while another scarred candidate got more votes in the election itself.

The Central Intelligence Agency says its investigation and conclusions by professional analysts find Russian hackers and that country’s leaders conspired to leak damaging information to help seal Trump’s improbable win.

Trump, of course, says the CIA’s conclusions are all “a lie” because he knows more about the world of international intelligence gathering and covert espionage than those who do it as a profession.

Among Trump’s many lies, he constantly claims that he, and only he, knows more about the anything and everything.

I’m the only one who understands ISIS,” he boasts.  “I know more than the generals,” he bellows.

Editorialized The New York Times in “Truth and Lies in the Age of Trump:”

For him, facts aren’t the point; trust is. Like any autocrat, he wins his followers’ trust — let’s call it a blind trust — by lying so often and so brazenly that millions of people give up on trying to distinguish truth from falsehood. Whether the lie is about millions of noncitizens voting illegally, or the crime rate, or President Obama’s citizenship, it doesn’t matter: In a confusing world of competing, shouted “truths,” the simplest solution is to trust in your leader. As Mr. Trump is fond of saying, “I alone can fix it.”

If anyone corrects any of his many mistakes, Trump lashes back while never admitting his error. When Chuck Jones, the union leader at Carrier Corporation told The Washington Post that Trump lied in his claim of saving 1,100 jobs in his deal with the company’s operation in Indiana.  The real number will be 730 or less  “He lied his ass off,” Jones said.

Did Trump admit his error? Not a chance.  He turned instead to Twitter, his favorite attack tool, to lash out at Jones, saying the union leader has done “a terrible job representing workers.”  Jones is currently working to try and help those who will lose their jobs at Carrier in a deal that was more hype than fact.

Trump?  He can’t be bothered with the problems of those who lost the jobs he claimed he saved.  He’s off  to spread more lies in other areas.

Mark Twain once said “there are three kinds of lies.  Lies, damn lies and the facts.”

Forget the facts.  America’s new President disposed of facts long ago and replaced them with Trump lies — the exaggerated, blowhard claims of the man who will most likely become the most hated, most vilified and biggest lying son-of-a-bitch in American history.


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9 thoughts on “Lies, damn lies and Donald Trump”

  1. Today, Trumpf basically told the world he intends to run the country as a subsidiary of his private Corp. He’s not going to divest. I wonder what his followers would have said had Hillary won and decided that she were going to fold the country into the Clinton’s private Foundation? I wonder how the GOP dominated Congress would have reacted ?

    I believe Trumpf wants to do to America what Putin has done these last 16 yrs. to Russia. Putin is Russia’s new CZAR without a title or crown. He is the richest man on Earth because he has essentially used his position as Russian President to plunder Russia and to enrich himself and a group of Oligarchs around himself. Russia is a Kleptocracy.Trumpf is going to try and do something similar here. He is already using his election to do just that and he’s doing right in front of everyone’s face. Once in office he is going to use the enormous power of the U.S. Presidency to at once further enrich himself like Putin has and hammer flat anyone, group or party that dares to try and stop him. My guess is that a corrupt Republican majority will bend a knee to this tyrant and a weakened and corrupt Dem. party will do the same.

    All that stands between the rest of us now and a Dictatorship is one terrorist assault or major Int’l incident where IMO Trumpf will declare an Emergency seize power and then he will suspend the Constitution for the duration. So will end the American Republic.

  2. Doug, I have been reading your articles for over 10 years. You took Bush to task almost as much as you took Obama to task, and its good to see you finally calling a Spade a Garden Hoe.

    Now, what the HELL do we do about it? He is making a travesty of the Office of the Presidency…

  3. But there are more jobs for robot installers and robot repairmen. If some of these obsolete assembly workers would bother to get training, there are jobs for lots of them.

    • There are more installer and maintenance jobs, but there are many fewer jobs fixing or installing robots than the workers the robots replaced. My estimate is about 1:100. that is not a complete PUMA, as I spent 50 years designing factory automation equipment. Any factory that retrains all of its former assembly line workers to fix the robots that replaced them will have a lot of folks sitting around doing nothing and getting paid for it. That isn’t how capitalism works…

      I think it is a bit caviler to dismiss the trauma of losing a job that you have worked at for many years with “just get some retraining”. The skills necessary to maintain very complex equipment are fundamentally different than the skills necessary to do a repetitive assembly-line job. A semester of night-school isn’t going to make you an effective (i.e. employable) troubleshooter of robot problems.

      There is a generation of people that have been caught in this technological crease. They are mad. They feel cheated. They voted for Trump. They will be very angry when he does not deliver.

  4. “The real number will be 730 or less “He lied his ass off,” Jones said.”

    I don’t know if this will affect that specific Carrier plant or not, but Greg Hayes, CEO of Carrier’s parent corporation United Technologies, just said in a CNBC interview the other day that they will be spending millions of dollars to automate Carrier plants and that this will eventually mean more layoffs.

    • What Trump never talks about is factory automation. Jobs are not coming back to the US in any meat-based form. Carrier will do what any sane manufacturer would do, which is invest in all the technology that they can to replace workers. The technology is readily available to replace almost any assembly job now, and no amount of neo-Luddite wishing for the good old days where every screw was installed by a well-paid blue-collar family-man is going to reverse that. Robots don’t have hangovers, child and family problems, unions, or pension and health-care requirements.

      The paradigm has shifted. That is hurting people, much like the shift from an ag to an industrial economy hurt folks. The days when you could drop out of high-school, get a job at the Chevy plant installing wheels, and live happily ever after, are irretrievably gone.

      None of Trump’s grand plans to “Make America Great, Again” will change anything, unless he repeals 50 years of factory automation. Even he does not have the force of will to pull that off.

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