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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Hate runs rampant in America

A sign on a children’s playground in New York City.

“We don’t want or need your kind,” read a recent anonymous email. “Why don’t you take your fag friends and get out of America and leave us Christians alone.”

Nasty emails are part of life for someone who writes about issues. Over the last half century, I have been called obscene names, received threats and faced verbal/physical assaults.

Threats and comments urging me and my wife to leave America increased over the past year during the combative Presidential campaign.  As usual, most are anonymous. A man who confronted me outside my breakfast hangout in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia tried some fist-to-face communication.  He swung and missed.  I didn’t and he took nourishment through a straw until his jaw healed.

I’m not alone in being a target of hate. A homophobic in Franklin County, Virginia — just once county over from us — spray painted “FAG” on a Hillary Clinton campaign sign in the yard of Rachel and Emily Blankenship-Tucker, a married gay couple near Ferrum after the election earlier this month. To that community’s credit, others came forward to support the two ladies.

Anger and hate appear to be at an all-time high with protests around the nation opposing Donald Trump’s election and screams and shouts from those who support the flamboyant billionaire.

In Cincinnati, a mixed-race couple returned from a trip to Chicago to visit their daughter and found their their family home trashed, vandalized and covered with painted swastikas and hate like  “white power” and “die nigger” written on walls.

“They wrecked every room,” said Pat and Joe Jude.  “Nothing was spared.”

The haters poured cement into the stove and down the drains of a bathtub.

“That is just raw hatred,” Joe Jude fold Cincinnati NBC affiliate WLWT.  Aager is one thing, but raw hatred is a different thing.”

An anonymous voice mail to our home told us to “go to hell” and another posted on Facebook with an anonymous — and incorrect — claim that I’m an atheist.

“You don’t believe in God, you don’t believe in the Second Amendment and you don’t deserve to live in America,” said the post.

The Southern Poverty Law Center tracked more than 700 incidents of intimidation targeting blacks, other Americans of color, Muslims, immigrant, gays and women between the election on Nov. 8 and Nov. 16.

A woman in Colorado said her 12-year-old daughter was approached by a boy at school and said “now that Trump is President, I’m going to shoot you and all the blacks I can find.” Hate letters have appeared at Muslim mosques around the country and FBI data shows anti-Muslim assaults have reached disturbing levels not seen since the 9/11 days.

Reports The New Yorker magazine:

Such harassment occurred throughout Trump’s campaign, but now appears to have taken on a new boldness, empowered by the election of a Ku Klux Klan-endorsed candidate who has denigrated women and racial and religious minorities. “This represents a big increase in what we’ve seen since the campaign, and these incidents are far and wide: we’re seeing them in schools, we’re seeing them in places of business, we’re seeing them in museums and gas stations,” Richard Cohen, the president of the S.P.L.C., said. “White supremacists are celebrating, and it’s their time, the way they see it.”

A sign of hate against gays/transgenders in Colorado.
A sign of hate against gays/transgenders in Colorado.

Jonathan Grenblatt, national director of the Anti-Defamation League, says the increase of violence and hate is disturbing.

“We’ve seen a great deal of really troubling stuff in the last week, a spike in harassment, a spike in vandalism, physical assaults. Something is happening that was not happening before,” Greenblatt says. “We’ve been inundated with reports; it’s really cray out there.”

“Thousands of people have emailed me incident reports over the past seven days,” says New York Daily News reporter Shaun King, who is mapping post-election intimidation reports.

Hate crimes have increased by 67 percent against Muslims nationally in the past year.

Supporters of Trump have posted complaints on social media about violence in some of the protests against their candidate of choice but have remained silent about the hate, anger and assaults from those who support the billionaire.

Hate is a two-say street and there’s a traffic jam on the highway of emotions in America today.

14 thoughts on “Hate runs rampant in America”

  1. And for one more tiny bit of silliness – The pictures accompanying this article aren’t even by very good neo-nazis. The hakencruz (hooked cross, aka swastika) has its arms, if you start in the center and move outwards, turn to the right. J.

  2. No mention of the riots because Trump won hon? Also all the black lives matter demonstrations and traffic blocking. You are so biased Doug, it is pitiful.

    • Sorry, did not mean to call you hon, that was supposed to be huh lol? By the way when was the last time you saw a mob of conservatives rioting, burning and looting? By the way I am so conservative when I bleed I bleed red. I am not bigoted against anyone except maybe radical muslims who your president POS president and your loser candidate wants to flood the country with so we can have more killings and disasters. The only reason they want them is they figure them to be democrat voters. Hell, they will vote as soon as they get a drivers license so no need to become citizens. Between the muslims and illegals, I will bet you a dollar against a donut Hillary did not win the popular vote if their votes were removed. Take care old buddy, by the way I never call you names except once I called you liberal and you got your panties in a huge wad. Funny how liberals hate to be called what they are but we conservatives are proud of our political leanings.

      • Try the night of the 9th and morning of the 10th of November, 1938, aka ‘Kristallnacht’. Or Nov. 1st, 2016, Greenville, Mississippi. There’s plenty to be found before, after, and in between. J.

        PS – Hate to feed the trolls, but the comment “I’m not bigoted … except …” is just too classic. Yep, you’re a bigot. J.

        • Jon, are you so under educated to call the Nazis Conservative. Who took the guns from the people, like the liberals want? Who changed the whole constitution of Germany like the liberals want to do here? History is not that hard, Jon, try it.

          • I dunno about you, but pretty much everyone else I’ve ever talked to, every book I’ve read, et cetera were pretty sure the Nazis were right-wing, and in current U.S. politics the terms ‘right-wing’ and ‘conservative’ are used pretty much interchangeably.

            And to trot out a couple more canards: There is no liberal agenda to take the guns from the people. Certain ones, yes, but then why aren’t you whining about not being able to have your own 155mm howitzer? If you want a machine gun, you can get an FFL, and even fire it now and then. There is no liberal agenda to prevent that. And in certain places: do you believe everyone should be able to carry a firearm into court? Nasty divorce cases would get a lot more interesting. Or on an airplane? Imagine four armed drunks arguing about where to hijack it to (or just one cheerfully shooting holes in it as an elaborate suicide attempt).

            And change the Constitution? To do what? Nobody has ever come close to repealing any of the Bill of Rights. About as close as they’ve come so far is trying to make the 4th amendment irrelevant (It’s only metadata, say the cops. It’s held by a 3rd party, say the cops. We can’t tell you because national security, say the cops. The police are not generally held as a liberal force in society).

            Furthermore, the Constitution is a living document. It is supposed to be amended. And amendments can be retracted, too. Comparing that to tearing the whole thing up and throwing it away is a bit disingenuous, no?

            I know, Roy, this won’t change your mind in the slightest. Your mind is made up, and attempting to bring facts into it will only make you angrier. Hopefully, though, others might read this (TL:DR, huh?) If you want to read history, incidentally, I’ll cheerfully let you borrow my copy of William L. Shirer’s “The Rise And Fall of the 3rd Reich”, if you haven’t read it yet. I have.

            Probably available at your local library, as well. Save on shipping that way.

            Have fun,


            • Trust me Jon, I do not get mad easily lol. Especially some political debate. Only liberals call Nazis right wing or conservative. Give me an example of where Nazis are similar to we Conservatives. As to your gun examples, do you for a minute think that if Hillary had been elected, she would not have tried to enact stronger gun laws. Jon, I have carried for over twenty years, when I lived in Tampa, it was my constant companion. I admit, I seldom carry now because I live in The Villages, Florida and crime here is almost non existent. I was in Tampa Saturday and yes my little friend was in my pocket. I do not need a howitzer but might be fun to shoot. I do believe that If there had been armed citizens on 9/11 there might have been different outcomes. I am a lifelong member of the NRA and will be until I die and believe they are the main reason we have reasonable gun laws. Not worried for the next 4 years though, we may even be able to carry in all states if we have a carry permit. My driver’s license and marriage license is legal in all states, why not my carry license? Have a good night and I love these conversations.

              • Militarism, Jingoism, Nationalism, demonization of a certain religion, rejection of immigration, racism, emphasis of police power over civil rights, rejection of science in favor of doctrine, cults of personality, wildly anticommunist (tee hee)… There’s more.

                I have to admit, though, this is the first time I’ve ever heard anyone seriously accuse the Nazis of being liberals.

                Perhaps the next time you go to the library you might look for Meyer’s “They thought they were free – The Germans, 1933-1945”.

                I’ve read quite a few historians, and it seems that pretty much all of them would call the Nazis right-wing. I guess they’re all in on the same plot that faked the moon landing or something? Or is this another example of reality having a strong liberal bias?

                And whether the USA’s gun laws are reasonable is highly questionable. Consider Sweden, where a license must be had for any firearm, and a good use specified (“making me feel safer in bad neighborhoods” doesn’t do it), and Switzerland, where every able-bodied male citizen is required to possess one, neither of those countries having anywhere near the USA’s mass shooting (or police shooting, for that matter) problems.

                There was a marvelous article at “The Onion” (yes, I know it’s satire) on mass shootings, the headline being something like “No way to prevent this, says only nation where this happens on a regular basis.”.

                I’d say no, at this time the USA’s gun laws are highly unreasonable.


                PS – No, the minor historical detail that the Republicans are the ‘right wing’ because it’s just where they happen to sit is entirely irrelevant. First, as I pointed out some posts ago, “right-wing” and “conservative” (not quite the same thing, but…) are used interchangeably in US political discussions these days, and secondly – The Nazis would have said it in German. J.

            • By the way, I think right wing refers to the side the Republicans sit on in congress. Hardly applicable to the Nazis. I do not there there is any correlation between the present conservative movement and the Nazis. You know the Nazis might never have come to power if the allies had not put such stringent restriction on Germany after WWI. I think that is why MacArthur did not restrict Japan so much after WWII and why the Germany on the free side did so well after WWII. The communist side of Germany was in terrible shape. I have played golf with some people from Germany and got a lot of insight into how the situation was after the Berlin wall came down. The two sides were totally different. A lot of Europeans winter here in The Villages. They own homes here but can only stay I think three months at a time on their visas. I kid them and tell them to come in across the border from Mexico and they can stay forever lol.

    • Glenn, we had less racism before Obama than we do now. He has set back race relations 30 years. Keeping the blacks poor and uneducated has been the goal of the democrats since LBJ at least. If they become educated and financially secure, they become republican, Examples: Ben Carson, Allen West, Justice Thomas, Thomas Sowell, Walter WIlliams, and my friend John who lives down the street from me here in The Villages. He is a retired financial adviser.

      • In return I give you Justice Thurgood Marshall, Oprah Winfrey, Jesse Jackson, and lo: President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle. The plural of anecdote is not data. Example after example will get you nowhere unless you have reliable statistics to back them up.

        And no, not really. Look back to 1986. At the time the “War On Drugs” was cheerfully locking up black people at far higher rates than whites (still is, but less so). Since then we’ve gotten the Fair Sentencing Act (in fact, since President Obama, that one), the Racial and Religious Hatred Act, etc. The state of Alabama didn’t repeal its laws against interracial marriage until 2000. The state of Georgia repealed four Jim Crow era laws in 2005. Mississippi didn’t repeal some segregationist laws until 2009, their interracial marriage ban ’til 1987, and a poll tax in 1989.

        Nah. Pesky facts again. We have a less racist government than we used to thirty years ago.


        PS – Keeping people, any people, poor and uneducated is a goal of Democrats?!? Look how well THAT worked out of them this last November! J.

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