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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Land of the crave, home of the wannabe



“Give Donald Trump a chance,” his allies cry.  “He deserves a honeymoon.”

Like hell he does.  Trump doesn’t give anyone he opposes a break and continues to be a threat to a nation where too many voters ignored his many failings and faults and elected him President.

Technically, he’s not officially President yet.  That final horror belongs to the Electoral College, which will cast its votes on December 19 and the results must be final by December 28.

Some die-hard opponents of the man destined to become the most unqualified, dangerous and improbable President of history hope to somehow find a way to get the Electors to change the way the law says they must vote.  It’s a last-chance try that will fail.

Trump will fail too.  We’ve already seen his agenda at work in his first set of appointments as his advisors and cabinet.  With alt-right racist and anti-Semitic bigot, Stephen Bannon, in place as Trump’s strategic advisor, the equally racist Sen. Jeff Session slated to become attorney general and failures like former soldier Mike Flynn as national security advisor we see clearly that the worst nightmares about a Trump presidency are coming to fruition and all hell is breaking loose.

This, of course, brings smiles and cheers from the racists, homophobic bigots and clueless paranoids who voted Trump into office.  Actually, the Electoral College will vote him into office.  A majority of the voters picked someone else. His con worked all too well on those who played right into his criminal, treasonous acts against an America he hates and seeks to plunder for his own gain, greed and ego.

After his “election,” Trump rushed to settle the lawsuits against his fraud called “Trump University,” an action that openly supports the reality that he is a fraud who blatantly cheated the life savings out of those who bought into his claims of wealth taught by a criminal class that included sexual predators, drug pushers and financial frauds.

His settlement of $25 million comes cheap for him since the funds  probably will come out of his fake foundation or others who provide their own money to be used in his name.  Trump, we learned long ago, avoids using his own money — if in fact he has much of that.

His “foundation” is funded by others with money, primarily World Wrestling Enterprises Vince McMahon and his wife.  Trump bragged about spending his own millions in his run for President but the more we learn about his Ponzi-schemes, the more we realize the money is actually provided by other sources.

The man who lied about funding his own run for President turned to big bucks donors to come up with the cash he didn’t have or didn’t want to spend.

Trump is an ego-driven madman who wages his war of words alone late at night in his Manhattan penthouse with his computer and his Twittter account.

It is ironic that Facebook, Google and other sites that depend on links from many sources are trying now to discover just how many “fake news sites” exist out there in to spread false information in support of Donald Trump and his cons.

Trump is his own best promoter of most of the fake news about him.

Others aid his cause. Some, like Paris Wade and Dan Goldman, both 26, sit in a darkened apartment in Long Beach, California, and pound out false stories for  They pander to an audience that hates current President Barack Obama and loves Trump.

As The Washington Post reports, Wade woke up late one night in the apartment and started writing, off the top of his head, a recent article to “feed” his followers.

“CAN’T TRUST OBAMA,” he wrote first in the headline, followed by “Look At Sick Thing He Just Did To STAB Trump In the Back.”

Professional news organizations write headlines from stories.  Wade and Goldman write their headlines first and then add opinion, innuendo and rumor  with virtually no facts.  Wade concludes his 200-word rant with “Comment ‘DOWN WITH THE GLOBALISTS!” below if you love this country.”  Then he posts his tirade on and promotes it on a Facebook page with 805,000 followers.

“SHARE this 1 million times, patriots!” he says in the Facebook post and a Twitter feed.

Wade and Goldman call themselves “the new yellow journalists” and Wade admits that “there’s not a lot of thought” put into what they publish.  “Violence and chaos and aggressive wording is what people are attracted too.”

Six months ago, Wade and Goldman were unemployed restaurant workers.  Now their fake news website brings in between $10,000 and $40,000 every month from ads that promote Viagra and “the 13 sexiest and most naked celebrity selfies.”

They they are frauds, just like Donald Trump.  Wade uses “Paris Swade” as his byline and Goldman writes under the name “Danny Gold.”

Writes Terrence McCoy of The Washington Post:

Everything about the lives of Wade and Goldman has the flimsy feel of something that can be taken apart in a matter of hours, boxed up and carted away, from the fake bylines they use — Wade is Paris Swade; Goldman is Danny Gold — right down to the rental they found on Airbnb. It is stripped of accoutrements, except for some clothes strewn across the bedroom floors, a pair of laptops and a PlayStation 4. They say they plan on spending two more months here and don’t know where they’ll be after that. Every evening, they write stories on the couch, watch them go viral, schedule more for morning, head off to bed, and now, on another morning, comes Goldman, creaking down the steps.

They and Trump feed off the ignorance and paranoia of the clueless.

Welcome to the new America: Land of the crave and home of the wannabe.


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5 thoughts on “Land of the crave, home of the wannabe”

  1. I think we have the MSM to thank for Trump’s election. A couple of billion dollars worth of free publicity before, during and now after the election, not staying on him about providing his tax returns, letting him off the hook regarding all of the lawsuits he’s engaged in, the Russians communicating with his campaign during the election, all of his business failures, his sexual “conquests,” etc. I find it amazing that absolutely nobody from the left has mentioned the rw propaganda machine working with the MSM. That is Fox “News” and the 500 or so rw talk radio stations. The left can’t even come close to what the right has cultivated. To be honest, I don’t have much hope for the Dems to regain the House or Senate after this. Just my opinion.

    • So the MSM concentrates on the Pence/Hamilton kerfluffel, and now Melania doesn’t plan to move into the White House. Really? This is more important than the above? This is what I mean by giving Trump a free pass. Can you imagine how batshit crazy the right would be if the Dem candidate had this baggage? But this seems to play into the weak minds of the end all to be all Republicans, and they would support the devil as long as he was a Republican. So much for the integrity of the MSM.

  2. “They and Trump feed off the ignorance and paranoia of the clueless.”

    It makes me ashamed to say that I am a white man when it was the stupidity of the white racist American voter that got this puke elected.

    Donald Trump he is a batshit crazy lunatic, a multiple bankrupt loser, a draft dodging coward, a traitorous lover of Putin, a narcissistic thief, a liar like no other this country has ever known and a serial sexual predator who should be in jail.

    That I can tell you.

    Believe me, OK!

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