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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Trump wins but America loses

The failure called America: Is anything left?
America: Is anything left?

The unthinkable happened in the 2016 Presidential election after midnight when bombastic billionaire Donald Trump won the top job in American government.

Trump rode a populist wave of anger, hate, racism and bigotry to victory over scandal-scarred Hillary Clinton, proving polls, predictions and appeals to common sense all wrong and useless.

Trump won the race by lying, changing positions when and when not needed, defying the rules that once defined American elections and stroking the fears, paranoia and ignorance of the nation’s electorate.

Clinton called Trump in the wee morning hours of Wednesday and conceded the election and congratulated her opponent, something the spiteful Trump would never would have done had the roles been reversed.

Trump’s stunning upset left political prognosticators, pundits and pollsters shaking their heads.

“What happened? became the question posed in Tweets, Social Media posts and emails throughout the night.

The American political system happened.  Americans spoke at the polls and said they didn’t like that system and wanted it changed.

“In the biggest upset in American history, the billionaire shocks the nation and word,” declared Politico under the headline: PRESIDENT TRUMP.

Trump won with voters who admitted they didn’t trust him and did not believe he was the best choice to run the country, but he was running against another unpopular candidate with enough baggage to sink the Titanic.

Like most who write about what happens in this country, we believed Clinton would win even as we also wrote about what we felt were her many failures and shortcomings.

We felt Trump as a loose cannon in an already unsafe world, a man who lied so much that fact checking operations could not keep up with his many false statements and exaggerations.

Trump come into office as a self-declared sexual predator, a misogynist who debases women frequently, a racist with a record of fines and citations for discrimination and the first candidate in modern times to refuse to release his tax returns that would, most likely, prove he doesn’t give that much, if anything, to charity and makes far less money than he claims.

He’s not the first womanizer to win the White House, but he will be the most flagrant.  He’s not the first liar but will take office with the largest record of broken promises before he even take the oath of office on January 20, 2017.

He comes into office with a First Lady whose nude modeling photos can be found all over the Internet, who worked as a model in this country without a valid work visa, who claimed college degrees she never earned and who plagiarized current First Lady Michelle Obama.

Trump is known for his vengeance and has promised swift prosecution of Clinton for alleged crimes the director of the FBI says do not warrant criminal charges or further pursuit.  He promises to scrap the current health care system called Obamacare but does not have a plan to replace it, an action that could leave millions of Americans without health insurance.

He brags of a close relationship with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, cozies up to alt-right fabricators like Breitbart News and promotes outlandish conspiracy theories.

He promises to “make America great again” by cancelling existing trade agreements, scraping NAFTA, exporting Mexican workers and Muslim worshipers and building walls to keep newcomers from becoming Americans.

Yes, Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential election and will become our next President as well as a Commander in Chief who promises to reinstate torture and use nuclear weapons, if he wishes, to destroy anyone who gets in his way.

He promises to appoint extreme right-wing Supreme Court justices who will scrap gay marriage, outlaw abortion and curb rights and privileges.  Republicans retained control of Congress and are poised to give him what he wants.

Trump may have won but America lost Tuesday night and the fate that awaits all of us will haunt and terrorize this nation for at least four years…if we as a nation can last that long.


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6 thoughts on “Trump wins but America loses”

  1. I feel the Dems blew it for not getting behind Bernie, @ least that was a change w/o the 30 years of baggage. America was tired of 1st Families like the Bushs & Clintons, they have had enough. Bernie too would have lost, because this is a referendum of our future.


    “He broke my house!”

  2. “Trump rode a populist wave of anger, hate, racism and bigotry to victory.”

    So very sadly true!

    I feel really bad for all those who will lose health care. Some 20 million when the Republicans kill Obama care. That will at the least sentence some 2 to 3 million people, perhaps more, to their deaths. When people don’t have care they tend to let things go until it’s too late and we end up paying for it anyway.

    But hey it’s the Christian thing to do, right?

    • Hey Bill, how about feeling bad for the millions of workers who can not afford insurance because of having to pay huge premiums to cover those who do not work and get government subsidies. Obamacare was going to implode anyway. It needs to be scraped, it was a terrible idea from the start and was shoved up the butt of Americans who did not want it. Remember Polosi saying “we have to pass it to find out what is in it”? Is that any way to pass a law?

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