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Saturday, December 9, 2023

An election with so few expectations



In less than a week, American voters and the Electoral College will determine the next President of the United States after a too-long, too-contentious and too-lacking of focus on the issues which face this country.

One candidate will go down swinging while the other will take his or her job as leader of a fractured nation in constant turmoil.

If Donald Trump loses, which most election models say will happen, the odds-makers predict he will not go gracefully into the night but will shout and pontificate about how he was “robbed” by a “great global conspiracy” that prevented him from assuming the role he felt was his by default.

If Hillary Clinton wins, she goes into the Presidency with more challenges of any chief executive in recent times.  A partisan Congress, dominated by gridlock, will fight her at every turn.

The election may end next week but the anger will continue,

In 53 years of covering politics as a newspaperman and a few years as a political operative, I have never seen an election that offers so little hope, so little focus on issues and so little idea of what either candidate will actually do after January 20 of next year.

With so much anger dominating an election, all attempts for rational discussion fell by the wayside.  With so much focus on the sexual fantasies of a misogynistic, ego-driven billionaire or the email habits of a secretive former Secretary of State, it was impossible for any serious voter to arrive as a logical conclusion.

Clinton is clearly the most qualified to actually sit in the Oval Office, but she is defined by rabid political opponents who substitute hyperbole for fact and anger for rationality.

Trump’s fantasy-driven lifestyle and wildly-exaggerated claims of business acumen hide an insecure child in a bloated body surrounded by too many lies.

When one tries to step back and view the best that either the Democratic or Republican parties can offer the citizens of America, the only feeling is hopelessness and defeat.

This isn’t an election.  It’s a “reality show” from hell, a Dante’s Inferno come to life and a nightmare that most likely never end.

Somebody will win the Presidency of the United States next week.

The loser will be the American people, who deserved more.


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7 thoughts on “An election with so few expectations”

  1. We are now officially a banana republic. Chant after me: U..S..A.., U..S..A..

    • The federal police force, also known as the FBI, or rogue elements therein, is actively working to throw the election to Trump, the Republicans, or some combination of both. That is not unprecedented in this country. J. Edgar had a decades-long history of doing so. That was universally considered to be a huge blot on the rep of the fibbies. It is sad that we seem to be back in that place again. I can’t think of a country where the national police force ran the government that it worked out well. Think Russia, E. Germany, Argentina, El Salvador, Guatemala, etc. Oh, wait…Didn’t GHW Bush used to run the CIA?? And didn’t Putin used to run the KGB?? And now Putin is colluding with Trump and the FBI to throw the US election to the R-Team?? My head spins…
    • Leading lights of the Republican party are openly promising to impeach and convict the Hildebeest starting the moment she takes office. This includes RoJo, and Chaffetz, among others. Chaffetz claims to have at least a couple of years’ worth of investigations iced down and waiting. There will be no honeymoon.
    • RoJo, Burr and other R-Team Senators are now openly vowing to never confirm any more Supreme Court justices until another Republican gets in office. So much for the transparently phony “Let the people decide” mound of brown steaming bullshit. McConnell should be made to eat every turd that came out of his pie-hole on that subject.

    The Republican party is no longer part of our political system and must be called out for what they have become; a group of anarchist, mostly white supremacist, vandals that are waging, with the help of the FBI, a guerilla war against democracy.

    I’ve said it often. This is not going to end happy. The Republicans will not ever accept the election of Hillary as legitimate, just as they didn’t accept her husband’s election or certainly Obama’s. The republicans actively worked to overthrow both of those presidents. They will do the same to Hillary. She is a strong woman. She will need to be.

    • I totally agree, the problem now is the so called Democratic consensus has broken down. The Confederates no longer want to leave the country, instead they want to hold it captive to their ideology. Short that they will obstruct till one of their own takes office. I hope Hillary now realizes that the GOP she grew up with no longer exists and has been replaced as you’ve so accurately describes them by a White Supremacist gang. This is Nixon’s “Southern Strategy” a generation on. The party of Lincoln has been taken over by the party of Jeb Davis and they aim to make the Union over in the image of the old Confederacy sans Slavery. ( for now.)

  2. “The election may end next week but the anger will continue,”

    That anger appears to me to come from the right more then the left. The right feeds on hate and we will continue to be a divided country until the white majority dies off. It won’t be that much longer in coming and my opinion the sooner the better.

    The USA reached a very important milestone a few years back where for the first time in the history of this country more multiracial babies than white babies were born each year.

    The U.S. Census said America will become a multicultural majority by 2043 and my hope is it will continue to become more and more liberal. It must if it is to survive.

    That I can tell you.

    Believe me, OK!

    • And likewise it’s the right wing sites I’m seeing giving details about how to “cripple” America in two weeks if Clinton wins, for starters. And how to organize “poll watchers” that can stay within the law while intimidating people they think are likely to vote for Clinton, especially minorities.

  3. Hillary Clinton is a former corporate lawyer with an expertise in flaunting the law, that experience doesn’t qualify her for the presidency .That aside, her record as Secretary of Stae is one of murderous incompetence so what else qualifies her to occupy the oval office?

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