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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Trump cheats charities, lies about donations

Donald Trump: Shouting lies and revealing his insanity.
Donald Trump: Shouting lies.

Donald Trump calls himself “a deal maker without peer and an ardent philanthropist.”

Many of his deals are under review and under questions.  His claim of being an “ardent philanthropist” is an outright lie.

A detailed investigation into his claims that he has donated “tens of millions of dollars” to charity finds less a little over seven million over the last 30 ears and five million of that went to his foundation, which is now under investigation for misuse of the funds to personally benefit one person — Donald Trump.

Writes David A. Fahrenthold of The Washington Post:

In the fall of 1996, a charity called the Association to Benefit Children held a ribbon-cutting in Manhattan for a new nursery school serving children with AIDS. The bold-faced names took seats up front.

There was then-Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani (R) and former mayor David Dinkins (D). TV stars Frank and Kathie Lee Gifford, who were major donors. And there was a seat saved for Steven Fisher, a developer who had given generously to build the nursery.

Then, all of a sudden, there was Donald Trump.

“Nobody knew he was coming,” said Abigail Disney, another donor sitting on the dais. “There’s this kind of ruckus at the door, and I don’t know what was going on, and in comes Donald Trump. [He] just gets up on the podium and sits down.”

Trump was not a major donor. He was not a donor, period. He’d never given a dollar to the nursery or the Association to Benefit Children, according to Gretchen Buchenholz, the charity’s executive director then and now.

Trump pulled one of his frequent stunts: Crashing a charitable event where he never gave a dime and then appears to be a major benefactor to the media covering the event.

Back when he just a flashy, and many say shady, real estate investor, Trump’s stunts got little attention.  But Trump now is a candidate locked in a tightening race against Hillary Clinton where his many lies and outrageous claims lie open for all to see.

Trump has a long history of fraudulent lies about his charitable giving.

Write Fahrenthold:

For as long as he has been rich and famous, Donald Trump has also wanted people to believe he is generous. He spent years constructing an image as a philanthropist by appearing at charity events and by making very public — even nationally televised — promises to give his own money away.

It was, in large part, a facade. A months-long investigation by The Washington Post has not been able to verify many of Trump’s boasts about his philanthropy.

Public records show Trump has given, at most, $7.8 million out of his own pocket since the early 1980s. He has promised to donate proceeds from the now shuttered Trump University and his salary from hosting “The Apprentice” reality show and $250,000 to help Israeli soldiers and veterans.

Public records show no such contributions. He stopped giving money to his own foundation in 2008 and donations from that charity since then has handed out donations in his name even though the funds came from others, mostly wrestler promoter Vince McMahon and his wife.

When the Trump Foundation did give money, it often went to…Trump. The foundation’s largest donation, the Post reported, was $264,631 for renovation of a fountain outside Trump’s Plaza Hotel.

The foundation even spent $7 dollars to apparently cover the admission fee for Trump’s son when he joined the Boy Scouts in 1989.

The foundation spent many thousands of dollars to settle legal disputes for Trump’s for-profit companies and to buy two large portraits of the billionaire. Disclosure of the expenses sparked the now ongoing investigations into Trump’s violation of laws against “self-dealing” by charity leaders.

In New York, Trump’s record of cheating charities is well-known among others who do support philanthropy.

When Trump was “principle for a day” at a public school in a poor area of The Bronx, he arrived in a limousine at a time when the local chess team was holding a bake sale to raise $5,000 to cover travel expenses to a tournament.

Trump handed the parents of the chess match a fake million dollar bill, then $200 in cash and promised to make it possible for the team to get to the tournament.  He left in his limo and the parents cheered.

But no other funds arrived.  Trump’s office did not return phone calls.

“He was about the most clueless person I’ve ever seen” said David MacEnulty, a teacher at the school and coach of the chess team.

When a woman read an account of Trump’s actions in The New York Times, she called the school and donated the $5,000 needed for the trip.

“I am ashamed to be the same species as this man,” she said of Trump.


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83 thoughts on “Trump cheats charities, lies about donations”

  1. So for those in the tank for Clinton, can U list what she has accomplished that is measurable? Holding an office, or getting a million miles of air travels don’t count. Also, I’m thinking that you are ignoring the fact that she did in fact violate a Federal law when she established a private email server. Check out YouTube of Gowdy asking Comey closed questions back in July. Then, perchance, you can explain how a congenital liar such as her would tell the truth in the WH? Neither candidate is perfect, or even close to being perfect. So to me, it is a selection of the lesser of two evils. Compare her proposed policies regarding health insurance, immigration policies, homeland security, taxes, defense, and on spending and debt reduction. The problem Clintonistas have is that the media is in the tank for Clinton, and in doing so have totally ignored their cumulative responsibilities of the Fourth Estate. Think about it — the DNC was in the tank for Clinton and did everything possible for her to win the election. AND doesn’t it bother you that a significant # of the delegates to the Democratic convention are party insiders — That little trick, coupled with the games of the DNC gave you Clinton. Two better candidates for this country would have been either Biden, or Webb. SO whine all U want about a private citizen making his way. I guess that how the Clintons got their net worth after they left office doesn’t bother you.

  2. Guess these segments of his Philanthropic inclinations and intrusions show why he’s called the “shot-fingered” Vulgarian. Dumb Little Marco Rubio didn’t pull the reference from thin air…

  3. The fact that he is not generous does not surprise me and doesn’t bother me nearly as much as the fact that he generalizes about everything because he is quite clueless. Give him a junior high test on the Constitution and I bet he’d fail miserably. He doesn’t read. Seriously, listen to the guy who did his biography. It’s really scary. I used to joke about Obama being to blame about everything; if someone took a parking place in front of me – “damn Obama.” I couldn’t joke like that about Trump. If he is President he will screw up an a level that makes W going into Iraq look like a little nothing.

  4. He is always saying Hillary belongs in prison, but if the investigation was made of all his dealings he would behind bars, and his kids would be right next to him, I believe that they are the ones behind these Email deals, look at it trump new himself something was coming down soon before the election, His statement late last week was Hillary is done, just pass on the election & just give it to him!! People wake he is a scroundel,loser,CREEP!

  5. Why am I not surprised about the Trumpabillies. “The foundation even spent $7 dollars to apparently cover the admission fee for Trump’s son when he joined the Boy Scouts in 1989” Thieves!

  6. When the Titanic was going down panicked passengers threw every available thing they thought would float into the water to survive. What you see here is panicked liberals throwing out every available piece of rhetorical diatribe in an effort to save themselves the election. Won’t work! Like the Titanic, Hillary is sunk!

  7. Trump believes that because he has money he can do whatever he wants. I fear for this country. He is pure evil and Hillary is not much better… God please save us!

  8. Less than 10 percent? You got that from Carly Fiorina’s SuperPAC. Reputable philanthropic industry investigators consistently find that the Clinton Foundation(s) spend between 80 and 90 percent of their cash (2013 audit) on charitable programs such as:

    Clinton Development Initiative staff in Africa train rural farmers and help them get access to seeds, equipment and markets for their crops.
    Clinton Climate Initiative staff help governments in Africa and the Caribbean region with reforestation efforts, and in island nations to help develop renewable energy projects.
    Staff at the Clinton Health Access Initiative, an independent, affiliated entity, work in dozens of nations to lower the cost of HIV/AIDS medicine, scale up pediatric AIDS treatment and promote treatment of diarrhea through life-saving Zinc/ORS treatment.
    Clinton Health Matters staff work with local governments and businesses in the United States to develop wellness and physical activity plans.

    Feel free to dislike the candidate, but simply repeating lies about her makes you a liar, too.

    • Thank you so much! Finally someone who has not been drinking the Trump look aside. Hillary is not perfect. What politician is. But she is approachable and reasonable and has what is best for this country at heart. She is what our country needs. Not a racist, narcissistic, bigoted, misogynistic a hole like Trump! And could someone please tell him to quit bringing up ancient history about Bill Clinton. He’s not running!!!!!!

  9. At least Hillary has taken responsibility for her mistakes …show me one politician that is squeaky clean but even at that nothing compares to what Trump has done through the years and why he isn’t in jail is the question …any one else would be

    • He might very well be serving the rest of his life in prison after the trial for the rape of the young girl who will testify that he raped her.

  10. Trump is a SERIAL PATHOLOGICAL LIAR, CON ARTIST, BIGOTED RACIST, NARCISSIST, PERVERT, is hard to believe that people are so gullible..he has been like this all of his life, and he also have his children lying. in all honesty, he is worst than Bernie Madoff…I cannot believe the people cannot see through him.

  11. Clinton foundation is rated very high – not the Trump foundation. Interesting that those of you that support Trump are not getting the fact that the Russians are hacking into our systems and attempting to rig our election. Wikilinks got the e-mails from the Russians-you don’t think they were messed with? If you support Trump you are supporting the Russians subverting our election.

  12. What a crook. $7 boy scout dues from foundation? You really need to be that low to do this. In schools poor parents pay for their children from their pocket. God, please help us, we need you more than ever.

  13. I would rather have Trump than Hippary as president any day! She should be in prison for all those people that died, If it were anybody else they would be. You people that are going to vote for her are gonna wish you hadn’t. So blame yourself when she raises taxes and you lose your job and can’t afford to buy food for your family!!!

    • oh my ,you right wingers sure have a short memory what the last Republican did to this country.
      I can’t imagine if Obama hadn’t took charge and righted this country with no help from the rightness try to stop that idiot did to this country,the middle east with him and Cheney lying about Iraq.
      Let’s go back down that road of trickle down economics, the trumpster and the kochs will love you,you think they care anything about their employees, just ask anybody that works for tjeirrrcompanies and see how wonderful they are.

  14. So what else is new about trump, the trumpettes will not believe anything against this vile man, if you can call him a man, ask the 13 women he groped if he is a man.

  15. To use children in this way for his own personal gain is simply evil. He has an evil soul. He said himself he has never asked God for forgiveness. Now I call out all the religious hypocrites who support him. Not only do they support him, but so does Satan. And Satan loves his supporters.

  16. is trump wins, Putin will be happy. look what Putin is doing to Syria, eventually under Trump presidency, America will become a puppet country, look at world view what are they saying about Trump if he becomes president, sad for America

    • All of the things said about Trump in these posts are no doubt true. And none of it will make any difference next Tuesday. That close to 50% of voters will vote for this fraud, knowing what he is, is very, very depressing and leaves me frightened of what the future holds for the country and the world.

    • You A-holes that keeping bring up Bill’s name, get it through your thick skulls Bill is NOT running for president, however if he were able he would win in a bigger landslide than even Hillary will.

    • From Newsweek: “Over the course of decades, Donald Trump’s companies have systematically destroyed or hidden thousands of emails, digital records and paper documents demanded in official proceedings, often in defiance of court orders. This behavior is of particular import given Trump’s frequent condemnations of Hillary Clinton. Trump’s use of deception and untruthful affidavits, as well as the hiding or improper destruction of documents, dates back to at least 1973, when the Republican nominee, his father and their real estate company battled the federal government over civil charges that they refused to rent apartments to African-Americans. The Trump strategy was simple: deny, impede and delay, while destroying documents the court had ordered them to hand over.” Trump and his deplorables need to be deported to an island and microwaved, this would help us gain hundreds of years in progress towards WORLD PEACE.

  17. Of course, the Trumpanzees will claim that this account is untrue. That’s what their Fuehrer would have them believe. Sad that so many American voters are gullible enough to believe anything this narcissistic fraud has to say without deploying any critical-thinking skills. Are they really that dumb?

  18. ALLISON OCT 31, 2016

  19. he is a cheating lying orange faced hyporictical jerk and that is an understatement a filthy womanizer who praises in innocent women

  20. More made up BS from the press. How can you sleep at night, knowing you are misleading the public and an election could be won or lost because of what you say?

    • Please open your ears and mind. He doesn’t do anything that doesn’t help him first and foreimsmadmost. Think about this. He manufactures all his clothing lines over seas. Why? because it is cheaper. Then he tells us he doesn’t believe in a minimum wage. What does this tell you? He will bring his business back here when he can pay us $1.25 like over seas

    • Made up by the press? Bypass the press and do your own research (if your brain allows such activity) and gather the facts for yourself. It’s pretty easy to arrive at the truth.

  21. He is so embarrassing. I’m ashamed of him and for America being so duped by him. Wake up all you voters!!!!!! Every time I think about him representing me at an international function as my president it makes me nauseated.

  22. A jerk of the first order. World class grifter really. $7 from his foundation to pay the BSA enrollment fee? Good grief! I’m sure the NY Attorney General will have an easy time prosecuting him for violating multiple charity foundation laws. How ironic it would be if he went to prison!

  23. Someone should check to see if he took it as a Tax deduction that he never contributed too….Trump really is another Hitler, tell the idiot masses what they want to hear without ever telling them how he’s going to do it. Don’t get me wrong Hilarious deservers everything she is getting as well. So we have the Liar and the Cheat. I blame both of these Parties for giving us CRAP to vote for; Bernie should have run as a 3rd Party…..he would have won. I

    • I agree with Wayne Kay. Maybe the reason he doesn’t show his tax returns is because he’d be found out…maybe NO donations will show up!

  24. Trump is satan himself a big liar he told wendy williams in 2013 in an interview when wendy asked him what did he have in common with his daughter ivanka and he said SEX
    Who in they right mind want this fool to be the leader of the world

  25. October 31, 2016 Yahoo articles bashing Trump: 31…negative articles on Hillary: 0. This is why Trump says the media has rigged the election

    • The Russian government, Wikileaks, and the FBI are all trying to rig the elecion. Anyone with an IQ over 80 can understand beyond a reasonable doubt anti-American entities are supporting trump.

  26. Interestingly enough, all the things you accuse Trump of, Clinton has done in spades, yet no mention of the vast disparity between what her “foundation” takes in and how much (<10%) actually goes to any charitable work…

    Yawn. Just more liberal media bias…

    • Wrong!! It’s the other way around. 90% goes to the charities. you can check any charity navigator site !

    • “Rocky October 31, 2016 at 2:07 pm

      Interestingly enough, all the things you accuse Trump of, Clinton has done in spades, yet no mention of the vast disparity between what her “foundation” takes in and how much (<10%) actually goes to any charitable work…"

      Yawn. Just another totally false statement from an uneducated Drumpf supporter.

    • The Clinton Foundation has had 8 different audits/investigation in the last few years 3 conducted by foreign watchdogs groups and all 8 came back with nothing but praise.

      By the way your 10% statement is factually wrong and has been debunked months ago.

    • You actually have that backwards. According to public records on the clinton foundation 90% goes to the charities. You trumpanzees lie all the time and us people who actually read and research know better.

    • Trump supporters need to get their facts right for once. You believe every detail that Trump tells you. Don’t you get your information from any other sources? Oh that’s, Trump states that the Media is rigged too! Fact: The Clinton Foundation contributed 89% of their funds to charitable endeavors. Further, the Clintons have never taken a salary from the Foundation. Lastly, the Clintons personally contributed millions to the Foundation. Now compare that to the Trump Foundation – using the funds for bribery, legal fees and purchasing personal items.
      Even if you don’t like Hillary, she will make a better President by 100% , and not embarrass

  27. I’m sorry you’re ashamed Madam for giving a donation to a charity that Trump essentially failed to do. Trump has no shame you know and may be unhappy to note that the world does NOT revolve around him. My opinion, Trump is despicable. I hope that someday he will have to face that fact.

  28. Trump is a lying cheat. He wants his supporters to vote twice. He won’t show his tax return, because he has something to hide. It is time for the American people, the congress and all republicans to say “to hell with Trump and his lies, the FBI” and vote for Hillary. Yes, maybe she has made some mistakes, but I would like to see someone who is so lily white and without sin to cast the first stone. At least she has our interests at heart and she will try her best to do what is right by us. She might not please everyone all the time, but she is a million times better than a lying, cheating, sexual pervert.

    • Sue Tucker~~ REALLY!!!,~~~ you people who’s so hung up on Trumps Taxes (which isn’t LAW) WHY is the MSM and people like you are so interested in Trumps taxes BUT not interested in what the Clinton’s have done with the Money they Stole from the Haiti People. Haven’t you seen the video how MAD the Haiti People are. You think he doesn’t pay taxes, he uses the SAME GUIDE LINES the Clinton’s and other Business People use. This is such a MINOR Thing. Focus on what is GOOD for our country and it isn’t Hillary, I would rather have Trump in the WH than PROVEN Bill Clinton who IS A Sexual Predator, feel sorry for all the New Interns if He gets back in the WH. Why don’t you do YOUR OWN Research instead of what the MSM Tells you. It only Makes you Look UNEDUCATED when you repeat what they report.

      • Don’t talk about bill . he is not the candidate. And you seems forgetting that Trump is a sexual predator also. the fact , he said that because he is rich famous and have power he has been able to sexually assault many women with impunity.he is a pathological liar, narcissistic. he is so greedy that could sell even america for fame , praise and money. all his action and behavior shows how bad he is. if he win america wont be anymore the world greatest nation because he will sell it to Putin his boss

      AND MADE A DIFFERENCE. Now please tell us what Trump did ??

    • Check out the two biggest charity rating groups and you will see that the Clinton Foundation has a top rating giving 87% to charity.

    • When a super wealthy guy does not give to charity that is disgusting and when he brags and claims about giving to charity only to be a lie that is unforgivable.

    • You don’t have to wonder anymore. A Pulitzer prize winning charity watchdog rated the CF an A while giving the Red Cross an A-. Who does the CF benefit? People who need benefits, not fountains, not portraits, not helmets, not civil settlements, not Bondi bribes, that’s who.

    • I can understand, sorta, robbing a bank. It was especially popular during the Great Recession. I can understand cheating on your taxes. It is as American as apple pie. I do it. I can understand lying. Don’t we all. But stealing from a charity? Why not hit the poor box at the church you never attend, Mr. Trump?

    • Why don’t you look it up? What you will find out is that only about 10% has been paid out to charities of that collected. Most of the rest is still in the Foundation’s account to pay out to those in need. It goes out to assist those around the world. That is why so much is from overseas donations. The Bill and Hillary have not taken anything out of the foundation.

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