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Friday, December 1, 2023

Trump unable to fully fund campaign?

Donald Trump: The Ugly America in ugly times.
Donald Trump: The Ugly America in ugly times.

Donald Trump claimed many times after winning the Republican primary nod for President that he would put $100 million of his own money into his campaign.

As normal with Trump, he lied.

Going into the final month, Trump donated $33,000 in rent and staff payments into a faltering campaign that is running out of cash, out of time and out of expectations of anyone but him that think he can, somehow, win.

“I will have more than $100 million in the campaign,” Trump bellowed on CNN Wednesday. “And I am prepared to go more than that.”

Trump told NBC news Friday he wired $10 million to the campaign.  The claim is not confirmed by the Federal Election Commission, which said the influx of cash came in after its latest report.  If Trump did make the donation, it brings his total donations to $66 million, still $34 million short of the amount he has claimed he would give to his campaign.

Multiple sources tell us they don’t believe Trump has enough cash on hand to make $100 million in personal donations.

Some close to Trump’s slumping campaign say privately they doubt he can put any more cash into his campaign because the man who claims he is worth more than $10 billion is heavily in debt and “damn near broke.”

Forbes magazine puts Trump’s claimed wealth at less than a third of what he says he’s worth and an analysis by the New York Times in August  showed his debts could total up to four billion or more, effectively wiping out his real worth.

He originally claimed he would pay for his campaign out of his own pocket and not seek donations from any businesses, political action groups or other groups.

That claim, like so many other of his lies, fell short of his bragging.  He started meeting with moneyed investors and GOP fatcats with requests for funds.  The Koch brothers, who fund many conservative GOP operations, walked away from him and announced they would help only “down ballot” candidates for the House and Senate.

He did get help from Las Vegas casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, who owns the Las Vegas daily newspaper, the only daily to endorse Trump for President.

Many others said no.  They saw Trump for what he is — a blowhard, self-absorbed con man who promises what he can’t deliver and never acknowledges the many lies he has uses over and over in this farce called a political campaign.

Federal Election Commission records show Trump had to come up with $31,000 this month for rent and staff salaries, a move seen by some as necessary to keep paychecks from bouncing.

The New York Times says “Trump appears to have lost the support of his biggest donor: himself.”

“He’s on the edge of default,” says one banking source.

Trump’s campaign missteps have cost him big time with his lavish, high-life properties.  Bookings are down at his golf resorts and luxury hotels.  His new Trump International hotel in Washington has cut room rates in half in an attempt to fill rooms.  His high-priced chefs walked out of the overpriced restaurants in the new hotel because few were coming to eat.

New revelations this week found that more than 100 of the instructors that Trump claimed he recruited personally because they “were the best” for the now defunct Trump University are, in fact, a collection of child molesters, drug pushers and others in serious financial trouble.  The New York Attorney General has shut down the fundraising for his foundation because it didn’t follow the law.

We also now know he is a sexual predator who admitted such actions on tape, walked into the dressing rooms of beauty contestants when they were often nude (including the underage contestants of Miss Teen USA) and has bragged about his many adulterous affairs and agreed with shock jock Howard Stern that his daughter is a “piece of ass.”

The Trump con is coming apart and he may well face criminal charges along with the many civil actions already filed against him for unpaid bills, fraudulent activities and other illegal acts.

The man who calls others “liars” and “crooked” is now exposed as the biggest liar and crook of all.

(Updated to add NBC News’ report that Trump claims he just wired $10 million to his campaign.)


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16 thoughts on “Trump unable to fully fund campaign?”


  2. Now that it’s become common knowledge that Trump doesn’t pay his employees or contractors, he’s going to have a very hard time getting anyone to work for him or buy his products. I have an idea, though. He could sell Trump toilet paper! He could put his name or, better yet, his picture on every sheet. I think it would be YUUUUUGE!

  3. Well we knew it all along. My colleagues in psyche world and I have expressed our evaluations on Donald Trump’s case since the first month of his campaign, April 2015. Which is exactly one and a half years now. We, psychologists and psychiatrists, posted some of our theories and drawn conclusion about our observations.

    Donald Trump is mentally ill, and he cannot help himself. He has to seek the help of a certified psychologist and/or a psychiatrist. He truly believes what he says even if they are all lies to most people. According to all his posted activities I’ve read since 2000; Trump fits a person who is suffering from Multiple Personality Disorders. We believe he has a Narcissistic Personality Disorder; a Sociopath Personality Disorder, and he has a Boarder Line Psychopath Personality Disorder. Trump shouldn’t be in any political campaign. And he is truly unfit to hold any position in the USA government, let alone our POTUS? Donald Trump should be under observation of a certified psyche doctor. KGM, Phd Clinical Psychology (AU, 1992-2000) LLC 2001 to present.

  4. Trump is a manipulator he will do anything to win . He is the worst of the 2 candidates running for President. I will stick with Hillary she wants the emails released so the public can see that there is nothing to hide. Now he wants to stop Democrats from voting. That right there should tell you he is not kosher. Everyone eligible to vote should be able to vote. In short he wants to control the out come of this election.

  5. Interesting opinion piece, and will look forward to seeing if the claims made here are true. Just out of curiosity though, does anyone proof read their stuff anymore?

    • The “Trump doesn’t pay his contractors” fact is based on several investigations, one of which was done by the conservative Wall Street Journal. All, including the Journal, found that Trump had stiffed or shorted over 1,000 contractors in the last 20 years, claiming “bad service” or the like in each instance, which resulted in multiple lawsuits against Trump (some ongoing).

      So either Trump doesn’t pay his contractors as the WSJ said, or he’s really, really, really bad at finding good people to work for him. Either way doesn’t bode well for a Trump presidency.

      P.S. “Proofread” is one word.

      • You make a good point, and there are definitely a number of things mentioned that have already been proven true. Others, such as how much he’s really worth, or how much he’s donated to various causes out of his own pocket remain a bit of a mystery for now.

        Also, I hang my head in shame for not having proofread my post. 🙂

  6. Anyone who belives anything that comes from Donald Trump’s mouth, verbal or written is as “Dumb as a Door Knob”!!
    Truth wouldn’t come from Donald Trumps mouth if it was set off my explosives!!!

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