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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

What will racists do after Trump loses?

FILE - In this March 12, 2016, file photo, Republican presidential candidate, businessman Donald Trump speaks in Vandalia, Ohio. Trump wants to win the White House in November. House Speaker Paul Ryan wants to save the Republican Party for the future. Those goals put Trump and Ryan increasingly at odds over both tone and substance as the billionaire businessman barrels toward the GOP presidential nomination. (AP Photo/Kiichiro Sato, File)
Republican presidential candidate, businessman Donald Trump speaks in Vandalia, Ohio. (AP Photo/Kiichiro Sato)

Back in April, the news web site Salon asked ‘Uh-oh: Where does all the white rage go when Donald Trump loses?Rolling Stone mused: “Trump’s newly riled-up, racist supporters may not go gently into that good night.”

I hear a lot of similar concerns from citizens who worry if Trump and his supporters have brought rampant racism out of the shadows and given them more of a voice.

Yes, they have.  Racism remains a key part of the American psyche.  Many of those who consider themselves white feel they should be the dominate race in a diverse country and the fact that they are becoming more and more of a minority brings their fear, anger and bigotry to the surface.

We see racism all around us each and every day.  I see people look caustically at a mixed-race couple and shake their heads.  Many proclaim they are not racist, which is a typical protest by those who actually are.

Ironically, many of those who claim to be white are a mixture of ancestors whose lineage is more often at least beige.  My birth certificate says I’m white but I’m a mixture of Scots, black Irish and Seminole.  My paternal grandmother was half Seminole and proud of it, as I am of my mixed heritage.

My wife, Amy, is Lebanese and Irish and proudly declares herself “beige.”

In Norman, Oklahoma, high school teacher James Coursey told his students: “To be white is to be racist, period.” His comments upset and riled folks in and around Norman.

Coursey says he used the observation to make a point about people’s feelings.  The folks who want him fired missed that point.

I don’t believe all whites are racist. Donald Trump’s base and strong support from white supremacist groups show many bigots still live among us. I know about a dozen strong racists in Floyd County and I’ve met dozens more in Southwestern Virginia. My maternal grandfather was a blatant racist.

As an elementary student in Prince Edward County in the 1950s I saw racism first hand when the school board and board of supervisors there closed the public schools to avoid a federal court order to integrate and opened an all-white private educations system, using public funds.

For too many years, black families in that Virginia county had no place for education of their children.

Will racism continue to rear its ugly head in America? Sadly, I believe it will.  Too much hate out there.  Too much anger.  Too much racism.

Donald Trump stirred the hateful emotions of fear, anger and ignorance in America.  On Election Day, with hope, more Americans than the haters, the spiteful, the bigoted and the racists will put him down and end his candidacy.

Getting rid of Trump is a good first step towards keeping America great.


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5 thoughts on “What will racists do after Trump loses?”

  1. ‘a major complaint by racists is that the blacks (more specifically the poor blacks) are “taking money and not doing work” (eg. through government support).”

    Racists say that slavery wasn’t so bad a lot of the time. They also say that welfare is like slavery. So I guess by their arguments, being on welfare isn’t so bad a lot of the time.

  2. It’s a bit simplistic to characterize Trump voters as racists. I don’t support Trump but I’m voting for him. Nothing he can do as president can cause the long-term damage that will occur if Clinton gets to appoint even one supreme court justice. There are many who feel as I do and we are certainly not racists.

    • “I don’t support Trump but I’m voting for him.”

      Now that’s an oxymoron statement if there was one.

      But typical for a Republican, they never do make any sense.

      Donald Trump is a batshit crazy lunatic, a multiple bankrupt loser, a draft dodging coward, a traitorous lover of Vladimir Putin, a narcissistic thief, a liar like no other this country has ever known and a serial sexual predator who should be in jail!

      That I can tell you.

      Believe me, OK!

  3. To answer the question in the headline, what they’re going to do is grow old and die off. The indoctrination of their children merely postpones the matter.

    It’s still bad. Looked at from a very long-term (200 years) perspective, it’s getting better. It would be even better if it went quicker. Furthermore, it’s not going to be smooth and even. Parts and places and some people will be ahead of the game, and others behind.

    I also feel there’s a huge conflating issue here: Economic inequality as well as racial inequality. It happens that a lot of black people are poor. It also happens that pretty much all the social institutions out there are heavily slanted against the poor. That it makes those institutions also racist is part of the problem.

    This leads to a huge component of racism being economic. Those who recall a better day “back before they came” (whether that memory is fact or fiction) will blame upon the “others” their own current economic woes.

    I didn’t know I was going here, but now I will, and “Godwin” this entire argument. You see, the Nazis stirred racist resentment against the Jews by claiming they take money by not doing work (eg. through banking). I’m going to draw a parallel and point out that a major complaint by racists is that the blacks (more specifically the poor blacks) are “taking money and not doing work” (eg. through government support). The economic argument is used to make the racist argument.

    More commentary available upon request (ha) Jon

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