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Saturday, July 13, 2024

So many lies from Donald Trump

Donald Trump: The angry, bitter racist and bigot.
Donald Trump: The angry, bitter racist and bigot who lies — constantly.

In so many ways, Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump is a reporter’s dream.

The self-proclaimed billionaire business success is a pit of sordid, sleazy activities that could keep a team of investigative journalists busy for a year or more.

So many scandals, so many shady business deals, so may swindles and so many lies:  Every time Trump opens his mouth, verbal diarrhea spews forth in an all-consuming mountain of slime.

Fact checkers work around the clock on Trump’s speeches, rallies and debates.  It’s not whether or not Trump lies (which he does often) but the number of falsehoods (more than any candidate in recent, and possibly past, history).

Said George Miller, a bankruptcy attorney dealing with one of Trump’s many business failures:

It’s always been our practice to make sure that two people are present, and we don’t have a problem with people lying… Trump is “an expert at interpreting things. Let’s put it that way… We tried to [meet in pairs] with Donald always if we could because Donald says certain things and then has a lack of memory.

Miller made the statement, under oath, in a legal deposition.

A web site, TrumpLies.Com, tracks the endless streams of falsehoods from the GOP candidate.  The site found Trump lied 78 times in the first Presidental debate.  In just one week in September, Trump lied 122 times.

Fact checks by major media sites like The Washington Post, New York Times, CNN and others have found more lies from Trump than by any other major political party candidate in history.

David Leonhardt of The New York Times found 28 absolute lies by Trump in the first Presidential debate.  He admits there were probably more but he lost count.

Politico found Trump lies, on average, every three and a half minutes of speaking time.

Though few statements match the audacity of his statement about his role in questioning Obama’s citizenship, Trump has built a cottage industry around stretching the truth. According to POLITICO’s five-day analysis, Trump averaged about one falsehood every three minutes and 15 seconds over nearly five hours of remarks.

In raw numbers, that’s 87 erroneous statements in five days.

Politico’s analysis shows Trump lies at least four times more than Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton.

It is ironic that Trump peppers his many attacks against Clinton with the observation that “she lies.”  All studies show he lies a lot more than anyone else seeking national office.

Trump, the facts show, is also a con man who promises much more than he can ever deliver but he never apologies for a lie or a claim that doesn’t pan out.

The New York Times examined 60 business ventures that Trump hyped in press conferences and found that 40 either never became reality or suffered setbacks.

The list includes a new Trump Tower in Tampa, Florida (never built), another one in Philadelphia (never built), an online travel booking service called (never took off).

“I love everything I put on this site,” he proclaimed in a promotional video about GoTrump.Com.  “There’s nobody better.  There’s nobody even close.”

Jim Dowd, Trump’s public relations advisor from 2004 to 2010, said Trump would puff himself up and add exaggerations to his news releases.

“We would draft a quote for him, but he would always rewrite it, making it much larger than life,”Dowd told the Times.

Trump’s terms:

“Huge, billions — those words would have to be in there,” Dowd said. “Definitely ‘unprecedented.’ Definitely ‘the best of the best.’”

While Trump brags about his claimed successes, documented failures of his enterprises far outnumber his claimed sucesses.

Gone are Trump Magazine, Trump Institutes, Trump Shuttle, Trump Mortgage and Trump University to list just a few.

The New York Attorney General’s office says Trump University was a scam littered with broken promises and schemes to loot the credit accounts of clients.  An investigation continues and criminal charges are expected.

New York’s AG also shut down the ability of Trump’s foundation scheme after it failed to properly register.  Investigations by The Washington Post found that the foundation, which makes donations in Trump’s name, does so with other people’s money because Trump hasn’t made a grant to it since 2004.

The foundation also paid a large fine to using donations to benefit Trump directly, a violation of state and federal law.

USA Today found Trump routinely stiffs small business operations who work on his projects and many are suing him in civil courts for unpaid bills.

Yet this is the nominee of the Republican Party for President of the United States.

Yes, he is a reporter’s dream but he is also a nation’s nightmare.


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  1. “Every time Trump opens his mouth, verbal diarrhea spews forth in an all-consuming mountain of slime.”

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, one thing I am certain of is that Donald Trump is going to lose and lose big time. He has become such an embarrassment to the GOP and the world in general that the Trump name will be looked upon with disgust and disdain.

    Donald Trump is a misogynist batshit crazy lunatic, a multiple bankrupt loser, a draft dodging coward, a traitor who is in love with Russian Vladimir Putin, a narcissistic thief and a liar like no other this country has ever known.

    That I can tell you.

    Believe me, OK!

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