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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Trump: A con man, liar and swindler

Donald Trump: "Who, me lie?"
Donald Trump: “Who, me lie?”

If Donald Trump manages to survive his many lies, his countless rants devoid of facts, his wee hours of the morning mindless Tweets, his megalomaniac claims that he, and only he, can fix and “save” America and, somehow, still becomes President, the blame will lie squarely on the cabal of racists, homophobes and mindless lemmings who voted for him by accepting the con, ignoring the obvious and illustrating their vivid collective hate of America and all it could be.

A Trump victory would affirm the growing belief that far too many Americans are ignorant,, self-absorbed, driven by hate and devoid of common sense, compassion or decency.

Donald J. Trump is a con man who has robbed decent Americans of their life savings and futures, a swindler who defrauds investors, a deadbeat who left small businesses fighting for their own survival by his unpaid obligations to them and a misogynist who cheated on his first two wives and, most likely, his current spouse, insulted countless numbers of women and stripped others of their decency.

For example, he pressured second wife Marla Maples to pose nude for Playboy magazine to appease his own sordid desires, an act confirmed by the magazine, claimed a Miss Universe had starred in a porn film that did not exist while he appeared in a soft-core Playboy porn video himself.

He bragged about watching, with his current wife Melania, the Paris Hilton sex video.  He urged Playboy magazine do to a “nude photo shoot” of women who worked for The Trump Organization and said he would fire any of his attractive female employees who refused.  Playboy declined the offer.

He brags publicly about his claimed large size of his own sexual organ while calling women who he doesn’t like a vile four letter word used to describe, crudely, a woman’s vagina.  On shock jock Howard Stern’s satalitte radio show, Trump bragged about “all the women I’ve f—ed” in and out of marriage.

Instead of the White House, maybe Trump belongs in a better place — an asylum.

He claims to be a “great businessman,” but the New York Times received a tax form that showed he lost close to a billion dollars in 1995 and probably used that loss to avoid paying even one cent in income taxes for 18 years.

He uses other people’s money to fund a foundation that makes grants in his name and that has been fined for breaking the law and is under investigation for other wrongdoings.

The loses came from Trump’s long string of business failures:  A shuttle airline grounded for financial instability, casinos that went bankrupt, a “university” that was just a scheme to force unsuspecting students to max out on credit while getting nothing, a mortgage company that failed and other disasters.

Trump shrugs about all and says all this happens “because I’m smart.”

Granted, Trump is smarter than the gaggle of racists, homophobic miscreants, bigots, haters and “deplorables” that stand and cheer at each slur he utters in angry diatribes that smear men and women who serve this nation, parents of those who died in that service, those who came to this country to find a better life.

Smart or not, Trump is a swindler, a crook, a sleaze, constant liar and a man who spews verbal diarrhea on those of us who do actually love America and work to make it thrive.

Anyone who votes for him, or urges others to support or vote for him,  is either incredibly stupid or complicit in his treachery.

America deserves better than Donald Trump and we deserve better than anyone who votes for him or supports his treason against America and its way of life.


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4 thoughts on “Trump: A con man, liar and swindler”

  1. “Anyone who votes for him, or urges others to support or vote for him, is either incredibly stupid or complicit in his treachery.”

    The word “stupid” is the principal word here Doug.

    Trump has become the GOP’s worst nightmare as national polls show him slipping further and further behind Hillary by the day.

    Trumps hopelessly “stupid” supporters seem oblivious to the racist bigotry the out-right lies that come out of this mans mouth on a daily bases.

    Why his “stupid” mostly white following sucks down every bit of bile that spews forth from Trumps mouth is beyond me. His “stupid” supporter’s swallow his bile as if were sweet honey.

    Trumps “stupid” followers are completely blind to his constant lying yet deny the truth that this scumbag they call their candidate lacks any honor or truth what-so-ever.

    That I can tell you.

    Believe me, OK!

  2. So, she was in a Porn film so was he and she’s not running for President , so I don’t give a crap what she’s done or hasn’t done including gaining weight. Him on the other hand I find totally unsuitable on every level for the highest office in land. He’s everything Doug has called him and worse.

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