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Monday, April 22, 2024

Donald Trump: A traitor to America

Donald Trump: A traitor to America.
Donald Trump: A traitor to America.

Donald Trump loves Russia more than America.

He thinks Russian premier Vladimir Putin is “far more of a leader, far more than our president has been a leader.”

He goes on Russian-funded television to criticize America, our President and our military.

Is this a man who should be elected President of the United States?


Hell no!

No damn way!

In a prime time forum on National Security, Trump demeaned the American military and praised Putin as a “great leader.”

Some call such statements unpatriotic.

We call them traitorous.

Just when we think the Republican nominee for President cannot get any lower in diminished Presidential expectations, we see him sink further into the muck of his own ego, his own lies and his own political demise.

“If he (Putin) says great things about me, I’m going to say great things about him,” Trump said during the “Commander in Chief” forum.

“I think when he calls me ‘brilliant,’ I’ll take the compliment,” Trump adds.

What Trump is too dense to realize is that when a Russian calls someone “brilliant,” it is not a compliment about intelligence but one that describes them as “colorful.”

If nothing else, Donald Trump is colorful.

Mikhail Gronas, chair of Dartmouth College’s Russian department, says the real translation of Putin’s remarks about is: “”Well, he is a very bright person, talented without a doubt. But this is not our business to determine his merits, this is the business of the U.S. voters.”

“Brilliant?”  Not said.

As usual, Trump exaggerates — which is his only real talent.

Says President Obama about Trump:

I don’t think the guy’s qualified to be president of the United States, and every time he speaks, that opinion is confirmed. There is this process that seems to take place over the course of the election season where somehow behavior that in normal times we consider completely unacceptable and outrageous becomes normalized, and people think we ought to be grading on a curve.

Adds Hillary Clinton:

Meanwhile, bizarrely, once again, he praised Russia’s strongman, Vladimir Putin, even taking the astonishing step of suggesting that he prefers the Russian president to our American president. Now that is not just unpatriotic and insulting to the people of our country as well as to our commander in chief, it is scary.

His coziness with Russians worries many, even Republicans.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan broke with Trump over the candidate’s remarks:

Vladimir Putin is an aggressor that does not share our interests.  It certainly appears that he is conducting … state-sponsored cyberattacks on what appears to be our political system. That is an adversarial stance and he is acting like an adversary.

Adds Republican Sen. Bob Corker, chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee:

You know, flattery can be used as a tool that sometimes bears very negative fruit. “One has to be careful about letting flattery affect one’s relationship with a person or a country.

Says Republican Sen. Lindsay O. Graham of South Carolina of Putin:

Other than destroying every instrument of democracy in his own country, having opposition people killed, dismembering neighbors through military force and being the benefactor of the butcher of Damascus, he’s a good guy. This calculation by Trump unnerves me to my core

It should unnerve all of us. Donald Trump certainly does not share our interests.  He cares only about himself and is a traitor to America.


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22 thoughts on “Donald Trump: A traitor to America”

  1. Does Trump think Putin is hot? All those pictures of Putin bare chested in black leather
    seem to have gotten to Trump………….hmmmmmm

  2. Donald is NO traitor he is just a dumb con who talks from both side of his gutter like mouth. Donald TRUMP is for no body but his own bank account no matter at what cost.

  3. I am very concerned that Trump admires such a “human” as Putin. Anyone with half a brain is familiar with the lengthy and terrible history of Putin. The Donald is obviously unread/uneducated not only pertaining to Putin, but U.S. history and policies. How do we know that he wouldn’t have ulterior motives if he should become president? Why is he is “courting” Putin? Trump absolutely cannot be trusted. He is chronically untruthful and talks with a forked tongue. Perish the thought, but if he made it into office, what if the true Donald Trump reared his ugly head as a COMMUNIST?? It’s already obvious that he is a shameless bully who enjoys throwing his weight around. He will say absolutely anything and do anything for personal gain. Frankly, we should all be concerned. As a presidential candidate, he is a danger and embarrassment to our country. America deserves and must have better.

    Hillary Clinton may not be my favorite presidential candidate of all time, but I will take her any day over Trump. When she is elected, we should expect her to be a STRONG leader and surround herself with brilliant, ethical, highly educated, government-knowledgeable people who will assist her in bringing America back to the level of greatness, which we have known and loved.

    We ALL MUST vote in the November presidential election. Deciding not to vote could be very, very detrimental to the future of America.

  4. I couldn’t agree more with Doug Thompson!! It’s about time someone had the guts to speak up and quit pussy footing around where trump is concerned!! That man is the most vile, disgusting piece of schytt that ever lived, and it seems his sick followers have like minds. I think ugly ass trump and all of his demented followers should be exiled to Russia, where they would be much happier, considering the fact that they are all filled with hate concerning OUR government. Since they hate this country and our government SO much they SHOULD be forced to leave and never return. Granted I have not been happy with our government for sometime now, but that has been since the advent of cheater Bush inhabiting the Whitehouse. Obama has done his best to fight back against these worthless republicans that just cannot except the fact that they have to take orders from a “black” man!! Given half a chance Obama could have done so much for this country, but with constantly having to fight against the treasonous republican party has made his job very difficult and restricted his movements to a standstill. Then the basturds who have caused all the trouble try to lay the blame for all the present problems on Obama, when in fact it is they themselves who have created all the chaos!!
    Thanks to all that chaos and the dissent created in our government a buffoon like trump has had the door open allowing for a puke like him to walk in and cause more dissent and chaos.
    This whole election is such a farce that it’s hard to believe it is actually happening. All this propaganda and mud slinging at Clinton and Obama was fabricated by, and for, the advantageous deceptions of the republican party to unseat ANY formidable candidate to run in this presidential election with the exception of trump. Not only did they create this monster but now they are still trying to undermine Hillary, and they have made a mockery of our entire political system. They know trump is a jacass incapable of being a president and yet they will not back down on their intense desire to make Clinton look bad. Unfortunately the moronic trump supporters are eating this schytt up like warm pudding being fed to an infant.
    Trump is the most unfit buffoon on earth to be running for president, These trump moron followers need to open their eyes and see what they are following before it is too late for all of us and the damage done by this worthless ingrate becomes something that cannot be rectified

  5. DJ tRUMPf is without a TRAITOR and much more. What worries me more is his hardcore base of TRUMPANZEES. Even if he loses they’ll still be out there just waiting for another PUTIN like LEADER in waiting and next time it might be one that is actually brilliant and not just a two bit egomaniac and narcissist like Herr tRUMPf.

    • Why does Donald Trump want to be President of a country that he so clearly hates? He seems to be in some kind of love with Putin and Russia and puts down our President and our military and then goes out and brags that our military is kissing his ass. The fact that he sat down for that 30 minutes and sang the praises of Putin and how he runs his country was not just scary it was treason! What kind of sicko idiots are supporting this man and the way he hates america? America is not communist, nor is it a third world country and the last thing we need here is a self absorbed, obsessed dictator.

      Hillary Clinton is right about Donald Trump. He is not emotionally or mentally equipped to handle the job of President of the United States. He blows his mouth out of his ass far too often to trust him and he is entirely too impulsive to ever let him near the button and the codes.

      • Unfortunately, there are millions of people more stupid than he is who will vote for him. Only because he’s a Republican. Not that he’s qualified. Party over country. That’s what Republican voters do.

  6. Hitler was a great leader too…. and to say that doesn’t mean I believe he wasn’t an evil bastard that needs to dance in Hell….. How foolishly you contort what Trump is saying. Guess their is a lot of truth as the educated say ignorance is bliss and Trump is certainly over your small heads. You people need to grow up and do your homework and open your eyes to what politicians like Hillary and her kind are doing to you sheeples….. soon you will live restricted and under scrutiny, not able to even feed your face without permission from government….. all you folks thought you were getting free health care under Obama Care…. just a simple example of what traps you continuously fall into with your kind of rationalizing. WE NEED TRUMP…. a straight out, no fluff, tells it just like it is without the whitewash you are so foolishly attracted to with as Hillary is a pro at conning you…. small minds will keep you under the illuminati control….. better wake up folks.

  7. I think the bottom line here is that again and again Mr. Trump demonstrates little to no understanding of what it means to be a presidential candidate let alone the actual president. His befuddling lack of grasp of world politics is astounding and yet too many followers let him off the hook with the attitude of “well, he’s an outsider and that’s what I want.” That’s no reason to support a man who could wreak the kind of havoc this man and his ego could achieve on a massive scale. Like it or not, language has consequence and Mr. Trump spews forth vitriol as though he is in a vacuum populated only by himself and his sycophants. This is no way to lead. This is the way to disaster.

  8. “He thinks Russian premier Vladimir Putin is “far more of a leader, far more than our president has been a leader.””

    His publicly spoken respect for Putin and his encouragement that Russia hack into government computers and perhaps State electoral voter systems orange man Donald Trump is indeed the epitome of a traitor.

    How his brain dead following sucks down every bit of bowel that comes out of his anal orifice is beyond me. They are blinded by his lies yet deny the truth that this scumbag they call their candidate lacks any honor what so ever.

    Donald Trump is a batsh!t crazy lunatic, a multiple bankrupt loser, a draft dodging coward and a traitor to this great nation.

    • “his encouragement that Russia hack into government computers”

      …is called trolling. And it was an epic troll of the media, they totally fell for it.

      gerund or present participle: trolling

      make a deliberately offensive or provocative online posting with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting an angry response from them.


      President Barack Obama was caught on camera on Monday assuring outgoing Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that he will have “more flexibility” to deal with contentious issues like missile defense after the U.S. presidential election.

      Obama, during talks in Seoul, urged Moscow to give him “space” until after the November ballot, and Medvedev said he would relay the message to incoming Russian president Vladimir Putin.

      The unusually frank exchange came as Obama and Medvedev huddled together on the eve of a global nuclear security summit in the South Korean capital, unaware their words were being picked up by microphones as reporters were led into the room.

      U.S. plans for an anti-missile shield have bedeviled relations between Washington and Moscow despite Obama’s “reset” in ties between the former Cold War foes. Obama’s Republican opponents have accused him of being too open to concessions to Russia on the issue.

      Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney seized on Obama’s comment, calling it “alarming and troubling.”

      “This is no time for our president to be pulling his punches with the American people,” Romney said in a campaign speech in San Diego.

      As he was leaning toward Medvedev in Seoul, Obama was overheard asking for time – “particularly with missile defense” – until he is in a better position politically to resolve such issues.

      “I understand your message about space,” replied Medvedev, who will hand over the presidency to Putin in May.

  9. Traitor? I do not know. However, an idiot, there is no doubt. As a citizen, he can say what he wants, but as Commander in Chief his words need be careful and measured even if he has to lie. Respect is due the office, but honor is earned and Donald Trump has no honor! If I were still serving, I would find it very hard to follow this dis-honorable idiot.

    • Of course the cold war has begun once again. Obama loves Islamic terrorist more than America. He created and armed ISIS while providing Navy ships, drones and billions of dollars to Iran, along with the agreement not to create the nuke while he is in office.

      • Not buying it. Stick to the topic: Trump belittling the United States to the Russians–on Russian t.v. He is harming this country by telling a geopolitical adversary that our millitary is weak. Or, how did he decribe our millitary? Oh, yeah, he called them “rubble.” That puts my family–and yours–at risk. Generations of my family have served in the US millitary. They were and are not Robbie.

    • Russia is not our friend, David. Trump is a traitor – pure and simple. He is a dangerous ego maniac who has the mentality of a child. ” If you like me, then I’ll like you…. ” Are you kidding? Are YOU kidding???

      Trump is a clown, a performer, a liar, a cheater both in business and in his personal life. He tells so many lies, it is hard to respond to all of them. He knows exactly what he is doing. He is already lining his pockets with money that should be going to his election campaign.

      You elected Bush twice and look what happened. Trump would be ten times worse. It is time to put on your big boy pants and look at the real world, not the world according to Trump.

      • “Russia is not our friend, David.”

        “Our”? You don’t decide who my friends are Joan. I do. If you are crazy enough to go to war with Russia, go right ahead. You can buy a plane ticket to the Ukraine. Leave the rest of the USA out of it.

        “You elected Bush twice”

        Nope. I never voted for that idiot Dubya. Try again.

        “It is time to put on your big boy pants”

        I grew up a long time ago, you should try it sometime.

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