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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Make America great again? Deport Trump

Republican presidential candidate, businessman Donald Trump blows a kiss after speaking at his rally. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump blows his chances. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

The whiny, unfocused child that is Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump lost any long-short chance to become the next leader of America this week when he returned to his blustering self in a rant against immigrants and just about anyone who wants to make the United States their home.

Ramio Pena, a Baptist pastor from Texas emailed the Republican National Committee Thursday, telling them Trump would lose the election and called his newly-formed Hispanic Advisory panel a “scam.”

Several members of the panel resigned Thursday after Trump’s blistering tirade against Mexican immigrants and others who came to this country from other nations.

“For the last two months he said he was not going to deport people without criminal records. He actually said that he was going to treat undocumented immigrants without criminal records in a humane and compassionate way,” Alfonso Aguilar, president of the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles group, told CNN.  “I feel disappointed and misled.”

Trump, in one of his carnival sideshow rallies, said he, as President, would only “admit those into our country who share our values and love our people.”

“We were hoping for some glimmer of the Donald Trump that we met with a week and a half ago, but it never came,” said Texas attorney Jacob Monty, another member of the Hispanic advisory panel who quit after Trump’s speech.

Trump apparently listened to alt-right aides like campaign “CEO” Stephen Bannon, recruited from the tabloid right-wing website Breitbart News.

Alarm bells rang at the RNC headquarters in Washington after the speech, where GOP leaders were already nervous about the ever-increasing number of Republicans who are publicly walking away from Trump.  Many of them say they will actually vote Democratic — for Hillary Clinton

Reports Politico:

The plan to get to 270 electoral votes remains unclear. The battleground state deployment plan is a work in progress. Money from big donors is slowing to a trickle. And aides are confused about who’s calling the shots.

Donald Trump’s campaign is teetering, threatening to collapse under the weight of a candidate whose personality outweighs his political skill. And now, with 22 days until the start of early voting, the GOP nominee is running short on his most precious commodity: time.

In other words, Trump’s run is effectively over.  It ended on a stage in Phoenix Wednesday night.

Says former Texas Representative Pete Gallego:

What they tell me is far more significant. It’s ‘He doesn’t like us.’  Their view is that the only way they can defend their families is to make sure Donald Trump doesn’t get elected.

Trump’s rampant racism, bigotry, hate and misogyny may win votes from the far-right fringe that currently controls the Republican party but it cannot draw a majority of votes from the more diverse factions that make up American at the national level.

For a brief bit, Trump seemed calm during his meeting with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto but was it that or the actions of a coward?  Writes Charles M. Blow of The New York Times:

Donald Trump is the internet troll of presidential politics. When he’s securely removed from the objects of his scorn, he’s tough as nails; when he’s in their presence, he quivers like a bowl of Jell-O.

Such is the way of a bully.

Furthermore, when he is surrounded by supporters who cheer his base nature, he amplifies the enmity. When the applause of hostility is out of earshot, he tones down his vitriol to a whimper.

He is not only a bully, it seems to me, but also something of a coward, who lacks the force of his convictions — or who lacks basic convictions at all. He seems to be simply playing to the audience, whatever that audience may be. He’s amenable to the mood of any particular room.

If Trump wants to come up with an immigration plan that makes sense, we’d suggest one that deports him and his former nude model and current trophy wife to somewhere far away where we can’t see or hear from him ever again.

That would make America great again.


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27 thoughts on “Make America great again? Deport Trump”

  1. More leaks on Pelosi and Hillary lost a laptop and thumb drive with highly classified sensitive information. Some jail time for the Rotten one and her cronies is coming soon. Have a look at Bill Clintons speech in 1995 on the immigration problem that we had then and is no different than now except there are more now and the Dems need more votes. Bill received a standing ovation and with the speech that Trump gave with very simular content he is called a bigot and a racist. On the good side Clinton is either going to drop out or she will go to prison right where her corrupt ass belongs!!

  2. The sad truth is that people believe this man when he changes his view to agree with their positions. Like any good con man he tells people what they want to hear to further his own agenda. Notice how many of his ex-supporters say we were hoping he had changed. Trump said what he wanted to do early on:
    1. Deport 11 million people (includes people born in the U.S. shoes parents came here by illegal means this action is illegal under U.S. law but trump stated he does not have to obey laws that are contrary to his belief).
    2. Destroy terrorists this includes the families of terrorists it does not matter if they support the person or not (against U.S. law and international law).
    3. Take the oil from Iraq and sell it. This is called theft and an invasion of another country it is illegal under U.S. and international law.
    4. Destroy the enemy by using carpet bombs and nuclear weapons.
    5. Rip up any trade agreements that he does not agree with.
    6. Block all Muslims from entering the country and put surveillance certain neighborhoods as well as closing down “certain” church’s.

    For any that did not notice these are the actions of a dictator like Kim Jung-Ung and Putin both of which Trump has stated are excellent leaders.

  3. “Whiny unfocused child…” he could have finished the article there… there’s nothing else worth writing about regarding this clown.

  4. Trump is a horrible joke played on those unwise enough to follow him. He should have stuck to being a nice way for the Mob to launder money instead of believing the lies he tells himself about his greatness.

    I knew he was a con-man from way back — had my first dealings with con-men when I was a kid so I know when someone is trying to pull the wool over people’s eyes.

    Too bad for the Hispanics and others who have supported him with the thought – he isn’t really as bad as the press has painted him. I am willing to state he is worse. It is his over-valuation of himself, and under-valuation of the rest of us that reveals just how horrible he would be as a President.

    Hillary may be untrustworthy and the Democratic party run by a bunch of scum, but that is still better than following the orange-skinned pied piper playing the tune destruction for this nation. Kiss Putin’s backside, abandon our allies around the world, listen to the White nationalists and their hate, get rid of 90% of the taxes on the rich, what a pile of filth.

    Nothing more than you can expect from a man who never did anything for his nation. Avoided Vietnam, probably pays no tax – considering the laws for a developer that let taxes be written off and has no problem robbing his clients and the people working for him. He is lower than a snake and less trustworthy than one.

    I wonder how much the Russian Mob (Oligarchs too) have invested in him? The only place I would vote Trump into is Federal prison. That would be a jury I’d gladly sit on for as many years as it takes.

    • I’m not sure when I’ve heard such a well written piece that details exactly what the Donald is.
      Set aside any name calling on my part, “I don’t need to”. Anyone growing up in a small town or a large inter city who has any street smarts can see through his “weak” BS.

  5. Come on guys! it took you that long to figure this clown out? He should be running for president of Barnum and Bailey!

  6. Thank god someone finally prints the truth. That guy is and all the people he has around him are a bunch of shady crooks.. His immigration thoughts are exactly what he said on day 1. He hates minorities. He hates immigrants. He hates women who are not “beautiful” in his eyes, or have a mind of their own, he hates pretty much anyone who won’t kiss his butt. And to @Ernie, the names people are calling Trump are tame compared to the names i see on all the news stories from Trump supporters about Hillary Clinton. The are like thousands of little disgusting mini trumps following their fearless leader.

    • It will be easy to identify Ron Paul protege’s by their voting record on Appropriation bills. They started infiltrating the Republican party in 2008 as they follow Ron Paul’s Revolution Manifesto. They are a danger to America just as trump is a danger.

  7. Donald Trump is definitely like a Zebra’s never changing stripes. A liar unable to ever
    tell the truth. A thief unable to stop stealing. A man without morals or character. A chid
    constantly seeking the approval of an unconcerned parent. A shell of a real man. A person
    whose entire existence, is based solely on how much money he does or does not have. A
    joke or punchline seen and heard by millions….yet, Donald J. Trump….. is who he is.
    Believe him when he shows you!

  8. What is the deal with the media?! Please SOMEONE, PLEASE tell what is wrong with what Trump is proposing? I can’t think of one issue he supports that is negative for this country. I don’t think of myself as a democrat or republican, just someone who logically picks a person based on WHAT WORKS!! Not that complicated!

  9. Trump is a Con Man! No tax returns! What did he say about Mitt Romney? “When a person running for President won’t release his tax returns must have something to hide or is a Con Man.”

    People supporting Trump should demand to see his taxes, especially with his 4 bankruptcies, if they truly care about this country and their kid’s future.

    “Remember Bernie Madoff?”. If Trump can’t release his taxes because of a tax audit then he shouldn’t be running for President of United States until he can release his taxes. DON’T BE CONNED PEOPLE!!! If you are over 30 years old, you know you really don’t know a person until you pull the covers back!

  10. who wrote this, I mean look all the hate in this article zero facts just a bunch of name calling they call this news ROFL . Just a plain hate article that should be removed

    • This is not a news piece. It is opinion. People need to learn how to distinguish between the two. This is one reason why America is so polarized, so divided. People think that Opinion pieces are news pieces.

  11. Great idea!! Maybe he & his alt-right buddies can all move to an island where they can practice their racist/fascist ways!!

  12. “I feel disappointed and misled.”

    He wasn’t misled, he was totally duped. Any minority group that supports Trump shows a severe lack of judgement and critical thinking skills.

    • Little bit of blaming the victim there, Tall Grass. By all reports, Trump up close and in person is affable, interested, and appears perfectly genuine – A brilliant conman, to be blunt.

      You might want to look up Jamy Ian Swiss on “Credit the Con Man”, and possibly also James Randi in ‘An Honest Liar’.

      Even the smartest people can be fooled – and sometimes the smarter you think you are, the easier you are to fool. Myself included.

      Furthermore, the concept of cognitive dissonance makes it beyond clear that many people would rather remain fooled than admit they’ve been fooled. What makes this person a better person is admitting that he got conned, and moving on.


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