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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Yes, Trump is racist and unfit



Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton called each other racists and/or bigots this week.

In one case, the claim is accurate.  The other is not.

Trump is a racist.  He’s a bigot.  He’s a constant liar, a con artist by nature and a spineless bastard who treats women as sexual objects and even his daughter as an object of lust.

While we’re no fan of Clinton or her wavers on what she did or did not with her emails while Secretary of State, we have to agree with her 100 percent that Trump is a man beneath contempt, devoid of compassion and oblivious to reality.

As for claims by Trump that Clinton is a racist and bigot, we have to remember that he holds the record on campaign lies told by a candidate in any Presidential election monitored by the various fact-checking services.

In a normal election — assuming anything in politics is normal — she would be the last choice for President.

But this is not a normal year and her opponent is a out-of-control candidate with no morality, no values and not worthy of consideration.

So how did he become the Republican nominee for President?  A combination of failures, including the decline and possible need to disembowel what’s left of the Republican Party and a con artist’s ability to flim flam a largely ignorant audience.

Trump is the poster child of a political system run amok.  Forbes magazine, which accurately tracks the wealthy in America, and others say he is nowhere near as rich as he claims and revelations of his massive debt load suggests he could be running out of money.

He stiffs vendors, fails to deliver on promises and claims success with business ventures that have gone south.

He lives on misuse of other people’ money and leaves investors who made the mistake of believing him broke and insolvent themselves after took their money to support his lavish lifestyle.

Trump’s campaign “CEO”  is another self-promoter who ran Breitbart News into the ground after its founder’s death, turning it into an “alt-right” tabloid with sensational headlines  that read: “BIRTH CONTROL MAKE WOMEN UNATTRACTIVE AND CRAZY” or “HOIST IT HIGH AND PROUD: THE CONFEDERATE FLAG PROCLAIMS A GLORIOUS HERITAGE” or “WOULD YOU RATHER YOUR CHILD  HAD FEMINISM OR CANCER.”

Like Trump, the Stephen Bannon of Breitbart News and now “CEO” of Trump for President, is openly racist and sexist.  Bannon apparently beat his then-wife and mother of their twins, resulting in numerous calls that brought police to their home in Santa Monica, California.

The wife divorced him after police charged him with domestic abuse in 1996,  In the divorce papers, reported by The New York Post, she said:

“I took the phone to call the police and he grabbed the phone away from me throwing it across the room, and breaking it as he [was] screaming” at her, including expletive-laden insults.

She went to the hospital with bruises and scrapes.

The record speaks for itself about Trump and his coven:

Racist?  Absolutely.

Bigoted?  Without a doubt.

Unfit to be President?  You betcha!

Case closed.  Voters this November should close the door to his absurd claim on the Presidency.


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5 thoughts on “Yes, Trump is racist and unfit”

  1. I wouldn’t even say Trump is a racist – I don’t think he’s seriously motivated by hatred of races other than his own. He’s just an utterly unscrupulous sleazebag who knows his right-wing audience, and has ZERO compunctions about tweaking THEIR well-known racism. Which is what GOP politicians have been doing ever since they took that racket over from the “Dixiecrats” in the 60s – Trump is only “new” in that since he’s NOT really a Republican, he’s free to be as bold and unapologetic about it as he can be, because he doesn’t care about the long-term viability of the party. He can just serve up the red meat with absolutely no finesse – or at least, he could until NOW!

  2. Trump aka the Orange Lying Demagogue Bully will be Trump. There is no pivoting for Trump and there’s nowhere to pivot to.

  3. I am a Hispanic male 62 and cannot believe the sheeple that believe this crazy man. If more people would do there homework on both Trump and Hillary they would see that the things said about Hillary are about politics and not that she is “crooked” but on the other hand trump says the things that he says that shows his craziness. to all my Hispanic brothers and sisters do not believe Trump vote for Hillary.

    • ” If more people would do there homework on both Trump and Hillary they would see that the things said about Hillary are about politics and not that she is “crooked””

      I have done my homework on Hillary as well as Trump, and what you say about Hillary is not even remotely true. And I don’t even care one fig about her email and who might have seen it. Her statement to Anderson Cooper, “I know there’s a lot of smoke, but there’s no fire” has to be the WORST attempt at someone defending themselves I have ever seen in my life.

  4. “Trump is a racist. He’s a bigot. He’s a constant liar, a con artist by nature and a spineless bastard. . .”

    And I’d add to that the orange man Donald Trump is a batshyt crazy lunatic, a multiple bankrupt loser and a draft dodging coward.

    Believe, OK!

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