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Monday, December 11, 2023

Trump: Worst of the worst

Donald Trump mocking a disabled reporter but showing he's more mentally disabled than anyone.
Donald Trump mocking a disabled reporter but showing he’s more mentally disabled than anyone.

Is there a new Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential race?

He wants us to think so.

The “new ” Trump is reaching out to African-American voters, but he’s doing it in front of his usual mostly white crowds at his carefully staged rallies.

He indicates he could soften his approach on immigration, which, if true, will piss off  the  white supremacist, racist bigots who make up most of his core of loud,  off-color, supporters.

He still lashes out with insults and threats towards anyone and everyone who dares question his tactics, usually on Twitter but still in interviews and on the stump.

A new Donald Trump?

Horse hockey.  The next thing we know, Lady Gaga will claim she’s a virgin.

The 70-year-old Trump is a stubborn egomaniac who, we’ve learned all too often, is incapable of change, moderation or reason.

Any window dressing right now comes from his plummeting poll numbers and a growing belief that the only remaining real question left in this election is not if he will lose, but how badly.

Trump, of course, claims polls are improving.  He said that just before a new Roanoke College polls of Virginia voters shows Clinton leading by 16 points — an incredible gap in a state where Republicans often dominate.

Trump is the poster boy for a Republican Party gone amok, a cause lost in a sea of self aggrandized muck.  He has been proven, over and over, he’s liar, con man, promoter of wealth he does not have, business success he did not achieve, charity he doesn’t practice and reality he cannot grasp.

The man who claims he, and only he, can “make America great again” offers a record of four business bankruptcies, failed companies including an airline shuttle service, a mortgage company and a so-called “university” that was really a scam to fleece investor wannabes.

His new “campaign CEO” Steve Bannon is an alt-right nationalist and racist with a purported “news” website that promotes unproven conspiracy theories, fantasies masquerading as facts and unchecked bigotry. Bannon is a film producer who promoted Sarah Palin with a documentary that flopped, both critically and financially.

Trump’s hardcore supporters are packed with white supremacists, bigots, racists, misogynists and those who substitute hate for reason.

Trump and his minions represent the worst of America — easily the most sordid gaggle of miscreants to ever disgrace the political system.

In 2016, we face an election where neither major candidate brings enthusiasm for the future.  Hillary Clinton is, at best, a flawed candidate for President.  Her disapproval ratings rank high and second only to Trump.

But she is not Donald Trump.

Polls show that is reason enough for her to enjoy a healthy lead among likely voters.

Clinton is bad, voters say, but Trump is worse.

As a newspaperman, former political operative and an American, I sadly must agree with the assessment of current views  of likely voters.

Donald Trump represents the worst of America — a greedy, self-promoting liar who thrives off the troubles of others, profits on the woes of those he defrauds and cares only for himself.

His opponent, Hillary Clinton, did serve two terms in the Senate and was Barack Obama’s Secretary of State, where she used a private email server that is a lingering question about her judgment and her credibility because of the misleading answers she gave in investigations of her actions.

She is also is a former first lady, wife of former President Bill Clinton, whose left a semen stain on the front of intern Monica Lewinsky’s dress — his most prominent mark as President.

A sad commentary on the 2016 election for President of the United States.


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4 thoughts on “Trump: Worst of the worst”

  1. That mean Trump made poor delicate and sensitive Ann Coulter cry. Here she was launching her new book, with his name in the title, and was ready to deride immigrants all the way to the bestseller list. So what does Trump do? He softens his stance on immigration that same day. Don, you’ve pissed off the pinnacle of your neo-nazi base. Seriously, go for the NAMBLA vote.

  2. Obviously Doug hates Bill Clinton to sum his whole 8 yrs. up with a semen stain on Monica’s dress. The man likes sex that’s for sure so do I so? That the GOP spent yrs. focused on this act turning it into circus when many of the people running this sordid show ere also having their own affairs off stage made it worse. Discounting the good yrs. in the 90’s while Bill was Pres. shows a rather suspect type of selective memory. In reality, you can’t even compare tRump as a candidate to Hillary. She was a Senator and a first lady and Sect. of State and her so called private email server is another Monica gambit by the GOP. Every Sect. of State since there was email had a private server and for very good reasons. Hillary and Bill are sadly just standard issue DC and American politics a political couple for sale to the highest bidder. That seems to be oK though when it’s a Republican doing it isn’t it? Again, Doug and I agree with all that there is no real choice here. tRump represents the worst America has to offer in every way. He’s a true indication of how low the GOP has fallen these days.

  3. Flailing minds,
    falling ever faster
    into pits of political entropy.
    They shoot horses,
    don’t they ?

  4. “Hillary Clinton is, at best, a flawed candidate for President. . .Her only real justification for election is the fact that she is not Donald Trump.”

    She at the least has the knowledge and understanding on how government and the world works.

    Donald Trump is an intellectually deficient racist pig, an egomaniacal madman, a multiple bankrupt loser and a draft dodging coward.

    It’s anyone but Donald Trump and his freak show candidacy.

    He must be stopped!

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