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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

We don’t need ‘one of us’ in the White House

As a gun owner and hunter, I have trouble welcoming Hillary Clinton into the gun fraternity...or sorority in her case. And, as a recovering alcoholic who used to toss down more than his share of shots, I have even more trouble imagining an evening at the local bar tossing back boilermakers with the Democratic Presidential pretender.

As a gun owner and hunter, I have trouble welcoming Hillary Clinton into the gun fraternity…or sorority in her case.

And, as a recovering alcoholic who used to toss down more than his share of shots, I have even more trouble imagining an evening at the local bar tossing back boilermakers with the Democratic Presidential pretender.

Yet claims of a hunting heritage and downing shots of Crown Royal and chasing it with a beer is part of Clinton’s latest attempt to prove she’s just one of us.

According to CNN:

Hillary Clinton appealed to Second Amendment supporters on Saturday by hinting that she has some experience of her own pulling triggers.

“I disagree with Sen. Obama’s assertion that people in our country cling to guns and have certain attitudes about trade and immigration simply out of frustration,” she began, referring to the Obama comments on small-town Americans that set off a political tumult on Friday.

She then introduced a fond memory from her youth.

“You know, my dad took me out behind the cottage that my grandfather built on a little lake called Lake Winola outside of Scranton and taught be how to shoot when I was a little girl,” she said.

“You know, some people now continue to teach their children and their grandchildren. It’s part of culture. It’s part of a way of life. People enjoy hunting and shooting because it’s an important part of who they are. Not because they are bitter.”

ABC reports:

Clinton stood by the bar and took a shot of Crown Royal whiskey. She took one sip of the shot, then another small sip, then a few seconds later threw her head back and finished off the whole thing.

Clinton later sat down at a table and enjoyed some pizza and beer, and called over Mayor Tom McDermott of Hammond, Ind., to come join the table.

“Every time I get around you we start drinking, senator,” the mayor exclaimed.

Clinton nodded and raised her glass.

“It’s Saturday night, though, Tom,” she said.

If Hillary Clinton is joining the ranks of gun owners in this country, it’s time to turn in our NRA cards and call Sarah Brady. If there’s even the slightest chance of running into her at the local pub I’m headed for the nearest AA meeting.

All this pathetic political pandering, of course, is just another attempt by shrill Hill to prove she is just one of us. It is even more laughable than Barack Obama’s lame attempt to become a bowler. When political candidates try to prove they are just plain folks they come across as just plain fools.

Memo to one and all: You ain’t one of us so drop the charade. We’re not looking for one of us. We’re looking for a leader.

Bowling a 37 while wearing a white shirt and tie or tossing back a few with politicos at a bar don’t mean dick.

This so-called Presidential campaign has descended into a sideshow of photo ops, meaningless diversions and comedy skits so removed from reality that the sketches on Saturday Night Live seem more real than what’s happening out on the stump.

Besides, if the phone rings at the White House at 3 a.m. and the President is spreadeagled across the bed, passed out in an alcohol-induced stupor, no one is available to answer the phone.

30 thoughts on “We don’t need ‘one of us’ in the White House”

  1. Greyhawk- I’m a recovering alcoholic. I saw the pictures of Hillary about to down a shot and thought about my drinking past. I must say it put me off a bit. I’m not one who thinks nobody should drink just because I can’t handle it. The shot and beer just looked bad. Maybe it was that silly grin on her face.
    The Clinton campaign seems to be desperate. Hillary has taken more hits from her own people than from McCain and Obama put together. Now they seem to be working the “You’d like to have a beer with her” angle. It worked for “W” but it doesn’t seem to be working for Hillary. Her staff have done a lot of damage to her but she continues to follow their lead or maybe they’re following HER lead. I don’t like to see people self-destruct. Been there, done that. I’m glad the Democrats have another good candidate. My country can’t take another four years of the current direction.

  2. Here are two examples of the philosophical differences that separate us:

    If we can’t discuss these changes without being criticized by others here, we might as well locate a forum where we can!

    How do you have a discussion without critical comment? If there is to be no exchange of opinions, what is the point of even having a discussion on a subject? It would be like Luther nailing those 95 theses to the door of the Wittenburg church and then refusing to allow any discussion not in agreement with him.

    I know what is wrong in our government and I spent 10 years trying to spread my alerts. They came from very reliable sources and far above Flapsaddle’s pay scale.

    I think a person of normal intelligence is able to reach a conclusion as to the nature our problems without appeal to supposedly superior and/or esoteric sources. It sounds a bit like Gnosticism, where the key to spiritual enlightenment comes from knowledge obtained only from special sources, to suggest that only those with special access to such information can deduce the answer.

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle

  3. Just because I’m from NY doesn’t mean I support Clinton. Where I come from, Clinton is universally despised as a carpetbagging opportunist, to say the least.

  4. Strato, you did hear a lot about government reforms, but Ron Paul was rejected! He was the only candidate who told the truth about what was wrong in D.C.

    If we can’t discuss these changes without being criticized by others here, we might as well locate a forum where we can! I’m afraid we can no longer recognize an honest candidate.

    I just hope Cissy Flapsaddle will stop running my words into an arrogance attack at me and my work even here at CHB. I have faced her negative attacks and am frankly bored with them. I went on the internet to try and bring the voters into an attitude of fixing the problems. I will never give in to the cowardly attitude of anyone. I know what is wrong in our government and I spent 10 years trying to spread my alerts. They came from very reliable sources and far above Flapsaddle’s pay scale.

    Will CHB turn into a negative group who will slash any discussion of a fix? It has happened a lot where cowards like Flapsaddle play.

    I receive a lot of correspondence from people who understand what went wrong in our government since Ike said goodbye. I cannot bring them here as this is a place where we should stick to the subject of the commentaries. After the election I will return to the alerts that contrary to Flapsaddle have made great changes in many of our laws, but I will do it elsewhere.

    Our brains are scrambled due to the war called the election.

  5. Yeah, we need a leader that will reform the wrongs of our government, not someone else to lead us down the path of deception. I hsve not heard anything about govermental reforms; I have only heard jibberish about how much they are like us. LOL

  6. RichardKanePA

    An ordinary Joe to pilot our planes: Can someone tell me how I edit the misspelt version in my blog entry?

  7. RichardKanePA

    To some extent every President from Reagan to Clinton pretended to be just an ordinary Joe, until at last we finally actually got someone in the White House who admits he doesn’t read much.

    Perhaps we should set up a lottery of job seekers and randomly appoint them to pilot our planes, and drive our trains and buses.

    When we take the next plane, we wouldn’t want the pilot to think he is better than we are, or would we? Maybe football and hockey players should be selected by random selection, not even testing to see if the applicant ever been on ice skates.

    No, we wouldn’t want someone with top grades at Harvard to be President, perhaps we can even encourage Bush to cancel future elections so a truly ordinary Joe, instead of a pretender to being ordinary can remain in the White House forever.

  8. Sandra, just call me Killjoy. Your optimism is admirable, but all for not. You are correct in one regard… the people will have to" take the power back." BUT, the time is not yet near.It’s not even on the distant horizon.

    The cash corrupt Republocrat party machine status quo is far too entrenched to allow something as equitable and honorable as a mere election to topple their ‘legal’ strategically fortified stronghold. From the ground up, federal politics is corporatized.And to a large degree statehouses are under the influence as well.Our elected officials answer not to the will of we the people, nor do they honor their oath to the constitution. They only honor the will of their benefactors.

    Though I’ll give you your due.Occasionally the empowered class on the hill will throw the peanut gallery (of the people) a bone to pacify their cries. But nothing too substantial or anything drastic enough to truly upset their privileged positions. For now and the foreseeable future, real change or perhaps even a return to constitutional discipline is out of reach. The best we and our immediate descendants can hope for is to slow the march to fascist tyranny.

    The pilot you search has not yet breathed the air of planet earth. They are still generations away. We are too well fed, too warm and the available quality of life too comfortable for Americans to put forth the effort that will be necessary to revolutionize our government. The government impropriety we loath will grow far worse before a shift of historical account will emerge. And that’s the way of mankind… like it or not.

  9. Strato, I disagree. We have had some wonderful men who have seen the problems in D.C. and believe they can honestly help. I think Jim Webb of Virginia is one and I have a good friend running for the Senate in New Jersey who speaks and writes about what he sees is wrong. I met him in Atlanta in 1999 and he was strongly behind CATO at that time. He has sat back watching the actions in the White House since Bush 43 took office and he has come up with an agenda which I believe sings with corrections. He is a Republican/libertarian in the same vein as Ron Paul. His name is Murray Sabrin, PhD. I send him some small donations to make up for the fact I cannot vote for him.

    It is up to us the voters, to locate these men and women who we can trust. I do not trust Clinton and certainly not McCain; and Obama is the great unknown.

    I attend a lot of conferences and do meet some fine patriots but they need to be approached to see if they want a leadership position.

    Many of us do not want to see America slip further into an Empire or even into socialism and we must locate the next person who will represent us to give the power back to the people.

  10. Only a power crazed egomaniac or other mentally disturbed person would want to be President of the United States. There are only three reasons a person would want to be President. One, they are mentally disturbed. Two, they have a gun to their head. Three, they want to dismantle the position and give the power back to the people. If anyone ever runs that is in the third catagory, I’ll probably get around to voting.

  11. Upstater here. You’re right, CHB is all-in for Obama. For some strange reason, people equate his incessant droning about “our” problems with the idea that he actually gives a shit about solving them.

    He has seemingly convinced everyone that he’s somehow different from the rest of the elite globalist facilitators that skulk the hallowed halls of our nation’s capitol. Maybe I need to watch more TV, because that Kool-Aid must go down smoothly.

  12. A photo-op by any other name is still a photo-op.

    As ridiculous as they all too often are, they are, none-the-less, a fixture in the American political scene.

    I personally enjoy the humor in them whether it is intended or not.

    Lighten up a little…

  13. You are right Doug, we need a leader in the WH. I don’t care if they can bowl, shoot a gun, throw down whiskey shots or bake cookies. I want someone who will clean up the economic mess and get us out of this illegal war that is wasting not only our soldiers, but billions and billions of our tax dollars every single month. I am so sick of the 24 hour “news” shows that recycle every single stupid comment and photo-op that occurs on the campaign trail instead of addressing the real issues Americans should be concerned about.

  14. NY native
    One of these days, I’ll open Capitol Hill Blue & find something complimentary about Hillary Clinton. Then, I’ll fall down on my knees & kiss the computer.
    I’ve listened and watch some of Obama’s speeches & am totally unimpressed. He says nothing. Merely repeating the same phrases over & over & telling us why he wants to be president. He seldom offers any positive points & stoops to the level of calling Hillary names & showing no respect. I can’t understand how intelligent people can back him. All show & no substance.

  15. The Jacksonian era killed off genuine intellectualism in the White House.

    IMCO, the only two genuine intellectuals to have ever occupied the White House were Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. The last president to have actually exhibited such traits was Woodrow Wilson. The last attempt by one of what the late George Wallace referred to as “pointy-headed intellectuals” was that of Adlai Stevenson in 1956.

    I certainly do not consider Clinton to be any flavor of “intellectual” nor am I sure that Obama qualifies as one, either.

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle

  16. I’d like to see someone who can unashamedly be intellectual running for President instead of someone pandering to rampant anti-intellectualism.

  17. Actually Sandra, it’s corporatism, or more accurately, FASCISM, but I don’t want to split hairs over it, just had to toss it out there.

    I was thinking the other day that, after eight years of the clown in charge we have now, that maybe, just maybe…America was SICK OF having someone “just like us” in the White House.

    For the last sixty years government and big business has catered to and appealed to the losers in society in order to get what they wanted…MONEY AND POWER, more of it all the time, especially the latter, and it has been the losers that got bailed out a couple of generations ago.

    Then in a deft switch seemingly overnight, the losers got the idea that they could just switch labels and take their failed policies to another failed political party and weave them into the fabric like so many tiny faux gold threads.
    And suddenly neoconservatism was born.

    First thing you know they go to the God Losers and pitch their miserable ideas and whaddya know, the ideas took root.

    And so now we have an entire crop of losers running things, and they’ve become winners, at our expense of course.

    But if we had never given the suckers an even break we wouldn’t be in this situation now.

    But we were too busy laboring under the false impression that government cares about our well being and cares about the future of the country.
    It doesn’t and it never has.

    We forgot that our government is supposed to be our servant.
    We allowed ourselves to be convinced that government can answer any and all questions, about morality, about money, about energy, and about raising and educating our children.
    We’ve allowed the government to do all our thinking for us we did it by investing our brainpower in the opinions emanating from a flickering blue soma dispenser which is largely government controlled.

    We dress like a tube, we act like a tube, we even think like a tube. Is it any wonder that we elect people who look like the manufactured “just plain folks” that we watch on the tube all day long?

    I thought America was ready for a critical thinker who followed the constitution.
    I was wrong.

    I thought, okay so if we’re not ready for that then maybe it won’t be so bad if we at least end up with an intellectual.
    He’s lacking in a few social graces but he thinks things through and isn’t given to governing by emotional outbursts.
    I was wrong again.

    Nope, we’re going to elect whoever it is that wins the
    Jerry Springer Too Hot For TV Smackdown once again.

    And both of the potential winners are a continuation of the dual monarchy that has lasted for over a quarter century.
    The intellectual and the constitutionalist are out of the game.

    America wants to elect people who cater to the loser they see in themselves. We’ve modeled an entire generation and invested everything we have in losers.

    It’s too late to turn back now.

    JeffH in Occupied TX

  18. Ordinarily, I’d let crap like the previous two posts pass without comment but the claim that I run a pro-Obama site is so lame it deserves comment.

    Did either of you actually read what I wrote:

    Memo to one and all: You ain’t one of us so drop the charade. We’re not looking for one of us. We’re looking for a leader.

    Bowling a 37 while wearing a white shirt and tie or tossing back a few with politicos at a bar don’t mean dick.

    Where I come from, “one and all” means the three remaining contenders for the Presidential nomination: McCain, Clinton AND Obama.

    Anybody who thinks I support any of these suckers has their head up their ass.

    On March 3, in an story headlined: “The corrupt skeleton in Obama’s closet, I wrote:

    Even as he claims to represent change and campaigns as an alternative to “business as usual” politics, Obama cannot escape the fact that he is a product of old-style, corrupt Chicago politics.

    Jay Stewart, executive director of the Better Government Association, an Illinois watchdog group, points to Obama’s longtime relationship with Tony Rezko, a Chicago real estate developer, fast-buck operator and backroom political kingmaker.

    Obama’s close ties to Rezko raises questions over whether or not the Democrat is really a reformer.

    In other columns, I have nailed Obama for padding his resume and other mistakes.

    So don’t come on here claiming that either I or my web site is pro-Obama or pro-anybody. We don’t support Presidential candidates. We measure all by the same yardstick and most come up short. Just because your candidate Clinton comes up short as well does not indicate support for anyone.

    Doug Thompson
    Owner and publisher
    Capitol Hill Blue

  19. We will find that person who will give the power back to the people; but we will have to support him/her and earn/take the power back. I think we are all searching for this.

  20. Sandra, I included wonderful men under catagoy three. However, none of them appear to be running for President. What I know about Clinton and McCain scares the hell out of me, and what I don’t know about Obama scares the hell out of me.

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