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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Hillary Clinton: Our next President

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, second from right, greets her husband, former president Bill Clinton during a presidential primary election night rally, Tuesday, June 7, 2016, in New York. (AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, second from right, greets her husband, former president Bill Clinton during primary election night rally. (AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)

Hillary Rodham Clinton won the Democratic nomination for President of the United States, the first woman to lead a major national party ticket for the top job in the nation.

An Associated Press recount of delegates showed Clinton actually taking the nomination over the weekend but she erased away all doubts by sweeping California and New Jersey by large margins and won two other states.

Her wins effectively put an end to the detracting and useless diversion by socialist Bernie Sanders to try and turn the Democratic nomination fight into a circus to match the sideshow that marked the ascension of con man Donald Trump to the GOP nomination.

Trump won because the Republican Party is little more than a shadow of what it once was and he assembled a cult of racists, bigots and haters to turn the GOP nomination into a white supremacist last stand for control of a nation that, thankfully, is leaving such sordid claims of superiority behind.

Some polls show the upcoming election in November tight but the election is still five months away and the real America — a diverse nation of varied interests, ethnic ancestries and realistic beliefs — will combine to put an end to the hate and racism that Trump possesses and mistakenly thinks he can ride into the White House.

Trump’s latest blatant example of racism came into sharp focus recently in his unrelenting attacks against an Indiana-born federal judge who has a Spanish surname and Mexican parents.  Trump used that ancestry to claim bias that doesn’t exist and used that absurd claim to also lambast Muslims.

Even hardcore partisan Republicans called Trump’s hand for his racism, an odd and feeble reaction by a group that just days earlier embraced his nomination and endorsed him for President.

“I won’t let you down,” Trump told supporters on primary election night.  Too late.  He already has.

Trump calls himself a Republican.  He’s not.  He claims a love of country that he does not possess.  His only love is of himself and he uses that megalomania to promote himself and to try and save his slumping empire of failed airlines, fraudulent “universities” and multiple bankruptcies.

Those who look at swing states and an electoral college that does not depend on national “vote counts say Trump’s loss to Clinton in November could match the thumping of Barry Goldwater by Lyndon Johnson in 1964 or Richard Nixon’s stomping of George McGovern in 1972.

Trump will lose in November and he will lose big.  The only remaining question is whether or not he will destroy the Republican Party in the process.  Some say the GOP killed itself years ago and the remnants that remain aren’t worth saving anyway.

Hard-core Republicans claim to the fading belief that Clinton faces indictment for her use of a private email server as Secretary of State.  Won’t happen.  President Obama plans to endorse her later this week and you can be sure that the Justice Department has already told him no indictment is coming. Her use of the private server was a misuse of rules and something she should not have done but it wasn’t illegal and she followed a tradition of previous Secretaries of States — including Republican Colin Powell — in playing fast and loose with the rules while in office.

Her email systems operation pales in comparison to Trump’s many outright cons and improper activities — including defrauding thousands of investors in a Ponzi scheme called “Trump University” and bankrupting investors in his many failed enterprises.   He conceals his tax returns because he is under investigation by the Internal Revenue Service.

This, of course, does not matter to hard-core Republican partisans, who would probably vote for a serial killer as long as he or she called themselves “Republican.”  The same could be said for hard-core partisans on the Democratic side.

When Clinton wins in November — and she will win — her victory will come at the end of an election that should shame America because of the existence of the likes of Donald Trump on the other side of the ballot.

She will follow the first African-American President as she becomes the first female leader of a scarred nation that will need healing to try and recapture what it once was.

Let’s hope her making of history does not come too late.


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5 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton: Our next President”

  1. I hate to rain on this parade, but the US is one of the last countries on Earth to select a female candidate and if Hillary is elected, she won’t be the first woman to lead a nation. The fact that it took the USA this long to catch up with the rest of the world is hardly cause for celebration.

  2. I’ll take Hillary Clinton over the intellectually deficient racist pig Donald Trump any day of the week.

    Hillary Clinton will most certainly be the next and first women President of the United States.

    And yes, Donald Trump is indeed a loser and an egomaniacal madman!

  3. And $165 million is rather sad because he inherited and took over his father’s business so he was worth about $200 million in 1982. If he liquidated and put that in the SP 500, he would be worth over $8 BILLION dollars today. Instead all of his “great business acumen” has netted him a -17,5% return. He might just be the worst business man ever. He bankrupted a casino, for god’s sake! That takes real talent.

    • ” because he inherited and took over his father’s business so he was worth about $200 million in 1982.”

      Trump inherited $40 million from his father in 1974, not 1982. 1982 is cherry-picked because that is the year when the stock market bottomed out and almost everyone was convinced stocks were dead as an investment. If Trump had plowed his $40 million in the stock market in 1974, he would have lost much of it by 1982. And if he had known to plow everything into the stock market in 1982, he would be a better investor than Warren Buffet. But why stop at 1982? Let’s assume that Trump pulls all of his stocks out just before the crash of 1987, and then buys back into the stock market right after. And he does it again in 2000 and 2008. If he could just see the future with perfect clarity, he would be worth $400 billion today. Trump has no precognitive powers…that must mean he is a loser!

      We should obviously vote for Hillary Clinton because that woman knows how to time her cattle future trades perfectly.

  4. ‘He conceals his tax returns because he is under investigation by the Internal Revenue Service.”

    And as a fringe benefit, that conceals his true worth too. He’s claimed $10 billion during this election cycle, but as others have pointed out, his FEC filings put his worth at $165 million. Which is still substantial unless you have an even more substantial ego.

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