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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Trump strands evangelicals: Let’s thank him



Sen. Ted Cruz’s pastor father scrapped a scheduled guest sermon in Lincoln, Nebraska, on Sunday.  His son has pulled out of the Presidential nomination carnival, so he had nothing to say.

Pastor Gary Fuller at Gentle Shepherd Baptist Church, had plenty to say, though, saying “we feel abandoned by our party.  There’s nobody left.”

The extremist right wing of the GOP say they find themselves “dismayed and adrift” now that flamboyant billionaire Donald Trump is the last man standing for the Republican right to face Hillary Clinton in the November general election.

050916religiousfascistsA coalition of nearly 60 Christian leaders published an open letter last week decrying Trump’s “vulgar racial and religious demagoguery.”  They say Trump’s candidacy is a “moral threat” to the nation.

“Certain kinds of political appeals and certain kinds of political developments are fundamentally antithetical to the Christian faith and must be named as such,” Mercer University ethics professor David Gushee, who signed the letter, told The Washington Post.

Trump, religious conservatives note, is thrice married and openly brags about his sexual exploits in and out of marriage.  He has supported, then opposed, then supported again, abortion.  He flip flops on gay marriage and promotes a lifestyle that evangelicals claim is “sinful” and “threatening to the American way of life.”

Which raises a key question:  What, exactly, is the “American way of life?”

In recent years, evangelicals and other hard-core religious zealots have effectively steered the Republican Party towards extreme positions that are not reflected in polls and other measuring tools of American sentiments,

They decry abortion, although it is the law of the land and is supported by a majority of Americans.  They call gay lifestyles “sin” and adamantly resist gay marriage, even though it is also the law of the land and supported by most Americans.

They claim promiscuity is a sin, even though most Americans admit they had sex before marriage, often engage in adultery, and many live together with others outside of any any actual marital status.

They argue that such lifestyles violate the “laws of God.”

The laws of who?

America was designed as a nation where God and state should not co-exist.  There is a defined “separation of church state.”

Religious zealots work long and hard to get around that legally-defined separation.  They seek to force all Americans to adhere to religious law that does not exist and ignore the fact that all residents of this nation are supposed to be free to worship — or not worship — any religion or god they want.

Religion is a belief.  It is a philosophy that some follow and others do not.  No “law of God” exists in our government…or at least it should not.

Many reasons exist on why Donald Trump is a bad choice to be President.  He is a vapid, shallow man with no actual knowledge or experience on issues that this country faces.  He is a cartoon character who rose to fame on reality TV and massive casino failures.

Yet, if he is responsible for driving evangelicals and other religious extremists from the Republican party, then perhaps we should at least congratulate him for accomplishing that one overdue act.

It’s not a reason to vote for him but it is — at least — one thing he has done to make the nation a little bit better than it was.


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50 thoughts on “Trump strands evangelicals: Let’s thank him”

  1. I can’t believe how you’ve betrayed the Bible in this article! Shame on you! Let’s see you do it to the Koran.

  2. I for one couldn’t be happier to see the religious right squirm and flounder once again. Religion has no place in politics. If you want’ to mix religion and politics go live in the Middle East where it’s the catalyst for unrest and never ending war. I don’t want Sharia or Christianities version of it. Please keep the sermons, the prayers, the symbols and idols of worship inside of the churches, synagogues, mosques, or cult headquarters, and of public office.

  3. Hello Mr. Thompson,
    You hit a nerve with this one as attested to by the number of comments thus far. I like the illustration – I actually found it on my first search of Google Images on a Photobucket page.
    Oh, remember when you insisted we always referred to even reprehensible politicians using their title and avoid nasty modifiers?
    Your friend,
    Mr. Brown

  4. Trump is doing what Barry Goldwater wanted to do back in 1991–kick the evangelicals out of the Republican Party.

    • So true about Barry Goldwater. I remember him talking in later life about the crazies in the Religious right.

  5. These evangelicals have a right to be upset. At the same time, they deserve to be upset all the same. Their group clearly places party-affiliation above God, and their expectations left no room for the main objective of the very nature of calling ones’ self “evangelical.” This is disappointing to myself as a Christian, and disrespectful to the position/title they may claim they were called to fill.

  6. When Satan tempted Jesus in the desert, he offered Jesus all the kingdoms of the world if he would only bow down to Satan. This whole story presupposes that all the governments of the world belong to Satan. Why can’t most Christians see that this sad state of affairs hasn’t changed in 2,000 years? To get involved in politics is to get into bed with Satan.We Christians should be living our own lives according to our own standards, not telling other people how to live theirs. Persuasion through example is far more powerful than political power.

  7. It’s amazing to me how “tolerance” is always one-sided. Where is YOUR tolerance for those who do not conform to your hateful beliefs. Reading your posts, all I see is hate, venom, personal issues, and narrow-mindedness. Our country was founded on biblical principles. Oops, sorry – didn’t mean to say such a bad word (biblical).

    Melinda Merillat

  8. For the Christian, what is “supported by the majority of Americans” pales in comparison to what God has stated in His word. No Christian is perfect, but we know what is right and wrong as defined by God. If a Christian is swayed by the current prevailing winds of society, we have failed in bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ into the world, which frees the world from the sin that they don’t even know they are in bondage to. If given the choice, a Christian should never vote for a demagogue who stands against God’s word. This is not an expression of hatred for anyone, but is a genuine act of conscience. We act in love based on the leading of the Holy Spirit to get others to focus on His light, not the darkness that the world wants to cover people with.

    Separation of church and state is not defined anywhere in the Constitution, other than in the statement “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”. It doesn’t give you or anyone the right to push people of faith out of the voting booth, nor does it give the state the right to silence people of faith.

    • “Separation of church and state” may not be defined in the Constitution but it was James Madison, who wrote the First Amendment, who said that the farther church and state stay apart from each other the purer they both become.

  9. So are you telling me because it is the law of the land, it is right?

    Slavery was the law of the land. I think we can agree that it was wrong.
    Inter racial marriages were illegal. I think we can agree that was also wrong.
    Blacks were viewed as sub human by a majority. I think we can agree that was completely off.

    Just because it is the law of the land, doesn’t mean our government got it right.

    Just because the majority of people agree with a certain position, doesn’t mean it is right.

    • You are an very optimistic if you believe everyone agrees slavery, laws against mixing the races and believing black people were sub-human were wrong.

  10. Guess this wasn’t a sermon about God but about votes Cruz manipulated the evangelicals as much as he could to get the votes. That was clear to everyone else

  11. People are ignorant of the fact that “separation of church and state” is not in the constitution. What the first amendment says is “congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”. why is it that anytime anyone wants something to suit their purpose they pull this “separation of church and state” out of their rear. The constitution simply prohibits congress from establishing a national religion. Educate yourselves people and stop blindly lapping up whatever you read.

  12. Doug, everyone makes mistakes. Certainly I do — every day, many times a day.

    But there should be and editor or proofreader on your staff. The following items from your piece require some examination and thought.

    Which raises a key question: What, exactly, [Place verb here…] the “American way of life?”

    and many live together with others outside of any marital views.
    [How about… “outside of marriage” ?]

    There is a defined “separation of church [and] state.”

    Religious zealots work long and hard to get around that legally-defined separations.

    [You should use: with plural “separations” “those” …with singular “separation” “that”
    Remember: “those” with plural noun; “that” with a singular noun.]

    If you would like me to proof your pieces before publishing them on the web, let me know.

  13. An ignorant article by another liberal quack job. I got news for you. God’s laws are in effect whether your little depraved mind acknowledges it or not.

    • Could not agree with you more sir. You cannot make this crap up! Liberals accusing Christians of pushing our lifestyle on them, seriously? Muslims are praying in the streets of New York in the middle of the day while blocking traffic and parked cars. Their self-proclaimed Commie Mayor Bill DeBlasio does nada to stop it! Christians are not only being persecuted, but burned, crucified, beheaded, tortured, raped and their orphans sold as sex slaves to the ISIS soldiers in the Middle East. You can’t make any critical comment against Muslims or Mohammad, hell the crazy, vile creature Loretta Lynch wants to make it a criminal offense and she doesn’t give a flying duck about our first amendment rights! Yet, we Christians are the bad guys, we can’t even whisper Jesus or put up Christmas trees, or sing Christmas carols in schools, but no we are the ones forcing our lifestyle on everyone, Guess what, I looked into my pocketbook and I’m all of out “give a sh$t! This Christian is not turning her cheek anymore, the LBGT, the Liberals, the Transgenders, the Muslims and everybody else can take their freak show to someone who actually gives rat ass.

      • Christians think only they are entitled to religious liberty and be damned to everyone who isn’t a White Christian. Makes me sick that this country has such a hate filled right wing. We aren’t a Christian nation and never were. We became a nation to escape religious persecution. And oh BTW Jesus/God didn’t write the Bible. It’s not literal. It’s a story. Jeez

  14. I think Trump sounds crazy, but the fact that the worst parts of the Republican voter base hate him because he doesn’t conform to their insane standards is reason enough for my vote to go his way. Also helps that he’s really not as bad as a lot of people say he is. If Bernie doesn’t make it, my vote’s with Trump. And I will vote, unlike the weak religious zealots that claim they want no part in the election.

  15. I would suggest you read the Declaration of Independence. The word ‘Creator ‘ is very prominent. The articles in the Constitution then continue to define the principles by which we should abide. And yes, they are all laid out in God’s Word, the Bible.
    The US is not meant to be a theocracy. You are correct in that assumption, but neither should the State interfere in the free practice of religion. That is why we have a separation of church ‘from’ state, not a separation of church ‘and’ state. That was never the intent of the founders. To say that there is a ‘separation of church state’ is a figment of your imagination.The founders were a deeply religious people.

    • In the context of that sentence… there is no difference between the word ‘from’ and ‘and’. In either case, it recognizes that in order to have freedom of religion, no one religion can be used in order to create laws or practices that force non-adherants of that religion to the practices of that religion. It is much more common in our country that Christians want to force non-Christians to follow their religious tenants than that anyone tries to infringe on their religion. Nobody tells Christians they have to get abortions, that they must get married to someone of the same sex, that they have to use birth control, that they have to drink on Sunday, or they can’t pray in private anywhere they want to. However, Christians often want to tell others that they can’t get abortions, can’t marry someone of the same sex, can’t have access to birth control, can’t sell alcohol on Sunday, or have to partake in group public christian prayer. For Christians in the US, the only religious freedom they aren’t given is the freedom to impose their religion on others. Also… don’t lump all of the founders as deeply religious people… some were, and some weren’t. Read “The Quartet” it will give you some insight into their varying veiwpoints.

      • Not completely true. Everyone is allowed to share their own beliefs and opinions on social media except Christians. If someone bashes a supporter of transgendering(which is wrong to do)there are ten people calling them out. If someone, even respectfully, expresses that they believe it is wrong, they are called haters and worse, cut down. And if you are lucky maybe one person speaks up on their behalf. It is possible to disagree with someone and still treat them with respect and dignity. We are a nation of divers people. And while I believe that no one should be discriminated because of sexual orientation, religious beliefs, race ,color, I also believe that I should not have to compromise my beliefs to treat another fairly. Those who want equal rights should not deny it to someone else, whether they agree with them or not.

      • I agree that all religions should be kept out of government ,and especially that Christians are free to practice their religion for themselves, but not force us to follow Christianity. I agree we have laws, and Christians shouldn’t be able to force their views down our throats. Timmy Saint, i agree with you! I grew up a Christian, I am still spiritual, but i am a die hard liberal ,and every time someone wants me to say”Amen” to something tragic on Facebook, I get really irritated. I can feel sadness for all living beings and creatures and nature., but saying “Amen” has nothing to do with it.

    • The Declaration of Independence is not the document that governs the US. The Constitution is.

  16. These religious zealots are misguided Anti-Christ Instead of Christ Christians that the Living God abhors because they Bless with the Mouth but their Heart is far very far from Him is what I See in today’s what is called mainstream Christianity to which Donald can See through it as God does. God Rules this planet and to think He is the One who installs it’s Kings after the order of what’s sowed by the People then the people get what they reap in the harvest. For me I Thank the Living Life-Giving God for not allowing Senator Cruse to advance any further as to his false words telling us how much he loves God! What God is it he Loves? Yes we All need to Pray for Ted as well as all our governmental leaders so we can live a Peace filled life “NOT’ be snared or caught up in the anxieties of this Life as the only thing that really counts for anything is that we ALL Sit our fannies down right at His Feet Humbling ourselves to Hear what the Spirit is saying and then take Heed to His Voice for direction with honor Amen!

    God Help America as in it’s citizens to flee our wicked ways REPENTING so as to Hear our Voice Oh God delivering our own souls from the death that’s operating in them as life when it’s A LIE perpetrated upon us by the god of this worlds self interest and Not that from above as in Christ who is Jesus Amen!

  17. “God and state should not co-exist.” What a load. Of course they should co-exist. It’s just that they should remain separate.

  18. Religion is a belief. It is not merely a philosophy that some believe and others do not. For example, I believe the Bible and salvation by Jesus Christ. That is merely one religion. Others are Budhist, Muslims, Hindus, and so on. To limit religion to accepting or rejecting Christianity is just as narrow minded as limiting American politics to Christian values.

    • Merely a philosophy? A philosophy is based on observation, learning and thought, it is far superior to a belief. Belief is like when we were kids and played let’s pretend; this and this is absolutely true and we play by it during this game.

      Philosophy is what an adult has. A philosopher who is wise sees what works for them and what does not and can adjust as needed. They look, research, think (develop a theory) and see if the theory works. It is mutable, and that is a good thing because pretending something is there that isn’t is the stasis of death and destruction. Adapting is what allows life to thrive.

      So you can pray for a cure to Leukemia, or you can go to a doctor, get treatment and get a bone marrow transplant – see which action will actually have a chance to keep you alive.

  19. Why would anybody believe the horse crap you are peddling here? you have been wrong since the beginning, what makes you think you suddenly found a brain? Pure conjecture is what all this is. You know nothing, and you don’t have a crystal ball, do you? I didn’t think so!!!

  20. “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s”

    To me that means leave the government alone to govern, and religion keeps to itself. The Republican Party was hijacked by these baffoons in the 80’s. Now they’re returning the favor. Good riddance.

  21. So, evangelicals think The Donald’s attempt to become President is a moral threat. You have not seen a moral threat my friends. Once Hillary is elected President of this country, you’ll be able to count the days ‘ biblically’ before this country tanks. One more Liberal justice on the bench is all it’s going to take and that’s gonna be done on day two of her presidency. Follow that with unlimited funds becoming available to Planned Parenthood, the A.C.L.U., Move-On . org., and a whole host of Left organizations just waiting to bust out on this country. All hell will be unleashed and this country will not know what hit it.
    God’s hand has already been removed from this country. Just look around you and tell me I’m wrong. With Hillary’s election we’ll get God’s Back! E.O.Story

    • Hillory is a saint compared to Trump. The only God Trump believes in is money and using money to abuse all who do not agree with him.

      Our founding fathers knew that when religion runs the government bad things happen so they set things up so all people could practice their religion free of government intervention as long as religion did not practice running the government.

      • It’s funny how our forefathers never had the issues that we have today. Hmmm, seems that keeping the Righteous & Loving Father at the forefront of this country was their priority & in doing so, kept God’s sovereign hand over this nation. Religion has never been the problem; it’s man’s hatred of good, love & respect…it is man’s hatred of God & HIS Risen Son, Jesus Christ. Our nation is so blind. When nations reject God, (read the Old Testament), they fall. Wake up America. Our demise is not the Holy & Righteous God’s fault.

      • I would guarantee you this…Doug Thompson nor Capital Hill would have the audacity to depict the Koran on the front of their article as they have just done here. COWARDS!

    • Sounds like you miss Obama already. Remember those days when you folk said America was going straight to the ghetto with a Black Man in the Presidency? How it would be Mandingo with the white women and what not. Yep, now you got Trump as your party favorite. A sinner and proud of it. A liar proud and loud. He’s not going to church dinner unless you got your teenage daughter sitting next to him. Yeah, he’s all yours. And Hillary is going to bring a whole lot of women into government, lesbians with their nose rings and tattoos. You’ll love it!

    • Let the anti Christ Trump rule! Adulterer, liar, too ignorant to admit he’s wrong, jealous, petty, fat. always coveting what isn’t his, sinful and proud. I mean, what could go wrong, right?

    • how come you didn’t bother to note all of the organization’s on your side? Most of them are rife with hate language and authoritarian. It may be your idea of long, lost America but a whole host of citizen’s are not interested in being run as a theocracy.

    • Right on brother, what has happened to peoples minds in this country? People have been brainwashed by the liberal media. This Pastor Fuller cracks me up….he claims “there is nobody left”, and I say, if he doesnt wake up there may be nobody left in his church! Hey, where were these 60 christian leaders when Obama was being elected? Where were they? Was Pastor Fuller sounding the alarm from the pulpit before Obama got in? I dont believe Trump is the great Satan.

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