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Friday, May 17, 2024

McCain will be as if Bush was High on Speed

I think it’s a bad mistake to equate McCain with Bush. Bush is inconsistent. In 2000 he became President claiming a non-interventionist foreign policy and vowed to stand up to the "Axis of evil" at the same time. Despite angry aids quitting, changed on Korea, and has not yet attacked Iran despite Cheney's and the interventionist lobbys' urging him to.

I think it’s a bad mistake to equate McCain with Bush. Bush is inconsistent. In 2000 he became President claiming a non-interventionist foreign policy and vowed to stand up to the “Axis of evil” at the same time. Despite angry aids quitting, changed on Korea, and has not yet attacked Iran despite Cheney’s and the interventionist lobbys’ urging him to. < [HINT TO READERS: CLINK PRINTER FRIENDLY ICON for easy reading.] >

Some condemn pro-Israeli lobbyists and others condemn Arab despots and terrorists but never both by the same writer. I think both should be criticized at the same time.

Unless antiwar activists are willing to praise Bush’s hesitations, all of us Americans will desperately be looking for euros to buy things with more like the collapse of Ancient Rome than the fall of Communism in Russia.

McCain really scares me:

People who oppose McCain try to hit him from all angles but this distracts from the dire danger, in his assertion that a Proud & Bold America is Coming Back, despite a looming bankruptcy of the dollar.

Some complain that McCain pushes campaign reform then violates the laws he helped past and switched on gun control to get the Republican nomination. But I could care less. I am scared about the way he twists present day realities into Cold War imagery – just after Castro retired, saying I hope he dies soon. Making claims that no one else makes such as claiming Cubans were torturing him in Vietnam, and worst of all, invigorating the most combative elements of the anti-Castro lobby.

The Republican Party is the Defense Contractor Party, but its flaw according to business interests was being against immigration, and hedging on globalization. McCain corrected that flaw. I hope this doesn’t mean that big lobbies will have a tight grip on the US in the future? If there is a contractor feeding frenzy like in Iraq, then young Cubans might end up treating the elderly returnees like invader making tensions permanent like in Iraq. I particularly hope there are enough local Hispanics who worry about their Cuban brethren and what will happen when two hot heads clash McCain and Chavez. The recent talk of so called Cuban spies in this country might mean fear of being accused of being subversive might return like during the McCarthyism years and the Reagan years. It would be safer for Latinos to speak out sooner rather than later. The foreign press particularly BBC News is reporting McCain’s shrill comments on Latin America more than the US press. [Goggle, “Castro and McCain in Vietnam spat” then McCain BBC News, then add Vietnam, then add and subtract Kissinger and Lieberman]

Eisenhower warned against the Military-Industrial-Complex. There is a history of hawk lobbies, in this country. The term Banana Republic goes back to Dole Fruit lobbying for the US government to protect their investments.

More recently the “Iraqi Congress in Exile” lied about Saddam to push the US into war? During the Cold War, Hungarians and Poles pushed for military expenditures and pressure against Russia. And the Irish-American lobby used to push for trouble between the US and England.

Antisemitic lobbys aren’t usually included as a foreign lobby. However, David Duke was an honored guest in Iran not Howard Zinn, or as during Vietnam, Jane Fonda. Moussaoui the alleged mastermind of 9/11, rather than defending himself during his trial, blamed his Jewish lawyer and urged Americans to blame the Jews for their problems. Daniel Pearl, who was lured to Pakistan, was forced to make a grotesque antisemitic “confession” about Jewish conspiracy before being beheaded. Al Qaeda videotapes to the Internet peace activists being beheaded not US contractors. To me, this seems like lobbying the US to have an antisemitic peace movement not a nonviolent one. People as bad as Hitler used to woo Western Pacifists, but al Qaeda’s game plan is to bait the US into war and bankruptcy, harassing Bush for reading the “Little Goat” to school kids, instead of quickly dealing with 9/1l, and could help McCain with a similar incident as well. Bin Laden wants to make the Muslim world militant, believing that if he succeeds at that, the future will take care of itself.

The peace lobby unfortunately is easily distracted. John Murtha was going to be majority whip. Suddenly, people worried about his positions on abortion and guns, but the gun lobby didn’t trust him because he used to be for an assertive foreign policy and thus conceivably, like Earl Warren, could change on guns as well. Much was made about Murtha turning down a bribe with “maybe later” which served warning to Nancy Pelosi that her skeletons, if she pushed too hard for peace, might get exposed and the peace lobby wouldn’t come to her defense. Peace activist are fixated on such tactics as setting a date for funding the war to end, instead of demanding that the US negotiate with al Sadr, every time he announces a unilateral cease-fire. I believe Bush’s desire not to betray Maliki is much of the reason why the war hasn’t ended. Also, when Sunnis outed al Qaeda leader Zarqawi to the CIA, Bush offered peace talks but so many had died in Fuluja after the last cease-fire, that al Jeelani was afraid to agree and demanded the release of 5000 detainees as a good will gesture to prove the US was serious. The last cease-fire in summer 2006 ended after Kerry campaigning for President complained of terrorists hiding in Fuluja and then Bush demanding Al Sadr’s arrest. Al Sadr was in Fuluja in solidarity with the Sunnis.

Only al Qaeda is against the US finding a way to declare victory and leave. The confusion resembles a Three-Stooges flick. Sadly in the real world the pain doesn’t end with the next scene. The good news is that now, thanks to McCain, the gun lobby and the anti-immigrant lobby no longer fit hand-in-glove with those who want an imperialist foreign policy. But associating with these groups can affect progressives. For instance, I became infatuated with Ron Paul until I realized that just doing so made me less interested in poverty issues. Watering down progressive agendas by associating with non-progressives can be a real problem,

Goggle, “Will Ron Paul be the Straw that Broke the Camel’s Back?”
Goggle, Opednews author 7816 RichardKane

When Obama was accused of being a closet Muslim, McCain rightly spoke out against that kind of tactic, but last January when a peace bus, plastered with antiwar signs was following the McCain bus around, the driver of the peace bus, Jim Goodnow, was threatened, forced off the road, then while napping at a South Jersey truck stop, the bus burst into flames, Jim barely escaping with his life. Across the river in Pennsylvania there was a weekly silent vigil that was all but forgotten about until several of the elderly Quakers’ signs was torn up by pro-war thugs. Many worry about Bush’s lack of respect for Civil Liberties, but at least we don’t have agent-provocateurs that were active during Reagan and Nixon, terrorizing protesters and baiting people to do wrong, then turning in their accomplices for punishment.

If McCain’s comments against accusing Obama of being a Muslim were sincere, why didn’t he speak out against the bus fire, and expressed hope that no supporter was an arsonist, urging his supporters to respect democratic procedures? The press didn’t grill McCain about the fire because, back then, his Presidential campaign seemed over, It’s urgent that the press and McCain opponents look into this fire now. Goggle Jim Goodnow peace, or Goodnow Philly IMC,

Private contractor armies like Halliburton in Iraq, which the American people even the President has limited control over and one issue lobbyists, from all over the world, lobbying the US reminds me of Ancient Rome. In ancient Rome, more and more of the army became made of Barbarian recruits who became Roman citizens when retiring from the army. In the 60’s the army was to a large part poor white southern boys who like in Ancient Rome now feel out of place in the US army and in organizations like the CIA where so many people have some kind of foreign interest in their heart. And slowly as in Ancient Rome stopped joining the army. Partly this is prejudice, but not completely. A traditional hick or redneck wants to fight until the enemy, “Cries Uncle”, not to be part of some kind of contractor feeding frenzy. Near the end, Roman civilians didn’t see much difference in the Barbarian commanders rampaging and looting and the so-called Roman Army doing the same thing. If McCain can unite the shriller elements of the foreign lobbies, and pro-military spending lobbies all into one package, then US, as was with Ancient Rome, will be no more — the people, in what was the US, desperately looking for Euros to buy things with.

Since the Cold War is over, many born in Eastern Europe no longer want a big military budget. Irish-Americans due to changes in their homeland are now usually peace-oriented Americans. Many Hispanics far more worried about the US fighting the poor of Latin America, than in perks McCain will give them, most Jews don’t want Israel to take over, more and more of the Muslim world, and most Muslims don’t want al Qaeda to make the Muslim world a totally separate world from the West. McCain offers the wrong hope for the future, and Americans, whatever our personal special interest, can turn him down.

A sad little footnote: Bin Laden was upset that Muslims tended too long to go to the West and get things that were Western. Now with all the antisemitism, xenophobia, fear of change, systematic government surveillance, and the possibility of a massive dollar collapse, he is succeeding at slowing making the west a place where you wouldn’t want to be.

Richard Kane

There’s a term for children of old radicals “red-diaper baby” Richard Kane is a “peace-diaper baby,” with a father who opposed war so much he refused to fight in World War II. He is 62, old enough to remember when repression meant people being afraid to open their mouth, or associate with a blacklisted person, not the almost random nastiness of the Bush Administration that inspires people toward protest.

I for one think we should lobby Bush like the hawks do see.

I was kicked off one antiwar sight, Oped News for trying to lobby instead of condemn Bush, I hope Capital Hill Blue is more insightful, and can post the following link.

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