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Friday, December 8, 2023

Into the abyss with Trump, et al

An inevitable march off the cliff by Republicans, led by liar and con artist Donald Trump
An inevitable march off the cliff by Republicans, led by liar and con artist Donald Trump

Republican primary voters in five states spoke this week, including those in pivotal Pennsylvania.

Their decision appears clear:  Donald Trump, the blustery, myopic, misogynistic purveyor of lies, hate and threats is their choice.

So be it.  The unfocused anger of those who claim to want change but actually only embrace chaos have turned the already weakened and ineffective Republican Party into an even more sordid mess that clears the general election path for Hillary Clinton to become the first woman to win the Presidency.

At best, Clinton is a scarred, tarnished candidate but when compared to Trump she will be the best choice on the ballot in the general election.  Same for a Clinton-Cruz race if the blowhard, Joe McCarthy wannabe who is far behind in the delegate race finds a way to win a contested election at the Republican Party Convention in Cleveland this summer.

That outside chance depends largely on the Indiana primary next Tuesday.  A better than 50 percent win by Trump could put him in position to seize the nomination by the end of the primary season or it might give Cruz another long shot.

Trump won a strong endorsement Wednesday by Mr. Hoosier himself — former Indiana University coach Bobby Knight.

“If we win Indiana, it’s over” Trump declared to the thousands at the state fairgrounds where Knight took top billing and told the crowd that he, as the state’s venerable winner on the basketball court, thinks Trump is the winner the nation needs.

The Republican Party has wanted to avoid that possibility but now admits privately that a decisive Indiana win gives Trump the nomination.

While Trump carries support of GOP voters, neither he nor Cruz can capture support from the coalition of voters needed to win nationwide. Both are distrusted by most women, despised by minorities and distant from a majority of moderates.

Clinton took four out of five of the primaries last Tuesday and now is on a final march towards clinching the Democratic nomination before the end of the contentious primary season.

Even Republican billionaires Charles Koch says Clinton would be a better President than Trump or Cruz.  He and his brother, who have poured millions into GOP campaigns in recent years, have kept their checkbook closed this election because they could not waste any money on the slate of losers in the GOP race.

As someone who has spent more than half a century covering national campaigns as a newspaperman or working within the system as a political operative, I can only shake my head and pity what is left of what once been an operational Republican party.

“I’m not a member of any organized political party,” Will Rogers once said. “I am a Democrat.  Democrats never agree on anything.  That’s why they are Democrats.”

Not so in this strange Presidential primary election season.  Some Democrats flirted with their version of political chaos — self-declared socialist Bernie Sanders, the Vermont Senator who has served not as a Democrat but as a radical, ultra liberal independent.

But Sanders started laying off campaign staff this week, recognizing his cause is lost and the establishment candidate, Hillary Clinton, will be the nominee because “disorganized” Democrats agreed on something.

Let Donald Trump and his brain-dead legions of racists, bigots and haters lead Republicans into the abyss of political doom.

Their demise is well-deserved and far better than the hell they actually deserve.


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5 thoughts on “Into the abyss with Trump, et al”

  1. Politico surveyed 80 campaign reporters and I found it interesting that 94% thought Trump manipulated the press far better than any other candidate. In fact only 34% said Hillary was best at manipulating the press. Yet it is they who are the press. Shame on them. They should make sure they aren’t manipulated by any candidate.

    Here’s a little exercise. Enter loathsome into your computer thesaurus. You’ll find every word describes both Trump and Cruz.

    It’s also noteworthy that 84% of the reporters think Hillary will be the next president. One might say have some unique knowledge or at least a different perspective of the campaign.

  2. There’s no bottom below when it comes to the stupidity of Nice White People. Fortunately for us and the world, there aren’t enough of them in this country to win national elections.

  3. True enough but I have a lingering nightmare that there may be enough nihilistic people who are intrigued by a Trump presidency. I try to imagine what it must be like for the rest of the world to see America, with its military and economic power, flirting with irrational authoritarianism

  4. “Their decision appears clear: Donald Trump, the blustery, myopic, misogynistic purveyor of lies, hate and threats is their choice.”

    So true Doug. I find this fact about the right very alarming. They have lost their minds. What other reason could there be for the right to idolize the orange man called Trump.

  5. Wingnut response template:

    1). Open with character assassination of writer.
    2). Fill body of “argument” with red herring and straw man fallacies.
    3). Close with Bible verse that has no relation to the issue at hand.

    Spelling and grammar not necessary.

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