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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Republican Party’s death: Good riddance & goodbye



Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump scored huge wins Tuesday in New York’s primary — a contest that, for all practical purposes, sealed the fate of Democrat Bernie Sanders and left Republicans Ted Cruz and John Kasich grasping for mostly empty political straws.

Clinton’s 57.9 percent and more than 1 million votes delivered at least 139 delegates and all but seals her nomination as the Democrat nominee for the job once held by her husband — two-term President Bill Clinton.

Her grasp of the nomination is not only virtually assured, she is set to go into the November general election against a devastated Republican party and a demographic of voters that heavily favors her chances to become the first woman elected President of the United States and one who will follow the first African-American to hold the job.

Republicans still cling to the fantasy that Clinton’s use of a private email server as Secretary of State will land her in jail for a crime that most legal scholars say she did not commit.  Sources within the Justice Department say their probe will conclude that while her use of the private server raises doubts about her judgment but not any proof that she violated any laws.

If the Republican Party could find or nominate a real candidate for President, it might find a way to win the White House in November but that is lost in a primary season that puts a misogynist, constantly lying  con man like Donald Trump in charge.

Trump’s victory of 60.5 percent (518,601 votes) gives him 89 delegates over just three for John Kasich — third at 25.1 percent — and Ted Cruz nothing with just 14.5 percent.

The win gives Trump a better shot at securing the number of delegates to secure a first round win at the GOP Presidential nomination at the party’s convention in Cleveland in July.

Mainstream Republican and conservatives see Trump’s nomination as a lose-lose situation — nominating a flamboyant candidate with no experience and no commitments to any of what used to be the basics of the party.

Trump still has to score some additional convincing wins with enough delegates to secure a first-round win.  If he doesn’t, he will lose delegates in the second and following rounds if needed.

Cruz can still secure the nomination but his selection does not bring any happiness to the GOP leadership.  He is a Senator who has been a major embarrassment to the GOP — an extremist, rabid right-winger who brings comparisons to another Republican demagogue of the past — Senator Joseph McCarthy.

With either Trump or Cruz leading the GOP ticket in November, political prognosticators see a wipe out at the polls — a loss to Clinton for President and an increasing chance of massive losses of Republicans in the House along with enough in the Senate to return control of the legislative body to Democrats.

Republicans are the party of extremists  — loud but nowhere near a majority of voters that can decide a nationwide race for President.  It is the party of angry white racists, bigots and social opponents to issues and lifestyles that a growing majorities of Americans now support.  The rabid can control a fading party like the Republicans but not the nation as a whole.

Most Americans now support a woman’s right to choose whether or not to have an abortion (which is also the law of the land), the right to people of the same gender to love and marry and they want certain protections of a government that most Republicans want to destroy.

Republicans do not represent the majority of Americans.  They are not supported by African Americans, Latinos or even whites with education and consideration of the needs of others.  They lack support of women voters — now a majority. The party of the elephant is controlled by hard-core right wing extremists who do not support freedom and dignity for a majority of Americans that will decide the election in November.

It does not mater who Republicans nominate in Cleveland in July.  The shambles of their party is nothing more than a vapid collection of losers.

For them the party is over and their demise is long overdue.

Rest in peace?

Not a chance.

Burn in hell and dance on their graves.


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7 thoughts on “Republican Party’s death: Good riddance & goodbye”

  1. I can’t help but think it is only a matter of time that Republicans give up the fight for obvious rights like equal protection under the law (same sex marriage). If they would give up these non-issues, they could have a chance at gaining liberal votes.

    This is because there are a few issues that the regressive left has embraced, that could be very bad for the party and country. For example:

    Ignoring the facts about the faith of Islam. As an atheist, I do not consider any religion to be a good idea, but lumping them all together is a cop-out. Islam is different – for many reasons. Failure to at least acknowledge that is a potential problem. It is something that every day people can see, and when they don’t hear their politicians talking about such an obvious concern, they lose faith in them (ironic right?).
    Just to say a quick thing about Islam…It produces both Jihadists and Islamist. These two groups of people are intent on making the place they live an Islamic theocracy. Jihadists do this by any means (violence, intimidation usually), while Islamist do it politically (including sinister identity politics that they manipulate the Left with). This is to say nothing of moderate or conservative Muslims who may also hold beliefs antithetical to that of the liberal west. So while they are a small percent of the population, we all know how powerful minorities can influence public policy (from gays to Jews – a strongly organized minority can influence laws).

    So ignoring the differences in Islam is a problem. It would allow Muslims to not feel compelled to take on the western liberal values that we hold so dear to our hearts. They would also threaten them given enough time and population. As a left leaning guy, I care about liberal values. I think it is what makes America great. However, the regressive left is threatening those very values, along with helping others do the same.

    Just to shoot off a few more regressive left concerns: Imposing Blasphemy laws, ignoring intent (focusing on outcomes only), racism and identity politics, bullying and coercion (particularly with regards to Campus culture now), ends justify the means stance (including attacking your opponent instead of their argument or purposefully misconstruing their point of view and/or ‘slimming’ them)…etc

    So yea, that’s a small sample of what I consider to be a real threat to the Left in America. People (even Liberals like me) will only put up with so much of the regressive Left’s BS.

    • Hitler must be a republican mascot because he comes up every time you lose an argument or throw a hissy about the bald faced truth.. Cast aspersions all you want, I’m dancing into the future where old fat rich white guys are all taking dirt naps..

  2. Or they might manage to nominate Ted Cruz at a contested convention, only to have the courts say he can’t run because he is not a native-born American citizen. That would be even funnier.

  3. Twist, Tango, Watusi, Waltz,
    Jerk, Boogie, Two-Step, Rag,
    Ki bookie, Walrus, Alligator, Fish,
    revenge this cold is a savory dish..


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