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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Trump’s ‘charitable’ claims as phony as him

When Donald Trump speaks, his nose grows longer.
When Donald Trump speaks, his nose grows longer.

The lies, half-truths and outright cons of Republican Presidential wannabe Donald Trump  extends to his fictional claim that he, personally, gave more than $102 million to charities in the last five years.

donald-trump-2015-liar-of-the-year_zpssjiu2w5fTrump, in fact, did not give a single cent of his own cash to any charity.  Instead, his so-called “charitable” foundation, which he stopped contributing to in 2009 and is funded by others, made questionable contributions.

Trump’s “charitable contributions” were little more than free rounds of golf given by his golf courses for use in auctions and raffles.

An investigation of Trump’s “gifts” by The Washington Post did not find him giving any of his own money.

The foundation that bears his name lists Vince and Linda McMahon of Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment as the principle contributors.  They gave the foundation $5 million from 2002 through 2014.

Trump gave the foundation $2 million from 2004-06 but not a penny more according to public records of the foundation.

Trump also claimed a parcel of land he gave to the state was part of the $102 million he claimed gave as gifts for the five years from 2009-2014.

He lied.  The title was transferred to the state in 2006.

Many of the beneficiaries of Trump’s foundation are not charities.  They are, instead, clients, business associates and others like tennis star Serena Williams.

The second largest donation was a payment to a man who settled a lawsuit with one of Trump’s golf courses after the club denied a hole-in-one prize.

Of the 4,844 “donations,” 2,900 were free rounds of golf, 175 hotel stays, 165 meals, and 11 spa gift certificates — all, of course, at Trump resort properties.

Even Allen Weisselberg, chief financial officer of The Trump Organization and treasurer of the foundation that bear’s Trump’s name but not his money, admitted none of the gifts from the foundation actually came from any of the billionaire’s money.  Still he claims trump has given away some of his own money for charity but won’t provide any amounts or documentation for proof.

“We want to keep them quiet,” he claims.  “We don’t want other charities to see it.”

Other charities say they aren’t interested because they don’t believe Trump actually gives any money to help anyone but himself or his clients.

The foundation supports those who stay at his expensive resorts.  Serena Williams, for example, is listed as a charitable contribution of $1,136.56.  A spokesman for Williams said money, in fact, was “in kind” for her “free” ride on Trump’s plane to a ribbing-cutting ceremony in Virginia and a “free” framed photo of herself.

The close examination by The Washington Post did not find any charitable contribution that actually claim from Trump’s pocket or bank account.

His “charity,” like most of his claims and activities, is bogus and a con.

Another Donald Trump sham.


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    • As the investigation by The Washington Post reveals, Trump gave no money from his personal bank account or from his “corporations.” The “charitable” contributions were from the foundation with his name but funded primarily by Vince and Linda McMahon of Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment.

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