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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Trump: Poster boy for white trash

A white supremacist Trump supporter profiled in a PBS documentary.
A white supremacist Trump supporter profiled in a PBS documentary.

Republican presidential wannabe and class clown Donald Trump is a pompous, vulgar, obscenity-sprouting liar who grunts and waves his arms like a phony “professional” wrestler, inflames domestic tensions and scares the hell out of just about anyone with common sense or an IQ above that of an average plant.

He is also the leading candidate to capture the GOP nomination for President at the party’s convention in Cleveland unless remaining Republicans who put love of country above self-promotion and nonsense can find a way to stop him.

Sadly, and ironically, the candidate the party is embracing to try to stop Trump is just as big a threat to the party and country — rabid right-winger Ted Cruz.

Trump’s laughable campaign slogan is “Make America Great Again,” which may be the sickest joke of all in a Presidential campaign that seems more like a bad trip on acid.

Donald Trump does not give a damn about America or its needs.  The only thing he wants to “make great” is his overwhelming ego.  He’s a carnival barker with a national stage, a madman with thousands of people filming his antics and posting his madness on social media.

Trump gets headlines with a long discounted claim that he saw television clips of “thousands and thousands” of New Jersey Muslims celebrating the collapse of the twin towers on 9/11.  Yet he can’t produce a single second of such clips because none ever existed.  When challenged, he claims a “media conspiracy” is concealing them or perhaps destroyed them all.

He lies so often that fact-checking services around the globe work easily disprove his wild-eyed claims but his followers also don’t give a damn about America or the truth.

Exit polls are various primaries around the nation this year say the majority of voters for Trump are racists, unemployed and/or poor.  Few have college degrees.  He is the poster boy of America’s white trash.

Some say Trump is the first Presidential candidate to thrive via the Internet. His primary form of communication to his throng is Twitter and his posts provide constant fodder for media reports.  He posts constant lies as well as revealing photos of Fox news personality Megan Kelly and unflattering ones of Heidi Cruz, wife of opponent Ted.

He is a master of using social media to spread misinformation and lies.  Not surprisingly, the World Wide Web is also the venue of choice by hate groups, which explains why the flock to Trump.  He is openly endorsed by white supremacists, Nazi groups, religious extremists and militia groups.  Like them, Trump encourages violence, not rational or thoughtful debate.  He tells his followers to “whip their ass” if anyone protests.

Trump’s primary support comes from those who hate, those who are racists and bigots and those who view intolerance as a virtue.

They have risen from their bunkers, their single wide trailers and other hidden holes to find sudden and unreal hope from a self-promoting billionaire in thousand dollar suits and a Ukrainian-born wife poses naked for magazines and presents a perfect stereotype of a “trophy wife.”

The American Dream?

Nah. a pathetic and frightening American nightmare.


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3 thoughts on “Trump: Poster boy for white trash”

  1. Okay, I read the Bible passages and fail to see their relevance to why anyone supports Trump:
    Jeremiah 17:7
    Blessed is the man that trusteth in the Lord
    In the Word of the Lord, as the Targum, in Christ the essential Word of God; see ( Psalms 2:12 Psalms 2:6 Psalms 2:7 ) ( Psalms 85:11 Psalms 85:12 ) who have a spiritual knowledge of him, and so trust in him, ( Psalms 9:10 ) who have seen the vanity and emptiness of all other objects of trust,

    On this, I think Trump is the last person we could say has “seen the vanity and emptiness of all other objects of trust” despite his claiming that he loves the Bible even more than Art of the Deal. I suppose that could be said to be a joke, but some might say it’s blasphemy.

    17:8 is a much longer passage. It ends with:

    the fruits of grace and righteousness, the fruits of good works, and which are brought forth by the good man, the believer in Christ, even unto old age, ( Psalms 92:14 Psalms 92:15 ) with the whole compare ( Psalms 1:3 ) , to which there seems to be an allusion.

    How can Trump whose good works (a skating rink in Manhattan where he refused to end his speech even as children were yelling that they wanted him to stop talking so they could skate) are dwarfed by his monuments to himself, including casinos profiting from people’s gullibility that they can beat the house (and sometimes their addiction).

  2. Thanks, Steve, for proving one of the key points of this opinion piece. Good job! Now I think I’ll go water some of your fellow intellectuals that are in my living room.

  3. Comments from another Wannabe, Want to get a paycheck and do nothing for it.
    A Trump hater because he stands for The United States of America. Not the Globalist ideal of bring America Down so they can be great.
    Ending Islamic Immigration which is destroying us.
    Read jeremiah 17:7-8

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