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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Suicide for our political system?



Depending on your point of view, Donald Trump’s overwhelming loss in Wisconsin is either good or the bad side of a good news-bad news joke.

For the Republican Party in 2016, the only way one can describe any wins or losses in the primaries is as a constant bad news-bad news joke.  The Democrats aren’t much better.

If Wisconsin is the beginning of the end for Donald Trump and his lies, self-indulgent ego-mania and pompous ignorance of the law, civility, morality or knowledge of the job, then the heir-apparent for the Republican nomination is Ted Cruz, the Texas Senator almost universally despised by most establishment member of his party and, thankfully, most of the voting public.

For Trump, the thumping in Wisconsin shows voters can, finally, have enough of his self-love and vapid lack of knowledge of what it takes to lead a nation.  Cruz, a freshman Senator, is no better — a hard-core right-winger who opposes any and all things that don’t fit into his myopic vision.

Either candidate appears doomed to lose in the general election, either to former Secretary of State, senator and First Lady Hillary Clinton, who also lost Wisconsin Tuesday but remains well in the lead over Bernie Sanders, a self-declared “Democratic Socialist” who fell apart in an interview with the Daily News.

When the newspaper asked Sanders exactly how he planned to break up large banks like J.P. Morgan Chase or Citibank, the 74-year-old Sanders said how “is their decision as to what they want to do and how they want to reconfigure themselves. That’s not my decision.”

Say what?

One could ask, legitimately, how America reached the point where a former TV reality show host like Trump, a hyperventilating hard-core partisan like Cruz, a former First Lady or a bumbling senior citizen who may be bordering on dementia are the offerings left to voters in this election season.

From an experience point of view, Clinton appears the most qualified.  She’s a former Senator (more than one term) and a Secretary of State under Barack Obama.  However, she has a hands-off relationship with the truth and a hands-on way to ignore protocol and the law by setting up her own server in her home to handle sensitive and confidential emails rather than the more secure state department system.

An FBI investigation into that practice is about to wrap up and sources tell us that while it will conclude the showed poor judgment with the questionable email system, it will not find criminal intent or bring charges.

Will it cost her a chance to be the first woman President of the United States?  Against Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, no.  John Kasich might give her a serious run but he is still a long shot in what will most likely be a party-destroying contested Republican Convention in Cleveland this summer.

Republicans proved they know how to lose elections with two straight failures to defeat Obama.  They blew any chance they might have had by taking Sarah Palin out of the obscurity she deserved to become John McCain’s running mate in 2018 and then they picked Mitt Romney, a rich businessman with a questionable record in 2012.

Now the party of the elephant is stuck between a political rock and a hard place with the likes of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

It might be funny if we were not talking about leadership of a nation.

It is a disaster well deserved for a political system that plunged off the tracks long ago.


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2 thoughts on “Suicide for our political system?”

  1. Hillary has alluded to conversations initiated with world leaders expressing disbelief and concern over Trump. I assume some may not know as much about ideologue Cruz, and if they did they’d be equally worried. Obviously she can’t reveal who she has talked to. I just wish I could hear some of those conversations. I can only imagine.

    I wonder too what kinds of candid conversations are happening about our elections at the United Nations between Samantha Power, her U.S. delegation, (not to mention Douglas Lute at the “useless” NATO, and ambassadors and embassy staff worldwide) and representatives of other countries.

    Trump and Cruz supporters don’t seem to give a rat’s patootie about diplomatic relations with our allies. They probably think diplomacy is a quaint outdated practice, and they probably think it is unpatriotic.

    • Pity there isn’t a hostage crisis she can exploit. It’s not too late – There’s quite a long time before the elections so that one could be invented.


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