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Friday, June 14, 2024

Donald Trump: His madness, GOP insanity

Every election year, we seem to plunge to new depths in our selection of candidates for Congress and the White House. Yet each year brings new, previously unimaginable lows. The pits of hyperbole, hypocrisy and hate have no bottom. Each year pushes the pit even lower.
Donald Trump to America. (A illustration created in Photoshop to make the point)
Donald Trump to America. (A illustration created in Photoshop to make the point)

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends
We’re so glad you could attend, come inside, come inside
There behind a glass stands a real blade of grass
Be careful as you pass, move along, move along

Come inside, the show’s about to start
Guaranteed to blow your head apart
Rest assured you’ll get your money’s worth
Greatest show in Heaven, Hell or Earth
You’ve got to see the show, it’s a dynamo
You’ve got to see the show, it’s rock and roll, oh

So often in American politics, the two verses above from Emerson, Lake & Palmer’s Karn Evil 9 offer a vivid display of a system out of control.

Every election year, we seem to plunge to new depths in our selection of candidates for Congress and the White House.

Yet each year brings new, previously unimaginable lows.  The pits of hyperbole, hypocrisy and hate have no bottom.  Each year pushes the pit even lower.

In some ways, the ascension of showman and megalomaniac Doanld Trump as the most-likely Republican candidate for President is a classic “good news, bad news” joke.

The bad news is electing such a con man to run for the highest office is the land is both detrimental and dangerous.

The good news is that his selection should, and may, destroy the vapid Republican Party forever.

I worked as a political operative for the Republican Party in 1994, the year another con artist, Georgia Congressman Newt Gingrich, put together a string of lies called “A Contract With America” and used those lies to take control of Congress.

The “contract” promised term limits, an end to padding legislation with boondoggles for members of Congress and more response from Congress to needs of “the American people.”

Gingrich and his cronies scrapped term limits as soon as they took control and walked away from virtually every other promise in his contract of lies.

As Speaker of the House, he helped lead the drive to impeach President Bill Clinton for his peccadilloes with White House intern Monica Lewsinsky while he — as the leader of the House in Congress — dallied with a committee staff member behind his wife’s back.

I walked away from politics in disgust.  I was in it for the money and there wasn’t enough money any more to force me to look the other way.  Not enough booze either.  My first stop was Alcoholic Anonymous and have been sober, as of this writing, 21 years, eight months and 22 days.

Republicans, however continued their downward plunge into the depths.  Adherence to extreme rapid right-wingers like tea party groups, nomination of outright frauds like Sarah Palin as a potential vice president and pure racism after the nation elected America’s first African American President.

Now the party of the overweight and out of control elephant totters on the edge of madness with a nomination of a flamboyant, ego-ridden, former reality show host and real estate billionaire to carry the GOP flag into the general election.

Donald Trump lies so often that an army of fact-checkers cannot keep up with all his falsehoods.  His potential First Lady is a Yugoslavian-born model who strips off her clothes for any photographer with a check that doesn’t bounce. He brags openly about how “hot” his wife is and also admits lustful feelings about his young daughter.

His campaign tactics includes comments on the appearance of women and references to bodily functions.

Reports Sean Sullivan of The Washington Post:

“That’s junior high school stuff,” said Chris Cary, 53, a Web programmer who backs Cruz. “We should be talking about ISIS. We should be talking about the loss of our freedoms.”

Christopher Handler, 60, a painter at Lambeau Field, concurred, saying, “I don’t like to see the wives getting involved.”

Trump has been at the center of many of the campaign’s most vitriolic moments. The real estate mogul has insulted Carly Fiorina’s looks, questioned Ben Carson’s religion, and endlessly mocked Bush, Rubio and Cruz.

He also brags about planning to use illegal and immoral methods against other nationalities, claims he will build a wall around the U.S. border of Mexico and wants to bring back internment camps aimed –this time– at Muslims.

Trumps drops four-letter words like a kid who shouts obscenities to be noticed and then attacks others for “vulgarity.”

Republicans recognized the real threat of a Trump nomination too late and now are willing to find a way — any way — to wrest the nomination from him and deliver it to Ted Cruz, a right-wing blowhard despised by the mainstream as much as Trump.

Are Donald Trump and Ted Cruz the best that Republicans can offer this nation?  Sadly, that appears to be the case.

Is this leadership?  No way.

Is it Republican politics? Absolutely.


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(Edited to correct the place of birth for Melania Trump. The author needed more coffee. Our apologies.)

210 thoughts on “Donald Trump: His madness, GOP insanity”

  1. Trump is a smart man. People underestimate him. He knows Business, so I do believe he would do well with that. A smart man like Trump would surround himself with a Smart cabinet and foreign advisors, I just think he does not want to tip his hand and he is waiting until he is the nominee. I also think, what the RNC/GOP is doing along with the Clintons and the Bushes to destroy any move he makes is So very Wrong. Cruz has been so Evil it started in Iowa with Ben Carson, then the Flyers to Hawaii then Utah then in Upper England (US) with Canadians voting for him, Now he can Steal delegates on a State that Trump won. Cruz knows it was the Rubio campaign that had the Sex Scandal affairs. I now hope if they are really going to try and steal this from Trump which is what Kaish is doing, for an open convention or brokered. That Wisconsin Votes for Trump, he can take Hillary (Hitlary down) he knows she is gay, Not truly for the BLM as the Blacks think, just look at her record, additionally she could not handle being Sec. of State, and she thinks Trump or the RNC thinks Trump cannot take her down. There is going to be a Revolution, we will not have to worry about ISIS or the rest. When People wake up and realize that we not longer have any rights, that will be the End of the Republican party. And the completely more scary end to Freedoms we have left. Anyone the does their research should look into it all. Hitlary is not Bill. She has never done anything for the Black people however she says she will. So that is all they need to hear, so they vote for her. The Media is against Trump takes a sentence out of context and harps on it. Were really worried about Trump? Please I am more worried about what happens to our freedoms as Both parties are showing this is the End of the Free world as we know it. Obama already said on Hitlary that he would pardon her before he left office. Wake up America if you want your Freedoms, Trump is the only one not bought and paid for. He made a Ton of money off our trade agreements and currency which most people do not even understand that Value. Now you have the Bikers association going to the Paid Protesters so Trump can speak. Anyone remember our Militia ??? They will come out of the wood work too. God Bless the USA !!! If you love your freedom do your research people.

  2. Why would this electronic tabloid permit a false, photo-shopped image of Trump giving a “middle-finger” salute that didn’t occur? In reality, Trump had extended his “index finger” to make a point during a campaign stop. It appears that CHB has sadly hit a new low!

  3. It’s Donald Trump or nothing. This article is bashing Trump and full of discrepancies. If you can’t print the truth, don’t bother.

  4. would i vote for hillary-no donald-no bernie-no. all the candidates are unqualified. we have a big mess on our hands.let’s start all over and elect someone with firm foreign policy. and someone who has this thing called “common sense” and honesty

  5. Come to think of it I would support Trump over Cruz. At least Trump doesn’t belong to a sect that wants to actively bring about Judgement Day. Trump knows that would be bad for business.

  6. Then again, Trump supports universal health care, says the Republicans need to quit marching in lockstep with the NRA, says he won’t try to outlaw abortion, and that we’ve been on too many military adventures and need to quit putting “boots on the ground” all over the world. So there is that.

  7. “I actually like Trump and know what he says he will do.”

    Until he can’t or it falls apart, at which point he’ll blame somebody else.

    • What does Trump say he’s gonna do. All he said is he will build a wall and Mexico will gladly pay for it; “RIGHT” that’s happening, he’s gonna ban muslims, ok, and he’s gonna make America great again, brilliant.
      All you Trump supporters should go back and listen to every speech he’s made during this election and really pay attention to what he’s saying, which is nothing. Giving pat answer to questions because he doesn’t know the issues.
      This man doesn’t even want to be president, he just wants to be called president, and for that reason he’ll be a dangerous man in the white house.
      So please people for the love of country, I challenge you to try and find any intelligent detailed response to any questions he’s been asked, you’ll find it a daunting chore because he hasn’t a clue

  8. HHMMMMMM let me see Obama just gave himself a 17 percent raise meanwhile I got 33 cents and hour raise for the first time in 8 years
    , ur vise president is wanting to get rid of his OWN law which is called BIDENS law for the SCOTUS election read up on it people and u have HILLARY CLINTON wow can u just say un frginn American she is Bernie Sanders marries a Russian women and gets married in Russia yeah ILL go with Trump

    • Reply to steve March 29, 2016 at 7:07 pm

      US Constitution Article II Section 1 Clause 7: “The President shall, at stated Times, receive for his Services, a Compensation, which shall neither be increased nor diminished during the Period for which he shall have been elected, and he shall not receive within that Period any other Emolument from the United States, or any of them.”

      A President’s salary must and does remain, constant throughout that President’s term.

      Even Obama’s, although he is intelligent, articulate, and of recent African ancestry, has so remained the same, neither increased nor diminished, since he took office.

      Steve, I know you are angry about what has gone on and is going on in this country’s economy. You feel, and I think with reason, slighted and pushed aside by it, nonetheless so for some having been untouched by the past eight years and others – and far from all – still recovering from 2008 – and some being left out with barely if enough to stay in place. You have a lot of company and your treatment is inexcusable for the rest of the country.

      In my view Trump is part of the game in which he escapes injury while others more battered in the scrimmage get bruised, and worse, and Trump exploits it.

  9. we need someone who is tough and knows how to make deals….God help our country if Hillary gets in

  10. If your really concerned about the deficit maybe you should explore it’s root cause. Mostly Republicans spending our money on things which ultimately only benefit them.

    I think we should consider replacing all the self centered con artist egomaniacs with a set top box and a secure voting system by and for the people.

  11. Well wonder why we all like TRUMP. Because the gop and all the other political leaches have drained us tax payers and threaten our security so bad we are pissed just plain mad we are trillions in debt and we give iran trillions as they chant death to america,how stupid is that. And obooba and hiilary bring the enemy inside our country for us to support more tax drain so future muslims can take over obooba ( anti christ ) the traitor,he is muslim and hates America .
    Further more the greatest presidents that live DEPORTED ILLEGALS .SO AMERICAN COULD HAVE JOBS AND SERVICE MEN RETURNING HOME.Our vets homeless ass illegals and muslims are taken care of and you wonder why we want to vote TRUMP.

  12. Yes Trump is a different candidate /person –but we need someone to stand up for our country ,-

    certainly it hasn,t been Obama nor will it be Clinton

  13. I don’t agree with a lot of views from the Democratic Party. Gun control and abortion as a women’s rights issue and not a human rights issue. Though I understand the other points of view, I just don’t agree. I do agree with the Democrats on some issues such as civil rights and equality for all regardless of gender, race, or sexual preference. That being said I resolve my voting to more economical reasons. The Affordable Healthcare act has hurt my small business and our national debt is about to eclipse $20 trillion. My number one fear is that we end up like Greece. I think people take the economy for granted and do not understand how fragile it truly is. These are the reasons why I am not a democrat. So where do I go? The Libertarian party is most like minded with my views but that means nothing since they are little league in the world of politics. I end up voting Republican often. It’s the closest thing to my political view I can find. The problem with the Republican party though is they cling to what they consider values and to their power. They are not a progressive party when it comes to civil rights but I feel the economy stands the best chance under their control. So my choices are vote for the good guys who lead us to oblivion or vote for the bad guys that will keep our economy going and ensure we remain a nation. Then enters Trump. He’s a total maniac, not presidential, and downright intolerable at times when he speaks. But on economics I think he is a solid candidate. I think a lot of our trade deals need to be renegotiated and that’s his platform. You can pick apart his failed enterprises all you want but at the end of the day he has served on the board of more than 500 companies and the vast majority are successful. That means jobs to me. As far as civil rights I do hear the rhetoric but I don’t think that Cruz, Kasich, Ryan, or Romney are going to all of a sudden change their bible-loving ways. In truth I think they are worse for our civil liberties because they push the lobbyist agenda. They are part of the political machine that has led us to where we are. So in the end I am left with one option. Donald Trump.

  14. What? No mention about the Democratic front-runner who is under FBI investigation for at least willful failure to secure confidential, Top Secret information, and more likely for setting up a private email server as SOS to hide the bribes she was taking from foreign officials and laundering through her ‘charity’. Talk about a circus – Trump’s got nothing on Killary when it comes to lying, corruption, racketeering, and oh yes, felonious crimes like insider trading and the Whitewater scam.

  15. M Daurio: I completely agree with you sir, Trump is the guy that will do more for this country then any of these guys Kasich,Cruz we sure as hell don’t need a Cuban running this mess Trump is a guy that will get things done and he will set these leaders of these countries straight that this country is no longer going to be pushed around and I hope the people in Wisconsin have enough sense to support Trump but I doubt it their Governor Walker a loser is gong for Cruz Trump beat him so bad now he’s taking it out on him!!!!

  16. Well I was all for Donald Trump for president. But as I watch him, I think! Is this really what I want the rest of the world to see. He appears everyday as being mentally unstable and not really a person to represent the people of America. Sorry Donald but you are acting crazy. Therefor you have lost the vote from my husband and I. I am refusing my right as American to vote in the upcoming election due to the lack of a respectful candidate. You need to stop making fun of people and try to be smart. You are acting like a nut ball. America has enough of then!!!!!!!

    • Do we really want another whore politician to further run this country in the ground? What attorney politician has ever helped this country? Do you think Reagan was really making decisions with CIA operative Bush next to him? Who is Kissinger or Cheney? What role did they and still play in politics? Trump is an outsider. Regardless of his demeaner, Trump knows how to negotiate, he knows how to get things done. Cruz is just another attorney politician. Clinton is, well let’s just say, a joke. The whole system is a scam for the power elite to offer American “citizens” an illusion of self determination. Trump is exposing the scam…

  17. Donald Trump is the only person in this world that will fix everything that is out of wack in this country. He is a fantastic knowledgeable Genius

    • I don’t really know why everyone is so afraid of Donald Trump. Your right on the money M Daurio, He is the only one that will get us out of the mess the DEMMOCRAT has gotten us into for the last 7 1/2 years!!!

      • After reading the comments on here, I leave shaking my head in disgust. Trump is such a pathological liar. He insults everyone and gives everyone the finger. He is not presidential, has a thin skin, and acts like a schoolyard bully. The problems in the last 7.5 years were not caused by the Democrats. Your George W. Bush is the cause. He invaded Iraq. He allowed the atmosphere there to create ISIS. The GOP created the atmosphere to allow a stooge like Trump to even run for the nomination. Civil liberties mean nothing to the Republicans. Please stop and question your affinity for being politically incorrect. How would you feel if everyone talked that way. What if people constantly criticized you for your clothing, hairstyle, or whatever. How would you like it? Being politically correct is another way of saying be diplomatic. This non-civility has gotten way out of hand. Just remember what goes around comes around. The Republicans including Donald Trump have spun a web of lies and you are all so gullible you believe it. First of all Trump CANNOT do all he says. Do you want his finger on the nuclear bomb button? Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.

      • we all most remember the security breach , MRS Clinton, ex pres. wife had to know that the email is not secure and secret are stolen all the time.. we most look at which candidate is the better of 2 evils.. if we really listen to the words of the candidates Kasich is the only one that is rational.

    • You are right and the reporter is so slanted I laughed all the way through this article. Talk about a circus. This is reporting, it’s tabloid news and this reporter sucks!

    • Donald Trump has not the peace within to cause peace. He has no value in manners to be an asset in such an important job. This is a job for a person that will take charge of a problem and one is ISIS that has and is being trained by US government secret security training camps as been revealed. ISIS is being supported by those that have a love for violence who are so rich that they are bored and enjoy playing with the hearts of countries and their people. So sad that they destroy and not build to perfection so we may all enjoy safe travel in any country. I am a dying woman that is a victim of their cruelty. I would have made a perfect Madam President had I the chance to use my creative understanding and most important is commonsense.

    • he is a genius, so why is the RNC so fearful of him BECAUSE HE TELLS IT LIKE IT IS WE ARE NOT BABIES KEEP LINING YOUR POCKETS>>>

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