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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Fall of the House of Bush: Who’s next?

Jeb Bush: Down and out.
Jeb Bush: Down and out.

Amid the turmoil within the Republican establishment (if such a thing exists) and the chaos of the GOP leadership (which is non-existent today) comes a sign of relief from South Carolina’s primary disaster.

Yes, party-destroying Donald Trump won again and is now officially the leader of the primary pack but amid that disaster came along with something most Republicans secretly wanted:  the demise of the House of Bush.

Jeb Bush, former governor of Florida and the man his father, former President George W. Bush, really wanted to be elected President after him, gave up his losing race for the nomination.

Jeb brought in the brother he neither admired or cared for, former President George W. Bush, in a last-minute attempt to save his campaign in South Carolina.  Voters rejected him and his brother.

One message came through:  We’ve had enough of Presidents named Bush.  You got two chances and the last one was such a colossal failure we never want anything to do with your family again.

I often wrote about the many failures of George W. Bush during his two-terms in the White House.  He was a liar who misled the world about non-existent weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and he used that lies to declare a war that left that country in chaos and civil war.

His absolute disregard for the rights of American citizens led to creation of the Patriot Act and oversaw the creation of a Nazi-like “Department of Homeland Security” that peeks into the lives of all Americans while violating protections of the constitution.

Some thought Jeb Bush was a shoo-in when he announced last year that he would seek the nomination for the job held in elections won in 1988 by his father and in 2000 and 2004 by his brother.

America has had a few sons who ran and won the jobs once held by their fathers:  John Quincy Adams followed John Adams and George W. Bush took the seat held by his father, George H.W. Bush.

Other relatives have held the job:  Cousins Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Tycoon Joseph Kennedy wanted several of his sons to run the nation but oldest son Joe Jr. died when his plane blew up in World War II and while John Kennedy got elected President, he was assassinated in his first term and younger brother Bobby fell to another gunman’s bullet while seeking the nomination, final son Ted was too busy boozing and chasing women to go any higher than the Senate.

George H.W. Bush only had one term.  He forgot his promise on taxes, made in his original inaugural address, and fell in his re-election bid to Bill Clinton, whose wife is now seeking the nomination on her second try.

Supposedly, the founding fathers, perceived an elected President “by the people and for the people.”  What happened in too many occasions was the few from the privileged class determined by party “elites” whose allegiance to the people is often suspect.

Out of this chaos this year comes billionaire Donald Trump, a self-promoting, monomaniacal, misogynist who — somehow and incredibly — is considered the “common man” desired by angry voters who feel the system has failed them.

One can successfully argue that the system is a failure and the rise of Donald Trump proves it.  The Democrats also have their “anti-establishment candidate,” self-declared Socialist Bernie Sanders, who is running a hard fight against party leader-preferred Hillary Rodham Clinton — the former First Lady, Secretary of State under Barack Obama, and the candidate who, is she can secure the nomination, may be the only one to derail Trump but will probably have to do it in the general election.

Republican leaders, meeting behind closed doors, are seeking a way — any way — to stop Trump’s march to the nomination.  Their options are running out and they feel nominating Trump will destroy their party.

Perhaps a demise of the GOP is worth seeing Trump win the nomination.  A number of Republicans say that if Trump wins, they will either not vote in December or may hold their nose and vote for Hillary is she wins the nomination.

It will be ironic is the only way the Republicans can stop Trump is by putting a Democrat into the White House for another four, and possibly, eight years.

First, Bush, then perhaps the Republican Party as a whole.  We’re doing to need a lot bigger hole to dig in the political cemetery.


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3 thoughts on “Fall of the House of Bush: Who’s next?”

  1. A pox on all their houses. Let it be merit that wins office, not who your [baby]daddy was.


    PS – In the 3rd paragraph you refer to Bush Pater as “George W. Bush” which is correct but for clarity should be “H.W. Bush”. J.

  2. well for many years the grand old party was invitation only and the top 10% elitist were the only ones invited if nothing else seems trump will have created the first fully bipartisan agreement my bouncer said it best “I don’t care where you go but you cant stay here” face it the parties over maybe its time to make America great again for the other 90%

  3. The toilets backed up and running over, and only Union plumbers to answer the phone.. Glug glug you republican asses, time to step in what you’ve sown……

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