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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Chances of Homeowner Relief Losing Momentum in Senate


Chances of Homeowner Relief Losing Momentum in Senate

One more time, the Dems are showing they don’t have a clue on how to play the game of winning. Who cares if GW Vetoes the bill. It’s nothing but another corporate welfare bill. Giving away more of our hard earned tax dollar to bail out corporate irresponsibility and rich corporate donors.


That’s what the the steal and spend Genuises of Propaganda (GOP) would do.

I say make them go on the record with their vote. It’s high time these Senators go on the record. Anything but a yes/no vote is unacceptable. If you are a presidential candidate you better be there to be counted.

If GW vetos it, then make them vote again on the record to override the veto.

If they fail to override the veto, then move on to another subject. Obviously they aren’t feeling enough political fallout to care.

The problem with these dang politicians is they are not responsible for their actions when voting in Congress. In fact, the only time they are responsible for their actions is when they get caught with their hands where they shouldn’t be.

If the Dems want the upper hand, they must stand up and take the right position. If nothing gets done because the GOP keeps standing in the way, each and every one of them needs to state on the record when they vote that homeowner relief is being withheld from American voters not by the Congress or the Dems but instead by Bush himself and those steal and spend Republicans who support only Bush in lieu of their own electorate.

In life, you only win big, when you are willing to gamble big. The Dems, not the Dem candidates, need to take the opportunity to stand up for the American people and define this election in the right light.

That is….that the future of America, the rebuilding of America, the glory of America is being auctioned off piece by piece by Bush and republicans who have one set of rules about responsibility for corporate American and another set of rules about responsibility for rich fat cat politicians and then another set of responsibility for the American people who at best are getting it royally in the behind.

If the circumstances were reversed, Karl & Dick wouldn’t hesitate to pull out all the stops in this strategy game of political persuasion and power.