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Sunday, July 21, 2024

The U.S. establishment media in a nutshell

Here is a GREAT article about Main Stream Media and how they make up "the NEWS". Enjoy! The U.S. establishment media in a nutshell

Here is a GREAT article about Main Stream Media and how they make up “the NEWS”. Enjoy!

The U.S. establishment media in a nutshell

Our nation’s coddled, insulated journalist class reaches these conclusions about what Regular Folk think using the most self-referential, self-absorbed thought process imaginable. The proof that the Regular People are interested in these things is that . . . the journalists themselves chatter about it endlessly. In Great American Hypocrites, I described the process as follows in the context of examining the three-week-long media obsession with John Edwards’ haircut (to the exclusion of a whole array of revelations about what the government was doing or planning to do) and how they justified that coverage:

Most certainly, the press will pretend to be above it all (“this is not something that we, the sophisticated political journalists, care about, of course”). But they yammer about Drudge-promoted gossip endlessly, and then insist that their own chattering is proof that it is an important story that people care about. And because they conclude that “people” (i.e., them) are concerned with the story, they keep chirping about it, which in turn fuels their belief that the story is important. It is an endless loop of self-referential narcissism — whatever they endlessly sputter is what “the people” care about, and therefore they must keep harping on it, because their chatter is proof of its importance.

They don’t need Drudge to rule their world any longer because they are Matt Drudge now.

I realize that most people here will enjoy this quote. But what I find the most interesting in this article comes next.

Every day, it becomes more difficult to blame George Bush, Dick Cheney and comrades for their seven years (and counting) of crimes, corruption and destruction of our political values. Think about it this way: if you were a high government official and watched as — all in a couple of weeks time — it is revealed, right out in the open, that you suspended the Fourth Amendment, authorized torture, proclaimed yourself empowered to break the law, and sent the nation’s top law enforcement officer to lie blatantly about how and why the 9/11 attacks happened so that you could acquire still more unchecked spying power and get rid of lawsuits that would expose what you did, and the political press in this country basically ignored all of that and blathered on about Obama’s bowling score and how he eats chocolate, wouldn’t you also conclude that you could do anything you want, without limits, and know there will be no consequences? What would be the incentive to stop doing all of that?

It’s easy to blame the politicians for their part in the mess we find ourselves in. But it is equally important to look at the purveyors of the propaganda as well. People ask how John McCain could be doing so well in the polls currently. HERE IS YOUR ANSWER!

I have stated previously on many occasions that we are in the middle of CLASS WARFARE!

People forget that the Media types are rich! The people who own the Media are rich! They are all part of that class that gets all the tax breaks! But it is the way the portray themselves and others that is the Biggest Hypocritical garbage!

One other point to note about all of this is that these fixations are as skewed as they are vapid. Barack Obama is an exotic elitist freak because he went to Harvard Law School and made $1 million from his book. Hillary Clinton can’t possibly have any connection to the Regular Folk because her husband, who grew up dirt poor, became quite wealthy after being President. John Kerry was completely removed from the concerns of the Regular People because his second wife was rich.

By contrast, George W. Bush was a down-home, salt-of-the-earth Man of the People despite being the grandson of a U.S. Senator, the son of a President (who greatly magnified his riches in his post-presidency), and the by-product of an extremely wealthy, coddled life. Ronald Reagan was pure Americana despite spending most of his adult life as a very wealthy Hollywood actor (and converting his post-presidency into far greater riches still). And John McCain is as Regular a Guy as it gets, even though he dumped his first wife (the mother of his three children) after she was disfigured and disabled by a near-fatal car accident so that he could marry his much younger, much prettier, and extremely wealthy heiress-mistress, whose family riches then launched his political career and sustained a life of luxury for almost three decades (that’s how McCain’s rustic “Sedona cabin” — i.e., his sprawling compound — came to be).

It would be bad enough if our political press were obsessed with such trivialities. The fact that they do so in such a Republican-leader-worshiping manner makes it only that much worse, particularly given that it’s this dynamic, more than anything else, that determines the outcome of our elections.

It is easier for people to listen to the lies played over and over on TV, than to read and pay attention to the truth.

It’s not hard to tell what networks support which candidates. We complain about networks like FOX news…the #1 News Network. Perhaps that is why John McCain is doing so well in the polls. At least FOX NEWS is not hypocritical. YOU KNOW WHERE YOU STAND WITH IT! But take more traditional media like NBC. I get sick and tired of listening to Ann Coulter and other BIG TIME Conservative mouthpieces opening up the TODAY Show every other day.

No the time has come to take television out of the equation. It’s time for Paid Political Propaganda to go the way of cigarette ads. It is poisonouse to the country’s welfare.

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