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Friday, June 21, 2024

Trump and Palin: Send in the clowns

Donald Trump and Sarah Palins: Clowns of the latest political circus.
Donald Trump and Sarah Palins: Clowns of the latest political circus.

It’s hard to write rationally about the clownish acts of Sarah Palin.

Hard, hell:  Impossible.

Her endorsement Tuesday of another political clown, flamboyant billionaire and former TV reality star host, is typical buffoonish effort by a laughable political has-been to get publicity.

Some of those who watch and write about the failed American political system claim her nod to Trump is noteworthy.  They claim her endorsement will mean something to conservatives.

If so, then those right wingers are as brain dead as Palin and Trump.

Trump goes into the Iowa primary caucuses in less than two weeks as the presumptive front runner for the GOP nomination for President.  The sad fact that he is even on the ballot is a indictment of Republicans as a whole.

Others who write about politics say the incredibly stupid mistake of naming Sarah Palin as John McCain’s running mate in 2008 created the “Twilight Zone” atmosphere that opened the door for Trump in the 2016 campaign.

GOP consultant Steve Schmidt hangs his head in shame for his lamebrain idea that bringing Palin onto the McCain ticket would, somehow, bring the “star power” to match Barack Obama to a race where celebrity meant more than substance or leadership.

All it did was confirm national awareness that Palin was a nimwit who could not name critical foreign leaders or even a news source she watched or read on a regular basis.

Palin was a political fluke in Alaska, a state where flukes are common and flakiness is considered an asset.  Photos appeared of her as a college coed wearing t-shirts making fun of her tiny breasts and stories emerged that, as a TV sport reporter, she had a fondness of bedding star athletes in one-night stands.

Other stories told of cocaine parties at her home.  She bragged about her “family values” home life and then her daughter turned up pregnant by a boyfriend.

It was both odd that right-wing, Bible-thumping Republican zealots flocked to Palin because she, in reality, is the epitome of everything they claim to despise.  Stores of her adultery emerged.  She lied on the campaign trail.  She was caught in scandals as Alaska governor.

Then again, the love-in by those who now support Trump is even more hypocritical.

He leads the polls for a Presidential nomination in a party where religious conviction is a litmus test, yet Trump is evasive about his religion, if he even has any faith except towards his perceived “greatness” and the pursuit of money.

He claims to be “sort of” a Presbyterian and often admits that he goes to church “sometimes” around Christmas or New Year.  He claims he has read the Bible but can’t provide a single Biblical quote as a favorite.

“Oh, they are all good and important,” he says.

Trumps morals are somewhere south of the border — that place where he claims all Mexicans are “drug dealers” and “murderers.”

Affairs led to divorce.  He brags about coveting his daughter, who he says he would like to bed.  He owned gambling houses (casinos) and went bankrupt trying to turn Atlantic City into a gambling paradise.

Then he claimed he didn’t go bankrupt. It was his wholly-owned casino empire that filed some of his several bankruptcies that left investors and creditors holding empty moneybags.

“I did all right,” he claimed.  He lost a yacht, homes and other things because of his massive debts.

Trump lies just about every time he opens his mouth. His claims of greatness are never backed with any citations of face or substance.  He started rich with money from his real-estate mogul father and it has been daddy who has bailed him out time and again,

This is Presidential material?  According to his zealous followers, yep he is the person they think should be President.

And he is now endorsed by Sarah Palin, another Republican monument to ignorance and stupidity.  Has anyone else of substance endorsed Trump?

They deserve each other and the rest of us deserve a chance to wake up from the nightmare of Campaign 2016.


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55 thoughts on “Trump and Palin: Send in the clowns”

  1. The “Clown Car of Poseurs” the GOP calls Candidates just got their cheerleader. You betcha!
    A 4 times bankrupt huckster can dupe the GOP base that lacks critical “thinking” skills so easily
    is very disappointing.

  2. I really think it is time that the people of Europe boycott the USA…until you grow up as a nation…between your idiotic gun laws and the fact that as a nation you are even thinking of electing this imbacile…..I despair for you….

  3. I pray that “President” Trump will not declare bankruptcy for the firth time during his tenure as POTUS.

  4. You have to wonder how much The Donald paid Sarah as she was a big Cruz and Tea bag supporter. Iowa hasn’t picked a Republican nominee since 1976 to think that either of these idiots fighting for Iowas voters will be around in six months is laughable as are the republicans in general. They continue to bury their chances with crude remarks towards women, minorities and most of us with IQs that surpass are age.

  5. This well written piece says it all. The Trump campaign makes a mockery of the entire political process for electing a candidate. Granted, we haven’t had many effective leaders over the course of our democracy. You have to wonder how Trump achieved such great financial success because he is unquestionably a dysfunctional person in many respects, and the addition of Sarah Ding Dong makes a Mutt and Jeff combination that is laughable. I know we need to have change, but this kind of change borders on insanity.

  6. How ANYONE can take Sarah Palin seriously I just don’t know. Why would her endorsement mean a thing to any candidate? She QUIT on the people of Alaska, who elected her to govern the state, simply because she wanted to make money. And don’t get me started on her amazing ignorance of any actual issues of the day. If I were a candidate I wouldn’t want her anywhere near my quest to be elected.

    • If these two are a Clown Show – then I guess that makes the DNC & Clinton the “Gong Show! Good gosh is this the best our nation can do!

  7. Why is it necessary for liberals to resort to demeaning Republicans with name calling and caricature? Is it because they have so little intellect, their criticism cannot rise above the level of 5th graders.

    • Jay Sayle- Surely you’re joking. Demeaning comments by Liberals? Apparently you missed dear, sweet Ms. Palin’s speech.

  8. This is a disgraceful piece! What are you saying? Americans are a clown show? We support Donald Trump and MANY of us love Sarah Palin. Knock it off – this kind of smear campaign is what the American people are sick and tired of!

    • Most are sick of you people who are as informed on the issues as far as Fox will let you be and display the wits of a box of rocks when echoing such.

  9. I have a lot of great conservative friends, who really want what’s best for America, and it’s really sad that this is what the GOP has been reduced to.

  10. I am really sick of this type of irresponsible reporting. Calling someone a clown and showing a photo of Palin drinking from a straw obviously demonstrated your bias. I am also sick of politicans. I going to give a Trump a chance. He is a successful business man.

    • Bankruptcy four times. Is that how you spell success? Anyone starting out with a million dollars has a pretty good chance at being successful. It took him four tries. That means he LOST other peoples money four different times as well as losing a lot of his own money.

  11. How pathetic of the media to once again not give the news but express opinion. WAKE UP people, the news isn’t used to inform us anymore it’s an outlet to brainwash us, you need to come up with your own thoughts and opinions don’t let some tool tell you how to think!

    • I have come up with my own thoughts and opinions long before this article was ever published and it matches my thoughts perfectly. It is a sad day with the leading Republican candidate thinks it actually helps his chances by having someone as inept as Sarah Palin endorse him. They are a match made for comedy and SNL sketches but come on..this is the greatest country in the world and this is your best candidate for the republican party? wow..

    • Those of you who’ve never seen or experienced anything but 1st world countries have an easy time complaining about the media. And you always act like it’s the medias fault that people think a certain way, as if you don’t have the right to watch/listen/read any media source you so choose and block out any you don’t like. Try moving to Russia or North Korea! People LITERALLY get EXECUTED in these countries for opposing the leadership! Any news source that doesn’t glorify the dictator in charge or spread the propaganda gets shut down! I guarantee if citizens and/or journalists in countries like this expressed opinions of their leader like people in America trash the president (be it Obama, Bush, anyone else), they would end up in a shallow grave without so much of an afterthought from those in charge. So the next time you want to whine about the media, shut the he11 up and be thankful we have free press and you have the right of free speech!!! (BTW, both clinically insane dictators I just used as examples recently received big props from t-rump for being strong and whatnot… makes you think!)

    • Then you’re voting for Trump or whatever other clown the GOP puts up. Smart move. I’ll bet you voted for Nader in 2000 and helped put Bush in office. You must be SO proud…

  12. Sarah Palin and Donald Trump are both stupid, will say anything just to put fear the their supporters.

  13. OK enough is enough. My ribs are sore from laughing at the GOP.
    I truly want to apologize for laughing at, poking fun with and commenting about the republican party. BUT I JUST CAN’T. I do hope the worlds medical profession soon weighs in with their professional opinions on the mental evaluation of their two top runners. .
    The definition of a sociopath is one who has no morals, ethics, or conscience, and will do anything to get what they want. Anything that is not in their own best interest has no place in their life, and they could not care less what happens to the rest of the world.

    These candidates are shameful, embarrassing, disgusting and totally useless with a following of public that shocks the educated world. Live on TV it is the Trumpets as they select a Cruz Missile (Palin) to wipe out the entire GOP. Trump, Cruz and the GOP will all be in the near future on the History channel & comedy channel simultaneously.

    They will be #1 on both networks! BUY STOCKS NOW!
    On the flip side, imagine yourself as the other representatives of the GOP.

    Imagine knowing you worked hard your whole career, skilled yourself to a level that warrants applying to the highest office in the land only to be beat out by ‘whats his name’. They will be embarrassed for all time.

    Also, please view the GOP management teams handling of this as a direct reflection of how they would manage the country if a republican were to be elected ( although not ever going to happen).

  14. IT truly boggles the mind that the GOP has gotten so sick and so bad that their two top runners are wanna-bet Hitlers and the dumbest ‘ho in political history supports Donnie Dumpft.

  15. People better wake up and read this article and believe it. Palin has no loyalty to John McCain who’s imprisonment as a courageous POW was insulted by DDT when DDT said John McCain is only a hero because he was captured, I like people who weren’t captured. DDT admires draft dodgers like himself or deserters that he would have become. DDT is a floozie street whore.

  16. Thank you for this, i’ve been waiting for someone to point this out. i hope this all reappears all over mainstream media, one has to wonder why people support these fools when they know some of this ?, i’ll never understand it.

  17. Hate to sound undemocratic, but perhaps those who actually believe Tump is presidential material should not be allowed to vote or perhaps the country needs to issue them some heavy duty reality pills. I live in NYC and most of us here already knew Trump was an egotistical, terrible person who thrives on visions of grandeur…….Lewis

  18. I agree that Ms. Palin is politically irrelevant but the only clown show in town is that the liberals have a choice between a lying old hag, who should be indicted and an older avowed Socialist whose views and policies would destroy this country; now that’s what we call a clown show. The only thing missing is another candidate as loony as these two so we could call it “The New 3 Stooges”; I can’t stop laughing.

    • Leland-does it hurt to be so deranged as to believe that any Republican running in 2016 is anything other than pathetic…..and quite frankly undemocratic Did you ever stop to think that anyone running on a platform that includes religious beliefs does not believe in the Constitution? Ever hear of separation of Church and State? Think our forefathers put that into the Constitution because they knew there were people like you out there and they felt obliged to stop them from trying to spread their toxic beliefs! Sorry Leland, but if you like Trump that means you think insulting people is okay so I have no remorse saying this, “You are a jerk”

    • If you can’t stop laughing, maybe you need a better therapist (or medication). You obviously have some serious problems. If you are enjoying your social security, medical benefits, food stamps, unemployment benefits or any other form of SOCIALISM, you have a DEMOCRATIC President to thank.

      • yea I can thank him for unemployment, the loss of our house,how he rewarded all the crooks in the financial institutions while millions of Americans lost their jobs homes and health insurance, now the insurance companys are pulling out of obamacare, and we have lost all credability in the world

    • Mr.Glen ,you forgot to mention the Republican show of Dumb & Dumber with an inept x-governor that quit in the middle of her term and ran away to join the circus ,and a Flim Flam man that made a living by ripping off banks and investors by filing 4 bankruptcies that left thousands of people without jobs<enjoy the show……………..

    • Leland, I’m sure someone tried to warn you and tell you what a big mistake it was for you to drop out of high school.

      • It Boggles the mind how the uneducated faction of the republican party GOP or Greed Over People party think that this idiot Trump is presidential material. I thought that you all were the religious conservatives or whatever. Trump can’t even name a passage in the Bible. Two Corinthians? What a total IDIOT. I guess you all think that Money is everything, well if you did read the Bible you know that it is the Root of all Your Evil! You all don’t stand a chance in 2016 Hillary or Bernie will prove that.

    • For you Iowa evangelicals, in case you haven’t figured it out yet, The Donald does not have a religious bone in his body. Just read “Two Corinthians.” Too funny for school.

    • You might want to rethink you comments a bit. Hillary is no “ideal” candidate but indicted? Seriously now. Bernie isn’t going to ruin the US any more than Nixon or Reagan ruined the country. But THESE TWO clowns will come damn close …..

  19. “In the News of the Future, President Ronald Wilson Reagan…” Pause for laughter.

    For those who remember the Laugh-In television show a few years before the unthinkable really did happen as we elected a President who would take us from the number one creditor nation in the world to the number one debtor nation in short order.

  20. In the end faced with the real possibility of a Trump candidacy Republican money men will double down and hope to contain POTUS Trump should he win the election… They will foolishly stick with their brand and if it means the death of what is left of our standing, trust, and dignity on the world stage so be it… No doubt they would also support Palin as the running mate. Stupid is ,as stupid does..Llamraf..

    • If people took 10 minutes to research Trump they would abandon him. He cheated on two wives after they worked their butts off to build his empire then tried to screw them over on alimony. His father was arrested for being a violent #$%$ member and was forced to allow blacks to rent his apartments by the DOJ. His father was German heritage but lied during the world wars to keep making money during anti german mentality. The Trumps had direct ties to the mafia. Trump was in a military high school and claimed he was a better soldier than real soldiers yet he avoided the draft more than 5 times during Vietnam for heal spurs which he never had and several school related deferrments. And these things are just the tip of the iceberg.

      Trump opens his mouth and we hear the frustrated roar of a white male who fears his automatic privilege may be slipping away. Fear of women, anyone he suspects wasn’t born here, people of color (any color), and anyone who doesn’t worship in a mainline Protestant church are included, free of charge.

      “Make America great again?” Puh-leeze. It’s a testament to America’s greatness that the businesses he drove into bankruptcy not one, but four times, were able to survive and flourish

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