In a Time of Universal Deceit, Telling the Truth is Revolutionary.
Saturday, April 13, 2024



Wind,Puddin’ and Dip was a phrase my father used infrequently. When he did use it, you could be sure that what he was referring to was like a Merinque, something whipped up, very fragile, tasty, but with little subtance to it,full of air. There was no edible product underneath the froth.Today’s less genteel critics call the same thing a bovine excretion product. W,P, and D can be talked about in front of the ladies and the children,no small advantage.
As I watch our three choices[I almost said our three stooges] running for election, I think the phrase applies to their output.
They must whip up a bunch of ideas and feed them to the public so that the votes will go in their favor. They all promise to cook this beautiful cake to nourish the nation and serve the populace. And after the election is over, the winner will show that someone slammed the oven door and the cake fell.
Big hole in the middle now, a bit soggy, not edible. GWB’s cake was wonderful, they all said, but it turned out to be another of his failures.
The Public was fooled by the Wind Puddin and Dip. And NA Na Na Nana, you can’t do anything about it. You can’t recall a President or impeach the critter. He/she will be busy teling YOU what to do as you try to get the Demander-in-Chief to serve the interests of all the people.
Perhaps we should elect a King, sans duties, except ceremonial. It works for the English. Then we could elect a First Minister whose feet could be held to the flames. or he could be tarred and feathered when he did not follow the laws or the Constitution. Oh I know tar and feathers are very unkind- perhaps we could waterboard him a few times [it’s legal now?] . If he were a she- well ,never mind
I must confess that I have only looked with depth at the ‘Dip put out by the McSame People, who vehemently deny the he is the same as Bush.
I suppose that they thought the slogan "Truth,Justice, and the American Way" was a bit kitchy,but they have come near in some of their output on the "national tour in service to America".
But when I look at publically voiced policies- 100 years in Iraq,Torture was terrible, but now it is acceptable. I know if we elect him, we are headed for another post truth Presidency.
And yet, all we will get until someone is in office, will be Wind,Puddin’ and Dip, the output of some talented writers in the campaign’s back rooms,whipping the Merinque. But the lemon pie underneath will likely never appear. For wind,puddin and dip is fraud. I’m not the only person who believes this. Read for yourself David Sirota’s article in In these times. I found it after I wrote my lines.

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