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Saturday, July 13, 2024

The fraud named Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Clinton is a fraud, a liar, a cheat and a disgrace to the Senate, her party and the United States of America.

Hillary Clinton is a fraud, a liar, a cheat and a disgrace to the Senate, her party and the United States of America.

There’s no other way to put it. The woman who would be President inflated her resume, lied outright about being “under fire” in an attempt to bolster her national security credentials, plotted to overturn the will of pledged delegates at the Democratic National Convention in August and lobbied to change the rules after she signed a pledge to honor her party’s decision on voting in Michigan and Florida.

She does not deserve to be President of the United States. She does not deserve to be a United States Senator. She deserves a unmarked grave in the dustbin of political history.

If any other candidate had pulled the disgraceful stunts that Clinton and her campaign have engineered in her faltering, debt-ridden run for President, they would be driven from their party of disgrace. But this is Hillary, wife of Bill — the President of a thousand affairs and countless other political skeletons. Some claim she and her philandering, shoot-from-the-lip husband are Democratic royalty. If she is the best the Democrats have to offer the party of the jackass deserves to get its butt kicked in November.

On Tuesday, Howard Wolfson, one of Clinton’s chief gutter politics political operatives, revealed the campaign plans to do everything it can to destroy frontrunner Barack Obama in the eyes of superdelegates to the Democratic National Covention. They plan to use the words of Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s fiery former minister, to discredit the Illinois Senator and try and convince the superdelegates to overturn the will of those who voted in the party’s primaries.

Hillary admits she will push for a credentials fight to try and seat the delegations from Florida and Michigan even though she signed a pledge along with other candidates to follow the decision of the Democratic National Committee to not recognize voting results from either state because they pushed their primary dates up against the will of the party.

Pledges mean nothing to Hillary Clinton. Neither does honesty. Her bald-faced lie about being “under fire” in Bosnia shows that she has little regard for the truth or honesty and her ludicrous attempt to explain she “misspoke” not once but three times or that she was “sleep-deprived” show just how pathetic her claims to greatness have become.

Also ironic is her campaign’s coining of the “Tanya Harding Strategy” to describe their plans to “kneecap” Barack Obama and destroy his credibility before the convention. Harding, a third-tier Olympic skating hopeful, hatched a plan to injure rival Nancy Kerrigan by busting her knee with a baseball bat so she couldn’t compete on the ice.

Harding was, and probably still is, a cold, calculating, scheming blond bitch. Is that really the comparison the Clinton campaign wants?

For the past seven years I have taken George W. Bush to task for being a liar, a cheat and a fraud. If Barack Obama had pulled the same stunts I would be calling him the same. I have reservations about Obama’s qualifications and his ties to shady political dealmakers and the angry words of Rev. Wright. He has also played fast and loose with his resume.

But Clinton’s crimes go far beyond the normal hyperbole of politics. Her methods demand denunciation and her schemes cry out for exposure and ridicule.

She is a liar and a fraud and we’ve already had too many of them in the White House.

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  1. Klaus: I thought I had been using all those variations all along: A democrap – the democrappers – democrappy – democrapic – et. as they became appropriate.

  2. Well said Bluesman!
    Keep saying what needs to be said and eventually it will catch on. I’ve been saying much of the same, however not as eloquently! Humans will learn. The sooner the better I say, sure would like to see big positive steps in my life, but I often wonder, since I see that so few care to look at the roots of the problems. It’s good to hear somebody express so much of what I often am thinking. I’m not alone out here! Good day!

  3. Can somebody please tell me how hillary tried to “overturn the will of pledged delegates at the Democratic National Convention in August”?

  4. I truly believe we will not get the politicians you rightfully say we need until we make elections strictly taxpayer funded. NO corporate or even private donations. As is now, those with the most $ win; doesn’t sound like democracy to me! Anyway, along with that, we must make the contributions by lobbyists to politicians illegal. These things MUST be done or we will never solve our problems. Once we do these things, people with sincere motives will get into office and then we can start reforming our education system so that children learn critical thinking skills. No doubt one of the first things that will also be done by sincere politicians is the dismanteling of the corporate press so they can’t lie to the public with such ease on a massive scale as they do now. In this environment, children will become much more enlightened individuals than the current generations and will one day vote and life will be better for future generations. Only with election reform will the vicious greed/ignorance cycle end!

  5. So many problems. Where to start. First, the reason more truly honest people don’t get involved in politics. Many many years ago I had a lunch conversation with a close attorney friend of mine. We were talking about getting the possibility of getting involved in politics and he related his brief experience.

    After graduating from Berkeley Law school, his wife suggested he might want to “toss his hat in the ring” so to speak and run for city council so that he could begin to make a difference. Well, after thinking about it for a while, he tried just that.

    One night, he and his wife were out driving the neighborhoods and putting up election signs. Following right behind him were opposition operatives who were assigned to follow him around town and take those very signs down. That soured him immediately on the notion of dipping his toes into the cesspool we call politics. I stayed out for the very same reason. Who wants to expose themselves to that same garbage.

    So, there ARE people out here ready, willing and able to do the job but we must differentiate between statesmanship and politics. They’re two distinctly different animals.

    To change the culture, we need to first change the process by which our leaders are chosen. Unless and until we do that, we’ll have nothing but more of the same. The fact that it takes many millions of dollars to simply get into and stay in the race makes the race itself suspect. Who pays the money gets the ear of the person they’re supporting. It’s as simple as that.

    We need to do away with an antiquated electoral college that no longer represents the will of the people.
    We need to do away with the notion of super delegates that need not represent the will of the people.

    We need to have publicly funded political campaigns so we don’t wind up, once more, with the best government money can buy. And unless and until we change that, we’re doomed to repeating the same mistakes over and over again and we all know that repeating the same losing ways expecting different results is a sign of insanity. We seem to know that intellectually but we don’t do anything about it. So who’s fault is that?

    Bashing Hillary or McCain or Bush or anyone else is truly counterproductive at this point. That’s exactly what THEY want us to do. Why? Because it’s a distraction. Haven’t we been distracted long enough for the last seven years?
    Remember the old saying that “it’s better to light a candle than curse the darkness”? Think about it. We know what Hillary, McCain and Bush are all about by now (and as to Obama, we’re just not sure). Why waste one more nanosecond of our time proving and re-proving what is self evident? It’s a given. Let’s concentrate our energies into fixing the real core problems.

    I think the public media should be required by law to provide free access to the public by candidates for office. No more bought and paid for politicians. We’ve had enough Merck, Prudential, Boeing, et al, bought and paid for candidates who are indebted to any particular ideology before they even get into office to begin their payback. It’s a sick system that will never be fixed by the lesser of two evils. Never.

    We Americans have a tendency to leap toward bandaid approaches to every problem I’ve ever seen come down the pike. That’s an intellectual cancer in my view because it never gets to the root cause of the problem and, consequently, never solves it. It only puts a finger in the dike. Anyone who disagrees need simply look at the “war on drugs” or the “war on (fill in the blanks)”. We’re so “war” oriented that we can’t see the forest for the trees. For example, if the death penalty alone was truly designed as a deterrent to murder, it’s failed miserably. If the war on drugs was supposed to diminish the use of drugs, it’s failed miserably and both will continue to do so.

    We’re looking for answers in all the wrong places so how can anyone who’s really paying attention ever expect a “fix”? The answer – you can’t. Unless and until we examine the root causes of problems, we will never ever solve them. We’ll just come up with more innovative and expensive bandaids and nothing more. It’s an intellectually dishonest and wasteful exercise at best and ineffectual at worst.

    I see these things happen over and over again with the same results and it truly pains me.

    This whole exercise reminds me of a joke about two guys who park their car on a dark street and go into a restaurant for dinner. After finishing, they come out of the restaurant to learn that the driver lost his car keys. The driver says, “let’s go looking in the underground parking lot for the keys”. The passenger says, “why look there when we parked on that dark street above” to which the driver responds “because the light is better down there”.

    Seems we got into war in Iraq on that very same basis didn’t we. We were hunting down Al-Quaida in Iraq because the “light was better there” but, alas, we never did find the car keys there either.

  6. Once again, Doug is “right on”.

    And it is becoming ever clearer that Mrs. Clinton’s lying is pathological.

    What’s more, that particular affliction also now appears to have extended well back before her time as our nation’s First Lady, the Whitewater debacle and even her time at the Rose Law Firm.

    In fact, it now appears that her penchant for playing fast and loose with the truth goes at least as far back to the time when she served on the House Judiciary Committee which was then investigating the possible impeachment of President Richard M. Nixon.

    Dan Calabrese, writing for the North Star Writer’s Group, has published a hard-hitting column (dated March 31) concerning Mrs. Clinton’s dancing around the truth when she arrived (in her words) “under fire” in Bosnia as First Lady. He makes a VERY convincing case that her latest prevarication fits a distressing pattern of behavior that was established long ago.

    He does so by interviewing the very person who, as Mrs. Clinton’s supervisor, FIRED her from her job as a staff lawyer on the House Judiciary Committee for…you guessed it…lying!

    I encourage you all to read Dan’s entire article (Click HERE). It’s a real eye-opener!

    Clearly, the rest of the world (and the mainstream media) are now (finally!) catching on to what many of us here have known all along…. that the Clintons will lie, cheat, and do absolutely ANYTHING to gain and keep power.

  7. The “balanced budget” and the $559(sic) surplus of course did not take into account the fact that the Social Security Fund was still continuously being raided in order to “balance” the budget, which has not been balanced since they began robbing social security for the benefit of the Military Industrial Complex. As for Whitewater, that had less significance than a fart in a hurricane. LET’S TALK ABOUT MENA, AK and the CLINTONS and the CIA and the BUSHES and Barry Seal, eh? No journalist dares touch that if they want to stay alive.

    — Kent Shaw

  8. Not uncommon, unfortunately ( for vendors, anyway ) . . . though I agree as to the patterns of behavior we could expect under her eerily similar (to the current administration) style of cloaked character within cloaked leadership. The tombs under Paris accommodate of but a fraction of the skeletons stretching from Little Rock to 1600. Ah, the quintessential American family !

  9. Freedom and Justice for All!

    Actually, my opinion of Hillary Clinton is even lower than any of those expressed on this thread, including those included in the original post. But I don’t see a lot to be gained by going over territory that has already been well-covered.

    I would add two things for the benefit of Clinton defenders.

    First, what I think about Hillary Clinton has absolutely nothing to do with what I think about Barack Obama. She has been what she is for a very long time and I lost any admiration I ever had for her as I watched what she did with her first opportunity to work toward universal health care.

    Second, the one of her many lies that is angering me the most at the moment is hearing her saying that she was a critic of NAFTA. Yeh, sure, she was about as big a critic of NAFTA as she was of Bush’s war and I have a hard copy of her e-mail argument explaining her reasons for authorizing that catastrophe which her office sent in response to my plea for her to vote against authorizing Bush to go forward with his plans to attack Iraq.

    Her veracity is clearly comparable to that of Bush or Cheney. Newspeak!

  10. Hypocricy sure runs deep, there is an old profound statement about whatever you see in others is something you yourself are guilty of.
    So let’s stop tearing Billy down and look at the criminal that is currently in office and look deeply at his dad who was no saint either.
    The whole world is up-side-down and we have to change the way the government and the voting machine’s are working in favor of the war machine.
    The most productive place to find out how the criminals have gotten away with there scams is to go to Consortium News run by Robert Parry who has been around the District for many years, he’s got the low down on most of the clowns running the country.

  11. …”I Notice Judy’s been making hit and run postings”.. Klaus: Why in the hell would you post an ignorant statement like this?! I read everything everyday and post when I feel like it. To me, Hillary hate is repetitive redundant,and nothing more than preaching to the CHA choir (Clinton Haters of America) so I don’t always respond! This is the same reason that I don’t bother listening to Fox News or MSNBC. So, my friend don’t try to insult my intelligence just because I may not see things as you and many others do. CHP allows us to post our views and opinions realizing there is room for all of us. Since this is not a pissing contest, you will hear no more from me on
    this subject….but be assured I will continue to post as long as I’m allowed. Thanks again Doug for the privlege
    you allow us all.

  12. Fourteen people were convicted in Whitewater. They all seemed to have some sort of fear of death that prevented them from talking about the Clintons.

  13. Don’t Vote For Democrappic Candidates Like The Firs Liar, Pillary Clinton. Do Not Vote For Lexus Liberals Like Fancy Pants Pelosi and Hairy Reed. No More DEMOCRAPPERS.

    Hey Seal, If your around, I thought up a variation on your
    term you coined, DEMOCRAPPER.

    How about when talking about a person who is a Democrat in the singular, for example: A DEMOCRAPIC SENATOR….:D

  14. I Notice Judy’s been making hit and run postings, I can understand, it’s embarssing to stick around and hear about what a manipultive liar Pillary is, and her fading fortunes.


    No More Democrappers, No More Sir Obama from Camelot.

    King Arthur: “On Second Thought, Let’s Not Go To Camelot, Tis’ A Silly Place”.

  15. Judy-Judy-Judy (in my Cary Grant Voice)

    Give it up with Hillary.

    Hillary is the Flim Flam Maam!

    Judy, please stop using the LOUD CAPITAL LETTERS! It’s Hurting my ears! The Loud CAPITAL letters don’t disguise the fact that the dwindling numbers of Hillary supporters are backing a losing horse.

    Hillary is sinking fast and is in debt but no one is bailing her out and they are jumping from her ship fast; when the ship is sinking, the rats are the first to leave.

    Pillary has betrayed this country by leading us into theis war. There was plenty of doubts and information about the veracity of Bush’s claims to go to war, but Hillary put her political expediency ahead of that and foolishly went along with many other Democrappic Senators & congress-crappers to lead this country into the bungle were in now.

    You said it yourself Judy, the Democrappic senators were afraid if they went against the Chimps war resolution that their cushy seats in any future election bid would be compromised. Those senators chose their pink keesters comfort without any condsideration into already availible US intelligence reports that the Chimp’s alleged evidence was cooked.

    I call that dereliction of their jobs ignoring these facts which they knew about. I have no respect for any Democrappers willing to drink this Kool-Aid, especially because there was plenty of US Government Intelligence that the Chimp’s claims were unsuportable or outright fabrications of Cherry picked information from Ahmad al-Jalabī. Ahmad al-Jalabī himself was wanted for embezzlment of Jordanian banks and was a Paid Chimp Stooge.

    Pillary knew all of this and did what she did, Hillary like the rest of the Democrappers are traitors.

    I don’t disagree with you about the Democrappers for being cowards, particularly Pillary. Pillary and the Democrapic party are right on board with the neo-con agenda.

    Hillary is a harlot for taking money from arch conservative, Rupert Murdoch, as well as the defense, pharmaceutical & health care industries. Hillary is a high class call girl (not so high class) for all these scumbags

    Hillary has a monsterous ego and will gladly let the interests of the Democratic party fall on a pike rather then bow out to Obama and all because of her insuferable ego.

  16. Nothing has been mentioned about the 3 INDEPENDENT investigations that failed to find sufficient evidence to find either of the Clintons guilty of anything concerning White Water. I think it merits a mention:


    Lest I forget to mention the now infamous “Blow Job”, let me add:
    President Clinton was found guilty of perjury during another probe, regarding the Clinton/Lewinsky sexcapade opened by Ken Starr (so titillating that it all but wiped the White Water scandel off the front pages). The House did impeach Clinton on purjury and obstruction of justice..
    However, the Senate acquitted him, (probably because Larry Flynt was offering $1 million to anyone coming foreward to report on any of the seated Senators guilty of sexual improprity) and he finished his term. At the end of his Presidency he was able to report a balance budget and a $559 surplus in the federal coffers, leaving office with the highest (65 percent )approval rating of any President since World War 11. HILLARY HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS BUT IS TREATED AS IF SHE WAS GUILTY, BECAUSE SHE STAYED IN HER MARRIAGE regardless that was and is HER BUSINESS and NOBODY ELSES!

    I am 70 and have lived through this whole fiasco and the more I read and study the research available from every angle..the more clear it is to me, there are damned few who read any actual unbiased facts. Hillary was not my 1st choice in this Presidential race, but I will be damned if the bias that is continuously aired against her, will in any way keep me from voting for her IF she happens to be the surprise Democratic nominee.

  17. Caligula is reputed to have named his horse a consul of the Roman Empire. At least he named the entire horse.

    We seem to be in the habit of dealing only with the rearmost portion of the horse.

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle

  18. Hillary Clinton/Bill Clinton aka pathological liars

    A Hillary/Bill Clinton is usually defined as one who lies incessantly to get her or his way and does so with little concern for others. Hillary or Bill’s lying is often viewed as coping mechanism developed in early childhood and it is often associated with some other type of mental health disorder. A pathological liar is often goal-oriented (i.e., lying is focused – it is done to get one’s way). Pathological liars have little regard or respect for the rights and feelings of others. A pathological liar often comes across as being manipulative, cunning and self-centered.

    A compulsive liar is defined as someone who lies out of habit. Lying is their normal and reflexive way of responding to questions. Compulsive liars bend the truth about everything, large and small. For a compulsive liar, telling the truth is very awkward and uncomfortable while lying feels right. Compulsive lying is usually thought to develop in early childhood, due to being placed in an environment where lying was necessary. For the most part, compulsive liars are not overly manipulative and cunning (see, Pathological Liar), rather they simply lie out of habit – an automatic response which is hard to break.


  19. I believe that “none of the above” is a legitimate choice and should be available on the ballot and not as a write-in possibility. Clinton? McCain? Please! Obama? Maybe, but the republican smear machine will destroy him.

    — Kent Shaw

  20. She is a shining example of what the leaders in washington endeavor to become.(Her fellow office holders hold her in “high” esteem) Like Bush she is a pathological liar and moral cripple who can say and do anything and pay no consequences for the lies, treason and corruption she perpetrates against the constitution and the people of this country. Only the best at what they do and the worst of people can be expected to run and become the holder of the highest office in this country. She makes Richard Nixon look like a saint, Bush Jr sane, and her husband honest.
    The fact that people of this country can look and listen to her, (and not vomit) and then come away saying what a good candidate and president she would be just shows the sickness and perversion of this cesspit we call a country.

  21. “The woman who would be President inflated her resume, lied outright about being “under fire” in an attempt to bolster her national security credentials, plotted to overturn the will of pledged delegates at the Democratic National Convention in August and lobbied to change the rules after she signed a pledge to honor her party’s decision on voting in Michigan and Florida.”

    That’s the single best paragraph I’ve read from Doug and the best summary of Hillary’s political career I’ve read from anyone!

    “Brevity is the soul of wit.” Atta boy, Doug.

  22. “…a well informed citizenry”

    Well, I see the problem now. If we had a “well informed citizenry,” the religious right would not have had the sway they did/do, the rightwing, imperialistic, global empire nuts would not have had the influence that they did/do (such as AIPAC and the other neocon advisors)and we would not have ended up with Bush/Cheney for 8 years. If we had a “well informed citizenry,” Faux News would not have the ratings they did/do and “pundits” like comedian Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter would not have the influence they did/do.

    You see the pattern here? We don’t have a “well informed citizenry!!” The time it would take be be a a “well informed citizenry” would take away from American Idol and whatever the current supposedly reality-based pablum is at this time.

    And as for “true humanitarians, public servants who will execute the will” of this phantom “well informed citizenry” well, “true humanitarians, public servants who will execute the will” and “politicians” are mutually exclusive.

    But, that’s just this old curmudgeon’s opinion.

  23. I’m begining to think it would be better if we didn’t elect somebody. I don’t think the position can be trusted to any one person. This goverment seriously needs to be restructured. It is no longer just an organized crime against The People of the United States. It is an organized crime against the world.

  24. John J.

    Doug, that was a harsh column on Sen. Clinton. And probably not entirely fair either.

    By the way, in some future column will you mention who you support for President and explain why. I would hope you don’t say “none of the above”; we do have to elect somebody.

  25. Why are we going on about Clinton and the rest. This whole election process is a farce and we know it, yet we continue on as if there was nothing we can do.
    We don’t need a leader, we need true humanitarians, public servants who will execute the will of a well informed citizenry, from the office of the president on down through congress and the house. We need transparency in government not secret meetings behind closed doors.

    Woodrow Wilsons words are so true today, “We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated governments in the civilized world. No longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.”

  26. I will defer my judgment on who is a fraud until after the
    Republican attack machine and the 527’s do to Obama what they have done to Hillary. At least then it will be an even playing field as then there will be just as many lies out there about Obama as there are about Hillary.

  27. Billary, Billary

    Doug, I share your feelings about Billary. Just because it’s a female doesn’t mean it’s fit to be the next POTUS. I never liked her to begin with, primarily because of the shady deals it was involved in while it was in Arkansas. There’s only one effective way to put a decent person in office who is not well-heeled or well-connected and that road would indeed prove to be a perilous one. Remember Romania’s dictator? Remember what happened to him and his wife? People were angry when that happened.

  28. robertsgt40 If you want to know who the next prez will be,you need look no farther than AIPAC and associates. For those who are blind,this will not ring a bell.

  29. Wait Lese, I think you made a brilliant suggestion. I think we should buy up thousands of blue dresses and locate some sperm and go into business. However, without Viagra, the supply of male sperm is dimishing in America so I may have to visit China for my supply.

  30. Excellent article about the true Hillary; a person that is a fraud, liar and cheat that will do ANYTHING to get into the White House.

    Haven’t we learned the lesson from the Bush/Cheney Junta that a person’s attributes do make a difference?

    Or do we want another “Compassionate Conservative” in the WH?

    If Hillary manages to steal her way into the WH, one of her first acts will be to go on the air and address the nation, tearfully saying that althought she promised to withdraw troops from Iraq, she has since learned classified info from the CIA and NSA that makes troop withdrawal an unwise choice at this time and oh, by the way, I just ordered the Air Force to commence “Operation Iranian Freedom.”

    If Hillary steals the WH, the entire nation will be wearing a blue dress by Monica.

    Only we won’t have protien stains on our dresses, but blood stains from the incessant pounding to our derrières, by Commander in Thief Hillary.

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