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Friday, December 2, 2022

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends

The clown who says he should be President.
The clown who says he should be President.

Has American politics descended into hell?

Perhaps so and, if hell exists, maybe Donald Trump is the devil.

This is the point where I stop and start a new paragraph with “Seriously…” but how on earth can anyone be serious about the crop of candidates presented to the American people as potential Presidents in the 2016 elections.

Donald Trump?  Can anyone really feel he is a potential President?

He’s leading the polls but we are still more than a year out and, maybe, reality will set in and the voters will say “you’re fired.”

Rick Perry quit the race this week.  He is broke.  Money is running short for other candidates too because there are too many people running for President and some of the high-dollar contributors are still waiting to see who, if anyone, is worthy of investment.

Some people thought Scott Walker would be a serious contender for the Republican nomination.  Scott who?  Precisely.

After Trump, former neurosurgeon Ben Carson is someone down the list but still second in several polls.  Ben who?  Yep.

Rand Paul was one considered a candidate to be watched.  Who?

Jeb Bush thought he could continue a dynasty at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  Jeb?

Some feel Marco Rubio is a sleeper who will emerge after the Trump debacle is behind us.  Don’t bet on it.

Over on the Democratic side, former First Lady, former Senator and former Secretary of State is about to become former front runner with Socialist Bernie Sanders nipping at her heels.  Sanders is 74.  America tried an old candidate either years ago with John McCain running for President as a Republican.  Didn’t work.

Vice President Joe Biden is still trying to make up his mind on whether or not he will run.  With Hillary Clinton falling fast, some Democrats feel like they need someone besides a socialist on the ballot.

It is difficult to look over the crowded field of presidential wannabes without thinking about relocation to another country or perhaps another planet.  If the current crop of candidates is the best American has to offer then we all are in a lot of trouble.

As a newspaperman, I can see the list of candidates and realize that most will be fodder for stories through the election and into the coming years.  As a voter, I shrug in disgust.

In a moment of outdated idealism, I say America needs better.

But given the state of America today, perhaps the list of neer-do-wells is not the best but is still what we deserve.

Let’s hope not.


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2 thoughts on “Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends”

  1. I liken the right to a Zoo of not so exotic animals starting with Trump as the Hyena. The left qualifies as the local sandbox that all the cats in town visit, with the exception of Bernie as I feel he is genuine but alas not shiny enough for the bauble crazy public. However it goes our children’s children’s children will curse our feet of stone..

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