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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Kim Davis in jail: The true will of God

Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis listens to a customer following her office's refusal to issue marriage licenses at the Rowan County Courthouse in Morehead, Ky., Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2015. Although her appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court was denied, Davis still refuses to issue marriage licenses. (AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley)
Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis (AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley)

Kentucky County clerk Kim Davis claims her faith keeps her from following the law of the land and issue marriage licenses to gay couples in Rowan County.

So now she’s in jail, sent there by a federal judge for contempt of court for refusing to follow the law of the land to approve licenses for gay couples to marry in her small part of Kentucky.

Her jailing has the bible-thumping community up in self-righteous droves, claiming that — among other things — that the purported “word of God” is more powerful than the law that governs what we do and, because of that belief, they don’t have to enforce any laws that violate their concept of “faith.”

Contempt of court is an indefinite sentence determined by a judge who thinks a criminal should stay behind bars as long as she or he wishes to ignore laws she does not agree with.

And Kim Davis is a criminal.  She is now one in jail, which is where she belongs.

U.S. District Judge David L. Bunning gave Davis a chance to avoid jail is she “purged her contempt” and allowed one of her deputies to sign marriage licenses in her place.  Davis said no.

Religious zealots praise Davis as  martyr to their cause but, in my opinion as a newspaperman who covers the news, their cause is nothing less than blatant homophobia — a callous disregard for rights of human beings imposed by bigots.

In a free society, we must tolerate hate, bigotry and discrimination within our midst.  If the God they promote with that bigotry and discrimination does exists then their actions will be judged after they are gone from this earth.  That is a reality that might face after their deaths.

In life, however, they must be the law  and that law is best served without religious zealotry or vain attempts to misconstrue the convoluted, conflicted, selectively-quoted and hypocritical tome called the Bible.


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40 thoughts on “Kim Davis in jail: The true will of God”

  1. If she truly believes that God’s word trumps the law, then why was she working for an agency that secularized marriage with licenses in the first place?

    If you want to work for God, then don’t draw your salary from Caesar.

  2. Two thoughts:

    One, “Which God?” Zeus? Odin? Marduk? Quetzalcoatal? Kali? Buddha? Aton, or Ra? There are many to choose from. JHWH is merely one of a very long list (and it’s all hearsay anyhow).

    Another: “Contempt of court”. Basically, it allows any judge to indefinitely detain anyone they don’t like for pretty much any reason. The judge must merely order something they do not wish to do, and pop – Jail for life, without jury nor defense until you comply… Interesting.


  3. Kevin,
    The mayor of the City of San Francisco has not violated any immigration laws. Our immigration laws do not require local government officials to act as INS agents. Declaring a city a sanctuary city is a political statement with little, if any, real effect. Sanctuary status simply makes clear that people, regardless of immigration or citizenship status, can access city services to which they are legally entitled without it being reported to anyone. In other words, if undocumented immigrants are victims of a crime, they can call the police without fear of being deported. They can also get a library card, send their kids to school, and hook up utilities. Which they can do regardless of whether the city they live in has sanctuary status or not
    Does that answer your question?

  4. No one’s being jailed for practicing her religion. Someone’s being jailed for using the government to force others to practice her religion. -Rachel Held Evens

  5. You know one day every knee will bough and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. I commend Kim Davis for standing up for what is right in God’s eyes. And those of you who think gay marriage is okay and participate in it you will open your eyes in hell for it’s an abomination to my God. Why do you think two men or two women can’t have children? That’s because God never intended it to be that way. God loves you, but unless you repent and turn away from your sin heaven will not be your home.

  6. Mr. Thompson I have yet to read a better article about this women and this situation. You sir, made my day! 🙂 Glad you are back!

  7. Capitol Hill Blues: You need a proof reader! “… a judge who “THINGS” a criminal should stay behind bars …”

  8. There are two types of “religious” people. Those who believe that the Bible is 100 percent true, who decide that once they do what it says to do to be saved, that God will HELP them to be better, but that no one is perfect. Then there are the “Christians” who SAY they believe the Bible, but when confronted by society or anyone else, quickly back down, proving that they never really believed to begin with…meaning they were lying, which is something that the Bible says is wrong. Kim Davis, right or wrong, obviously is in the first category. She truly believes that it would be wrong to do, or she would not have went to jail for her beliefs. How many people, with a gun up to their heads, would turn from their “beliefs” in a heartbeat. Way to go Kim, at least you are being real!

  9. If you’re going to use the Bible to condemn gays, then you must follow ALL the Old Testament laws like burning witches and harlots, stoning to death girls without a hymen, and killing your neighbor for working on the Sabbath. Sorry folks, but you’re not allowed to pick and choose which “laws” you want to follow just to promote your personal “hate agenda”.

  10. There’s a great book out called “Bible Stories Mother Never Told Me” by CL Putnam that will blow your mind! It re-tells several Bible stories, but from the point of view of God’s “enemies” and his “victims”. If you really want to know the WHOLE truth about the Bible, THIS is the book to read!!!

  11. Kim Davis is being civilly disobedient, an old tradition in this country. Do I think she is wrong? Yes. Do I think she will lose? Yes. What her position does is force Americans to consider, once again, how a deeply religious people, with different religious views, live in a secular society which they have created.

  12. Romans

    13 Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. 2 Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. 3 For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and you will be commended. 4 For the one in authority is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for rulers do not bear the sword for no reason. They are God’s servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. 5 Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also as a matter of conscience.

  13. Ms. Davis states that she follows the “true will of God”….

    This is the same God who calls her an adulterer (she’s reportedly been married 4 times)
    This is the same God who calls her a fornacator (she had children out of wedlock)
    This is the same God who calls her a hypocrite (see above reasons)
    This is the same God who commands us not to judge (lest we be judged)

    What God, exactly, does Ms. Davis follow?

  14. There is a fine line where religious freedom ends and religious people begin to infringe the rights of others in the name of religion.

    She can hold a belief that same-sex marriage is wrong, that is her religious freedom right, but that right cannot be used to infringe the rights of other citizens of this country.

    She should have stepped down long ago if she felt conflicted. She does nothing now but make religious people the enemy and the constant victims of claims of bigotry.

    As the judge said, “She took an Oath.”

    With that said – Who edited this article?
    Secondly, I abhor your tone. You need to understand that this is a deeply felt religious belief that will not go away over night just because our laws have changed. If you want your beliefs to be accepted you have to be willing to accept the beliefs of others.

    I do not agree with our laws allowing people to drink alcohol, but I still work hand in hand with people who drink, and I think nothing against them as individuals. Nor do I openly attack them for holding the belief that drinking is good.

    No one should be attacking people on either side of this argument.

  15. She is in jail by God because she is not following His commandments! In the Bible we are instructed to follow our leaders as they are all appointed by God. By not following her leaders instructions AND by breaking her sworn oath to God, He has put her in prison to try to help her understand how much she has broken His word. By breaking these rules she is driving people away from Jesus, rather than bringing them to Jesus by showing them the same love and service that Jesus did for all of us. She is setting herself up as a judge and the Bible reminds us that if we judge, then we too will be judged rather than be saved based upon the mercy of God. I’m hopeful that the true word of the Lord enters her heart and she comes to understand how misguided she is.

  16. She is perfectly free to embrace whatever flavor of medieval superstitious nonsense hiding under the skirts of overly protected religious beliefs that validate her own personal biases, agendas and bigotry. She can hold those beliefs in her ample bosom until the goddam cows come home, nobody claims otherwise.

    What she does NOT get to do, however, is use them to leverage the law to mitigate the rights of others who don’t share her deistic delusions. If that’s what she wants, she should emigrate to Iran or one of those other bassackward cesspools of theocratic insanity.

  17. Simply put, the scotus opinion failed to define the marriage institution. And Kentucky state law only recognizes marriage between a man and woman. By virtue of disagreement between governing authorities, there is reasonable cause to cease issuing marriage licenses to anyone.

  18. Dear Ms. Davis,

    A little thought for you from the Good Book, Mark 12:17, Matthew 22:21, Luke 20:25

    For those without a source reference:

    “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” (English Standard Version)

    Just for completeness; Romans 13:7

    Give to everyone what you owe them: If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor.

    I am not a thumper, just a old, worn out Roman Catholic who wanted to be a priest but discovered girls. It has been down hill ever since. And thanks to Google for the power of search.

    • Or, as Lucius Annaeus Seneca once said many eons ago, “Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.”

      Indeed, the latter tenet is PRECISELY what Mssrs. Huckabee, Cruz and the rest of the so-called “Christian Right” have in mind as they continue their quixotic quest to turn the United States of America into their own, narrow-minded theocracy…with themselves at the helm.

      • Keith YOU are right..These men and the Christian Right condemn a country such as IRAN..and this country is a THEOCRACY..ran by their religion. just like they want to use the BIBLE to GOVERN the United States..Not only do they use THEIR BIBLE against the gays..They are MISOGYNISTIC and want to make NEW LAW against ABORTION.!..I’m Agnostic now..When I was young I was sent to church and found they were full of hypocrites..But, I remember that the Bible said to take care of others and forgive..The only way these MEGA CHURCHES take care of others is to buy the minister a new jet, homes, great wealth.. With people left homeless and children going to bed hungry..WHERE IS THE CHURCH.?..They want to STOP all Abortion..WHO is going to care for these unwanted babies..?..MS DAVIS is being used by these BIBLE THUMPERS..and since she’s not the sharpest knife in the draw..You can’t be married 4 times and have 2 children out of wed lock and still be called INTELLIGENT..She does NOT cut her hair or wear make-up and she dresses according to some of those very radical southern churches..BUT..Her GOD has forgiven her…she thinks..!..If she and the rest of these hypocrites really knew the CONSTITUTION..It clearly states…RELIGION is never to be used to GOVERN this country..She needs to resign or STAY IN JAIL..As long as these loving people get their license to marry…SAD as it is we have to have a GOVERNMENT LICENSE to love as a couple….

    • Here’s a point of reference for you – James 5:12-“But above all, my brothers, do not swear, either by heaven or by earth or by any other oath, but let your “yes” be yes and your “no” be no, so that you may not fall under condemnation.”. The swearing of an oath in the bible is a VERY serious matter! When she was sworn into her position…she agreed to perform her duties in accordance with all the law of the land . Not just the ones that she agreed with…all of them!

  19. Right on, Doug!

    What’s been (conveniently?) left out of the reporting by the religious zealots about this self-righteous ‘”Bible Thumper” is that she’s also now on her fourth marriage. So much for being “born again”.

    That’s the trouble with this crowd. If you or I exhibit such “anti-Biblical” behavior, we are told we’ll forever burn in Hell. But if THEY do it…..well…..they’ll tell you there’s always some wiggle room for interpretation. And they always manage to find a Biblical passage somewhere that justiies their own sins.

    Marraige was, for centuries, an institution of the State. That was UNTIL the Church co-opted it for their own selfish (spelled “greedy”) purposes.

    Yet, the glaringly inconvenient truth these Bible thumping zealots have yet to figure out is that it is STILL an institution of the State. Otherwise, why does one STILL have to obtain a “license” to get married from the (gasp!) County Clerk?

    • You are greatly mistaken. The marriage ceremony was strictly religious and mystical from the beginning. It was organized around the celebration of creating new life. There were no major governmental intrusion into the institution. For the US, it wasn’t until the 1850’s that the government muscled its way into the institution.

  20. Indeed. The “word of her god” demands dozens, if not hundreds, of things that I’m sure she willfully ignores. That old standard of mixing materials in your clothing is a simple one. Does she always walk obediently behind her husband in public?

    • Rules of bible quoting for “Christians”:

      Whenever a bible passage can be used to support someone’s belief and bigotry, that passage is clear, stands on its own, and does not depend on any other context or special interpretation.

      Whenever someone points out any of the hundreds of bible passages showing god literally ordering or approving killing of children,
      raping of young girls, correct treatment of slaves, death penalty
      for minor infractions, and genocide, the proper response is

      (pick one or more of the following):

      1. It is taken out of context
      2. Can only be understood by special understanding of context
      3. The OT is not relevant
      4. God can’t be understood by humans
      5. This is selective quoting
      6. The quoter doesn’t understand the bible
      7. God didn’t say that, he was “misquoted”
      8. God meant some special application, such as to Israelites or
      ancient clergy, etc.
      It’s pretty clear that sometimes the bible “means” exactly what it says, and sometimes
      it “means” the opposite. Think of an ox being gored.

      If god is able but not willing to prevent evil he is himself evil.
      If he is willing but not able he is weak.
      If he is both able and willing, how can there BE evil?
      If he is neither able nor willing, why call him god?

      • Uhhhh God has a plan for taking care of evil….he puts up with evil at this time (including your accusations and insults) for the purpose of inviting many to come to Him, as He is a wonderful contrast to evil. But evil will be done away with. And at that time, you will join the others of your ilk in hell, rightfully, unless you ask Jesus into your heart as savior and humble yourself before God. Humility does not seem to be your strong suit, so think carefully before you dismiss all of this. You have no understanding of how things are, so you make up your own assumptions. Since they are not based on truth, they will do you no good.

        • When I was a little kid, my dad used to use the old ‘because I say so’ explanation every time he wanted me to do something that I didn’t see the need for. I kept asking him for a reason the work needed to be done, but he outright refused to provide one other than the one above.

          In the case of biblical injunctions, there actually ARE good reasons for them but they are based solely on the economic, social, and political realities of the time they were written, none of which actually still exist. For us to take a bronze age instruction about mixed fibers, dietary restrictions, aversion to women during menstruation, slavery, and marriage (in its many forms approved of in the bible) as eternal truth paints us as either stubbornly adhering to traditions without meaning, or children afraid of a father who has responded to ‘why’ with ‘because I said so’. God made people with a brain. It has taken us to knowledge about the Macro and Micro universe that shows us the wonder of creation. I doubt that God would continue to want us to view the obfuscation of Leviticus as ‘written in concrete’ rules.

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