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Saturday, April 20, 2024

The Clinton ego will not let Hillary quit

Amid an increasing tidal wave of calls for her to get the hell out of the race for the Democratic Presidential nomination, Hillary Rodham Clinton and her equally adamant former President husband make a clear that they have no intention of dropping their bitter fight and intend to take it to the end, no matter how contentious or damaging to their party.


Amid an increasing tidal wave of calls for her to get the hell out of the race for the Democratic Presidential nomination, Hillary Rodham Clinton and her equally adamant former President husband make a clear that they have no intention of dropping their bitter fight and intend to take it to the end, no matter how contentious or damaging to their party.

Anyone who thinks the Clintons will give up at this point doesn’t understand the monumental ego of the couple or their desire to fulfill their own ambitions at any cost.

That ego dictates that their wishes and their wishes alone guide their destiny even if those wishes destroy their party and cost Democrats a chance to recapture the White House.

Writes Dan Balz in The Washington Post:

Sen. Patrick Leahy has gone where no Democratic leader has dared go. It’s time, the Vermont senator said, for Hillary Clinton to get out of the presidential race.

"She ought to withdraw and she ought to be backing Senator Obama," he told Vermont Public Radio.

Clinton’s campaign has spent the past two weeks trying to fight off such talk.
The New York senator has argued her case that there are still 10 contests left on the calendar and that millions of Democrats deserve to be heard. She has argued that neither she nor Obama can hit the magic threshold of 2,024 delegates without the help of uncommitted superdelegates.

She has argued — correctly — that pledged delegates aren’t actually legally pledged to any candidate and can switch sides.

In every way possible, her campaign is trying to keep open any avenue that would help preserve a path to the nomination.

Some of her leading fundraisers have tried to intimidate House Speaker Nancy Pelosi into backing away from comments widely interpreted as sympathetic to Obama. Her advisers continue to look for a solution that will bring Florida and particularly Michigan voters back into play.

Those advisers have continued to seed doubts about Obama’s strength as a general election candidate.

The bitterness and frustration on both sides is growing.

Near-daily conference calls by the two campaigns heap invective upon invective. Even if most of what is said on those calls is quickly lost to history, their fevered nature enlarges the gulf that eventually will have to be bridged once there is a nominee.

Clinton’s outright lies about being "under fire" in Bosnia bring more examination of her other ludicrous claims as well as examination by American allies who find the New York Senator lacking in both honesty and qualifications.

Writes Michael Carmichael of Canada’s Center for Research on Globalization:

In actual point of fact, Senator Hillary Clinton’s bold campaign to become the first woman to be nominated for the presidency by a major party has already failed. The arithmetic of the nomination procedure no longer supports her endgame strategy.

The Clinton campaign could be charitably described as the “walking wounded,” but the prognosis is actually quite grave.

The political wounds Senator Clinton has sustained render her campaign untenable.

The bottom line is now crystal clear: Senator Clinton is no longer viable as a presidential candidate.

The only circumstance in which the situation could be reversed to her benefit would be the retirement or disappearance of Senator Barack Obama.

In other words, the Clinton campaign is now in the posture of political parties in states ruled by warlords, dictators and military juntas. Her opponent has won the electoral contest, so now they are hoping for an unpredictable intervention of fate – or force.

In the past two days, I have received a torrent of emails from many concerned Democrats from Los Angeles to London despairing of the continued onslaught against Senator Obama by the dreadnought but delusional campaign of Senator Clinton. Many Democrats are equally concerned about the mis-statements from Senator Clinton herself, a development that would immediately curtail any serious political ambition by a major candidate in a modern European democracy.

Senator Clinton’s description of her experience with the sniper in the Balkans has opened a virtual Pandora’s Box of scrutiny that is now flooding the internet with critical examinations of the minutiae of many other instances when her accounts differed from the known facts.

None other than Carl Bernstein of Watergate fame is leading this phase of incisive criticism of Senator Clinton’s personal veracity in what is becoming a very unseemly campaign.

The problem, as one former Clinton cabinet member points out, is that the Clintons feel they are "entitled" to the nomination and that anyone who questions that entitlement is a traitor to the cause.

Reports The Associated Press:

An adviser to Senator Hillary Clinton is refusing to apologize for comparing New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson to Judas.

James Carville made the comparison to The New York Times after Richardson – once a member of former president Bill Clinton’s cabinet – endorsed Clinton rival Barack Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination last week .

Carville called it an "act of betrayal," and pointed out that it came around Holy Week.

He said: "Richardson’s endorsement came right around the anniversary of the day when Judas sold out (Jesus) for 30 pieces of silver."

He added that the timing was "appropriate, if ironic."

Richardson told "Fox News Sunday" over the weekend that he wouldn’t respond by getting "in the gutter like that."

"That’s typical of many of the people around Senator Clinton," Richardson said on Fox. "They think they have a sense of entitlement to the presidency."

And where does Bill Clinton stand on all this? Reports MSNBC:

Just in case you were wondering what Hillary Clinton’s No. 1 fan thinks of recent calls for her to drop out of the race for the Democratic nomination, Bill Clinton has three words for you: "Bunch of Bull."

"All these people tell you, ‘Aw, we oughta shut this thing down now; the Democrats are so divided,’" Clinton said at a campaign event here. "That’s a bunch of bull."

34 thoughts on “The Clinton ego will not let Hillary quit”

  1. I am astonished to see the personal attacks here. It’s one thing if you don’t like Hillary and wish to debate the politics, but personal attacks only prove you to be frustrated individuals and you are doing nothing to persuade me.
    Of COURSE Hillary is corrupt. Are you kidding me? Are you somehow under the impression Obama is NOT? He came out of the Chicago machine.
    He lied about being a law school professor. Said his parents met at the march in Selma, which ocurred 4 years after he was born…
    Check out the article on Obama’s inflated Senate record in the Sunday edition of WaPo
    Obama supporters are utopians. I am a realist. I believe ALL poiticians are corrupt. If you somehow think your boy is more pure than my girl, think again friends.

  2. Sherry;

    You are truly an ignorant person! May I suggest that you go and learn the truth for yourself instead of the watching the Fox News Network for your information. Hopefully you will heed this sage advice.

    Obama 08′

  3. I know it’s reality, and it scares me. I think there are some racists out there who are planning it already. I was just saying that to link people to it might not be all that responsible. I’m sure the secret service are all over Obama like a cheap blanket. You can see them surrounding him when he shakes hands with the crowds.

    I’ve never seen a liberal assasinate anyone. I’ve heard no hate talk from anyone promoting assassination of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney or John McCain. I’m one who believes that right wing conspiracies killed JFK, RFK and MLK.

    In fact, if you listen to talk radio, it is always the right wing hosts who promote the hate and propulgate the lies. It’s never the liberal hosts on NPR.

  4. I’m not sure what point(s) you are trying to make.

    Nowhere in this thread have I addressed the subject of SOCS, nor has any other poster done so either; therefore, why the non sequitur and unsupported inference that I am somehow hostile to the notion? How would this be germane to the thread topic – the Clinton ego?

    Politics, even “serious” politics is a great source of humor and a keen insight into the human condition. While I am most certainly not placing myself in their category, I’d like to point out that Sam Clemens and Will Rogers were humorists who regularly and mercilessly pilloried the political scene and the pompous who inhabited it. I take no great pleasure in what is happening on the American scene, but I see no harm in pointing out the humor – albeit rather black humor – to be found in it.

    Solutions? I think that any really reasonable person understands both the problem and the solution. They certainly do not need my solemn pronouncements for them to see the light – nor do I need theirs. Some regard the internet as a political tool, to be used only for informing the government of our desires; OTOH, I see it primarily as a very open communication tool applied whenever people who want to discuss whatever they want, whenever they want, with whomever they want.

    If people want to discuss the problems or just read about the ideas of others here on the internet, then well and good; however, there is no silver bullet to be found in here in the electronic ether. If people want to herd-up, gabble in little kaffee-klatches, pass action-items and petitions back and forth or e-mail their congress-critters, more power to them – but the fact that I choose not to do so hardly makes me unamerican or unconcerned.

    Simply acknowledge my the right not to be part of the herd and not bound to attend the official pep rallies and two-minute hates ordered by those who would convert the net to their private political use.

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle

  5. The “A” word is a reality we have to deal with. In the last century there were two presidential assassinations and attempts on numerous others. It has to be in the minds of just about everyone, and I suspect it is of special concern to Obama’s security detail. Unlike Scarlet O’Hara in Gone with the Wind, we do not have the option of saying that we will not think about this today but wait until tomorrow to worry. Unlike the Victorian attitude toward sex, we cannot dismiss it as something not discussed in polite society.

    The possibility of assassination exists for all three candidates, perhaps more so for Obama, and we have to understand that reality. Assassins have their own peculiar logic, so its not necessarily a case of someone on the right wanting it. I believe that you can make a case, a somewhat rationally convouted one, for a liberal type to take a whack at either Clinton or Obama.

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle

  6. Thank you, Carl. However, beware of the fact that we will have so any more popcorn moments between now and November that we may start suffering from overdoses of sodium and cholesterol. ];-)

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle

  7. Oh For Jesus Jackson’s Sake JudyB, give it up, Pillary Dillary Crock is now a Nader and a spoiler. Her ego is in overdrive. She couldn’t care less that she’s making things rosier for McCain by prolonging her futile race with Obama when she just dosen’t have enough superdelegates. Patrick Leahy has begged Hillary to stop flailing her little ego around and concede to Obama!

    I couldn’t care less if Hillary or Obama wins, they are both
    enabling the Neo-Cons in their bid to stay in Iraq for years to come.

    Pillary and Obama are both saying they won’t even consider getting out of Iraq for years to come, both of them are traitors, especially Hillary takng money from Arch Conservative Rupert Murdoch, Defense Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry and Health Care Industry.

    She’s A Scumbag and harlot taking money from Rupert Murdoch.

    What makes you think things are going to change if Billary gets in. She’s already a call girl for Rupert Murdoch and the Merchants of war who are not giving Billary money because she’s going to bake them a cake.

    Sir Obama of Camelot and Pillary Dilary Crock are not promising anything! Are you kidding.


  8. Hillary should NOT drop out, to do so would be to discount all those who have supported her with their donations and their votes. This is by NO WAY a one sided race regardless of what some would lead you to believe…if it were, it would be understandable for one to drop out. The Democrats have two very good candidates and the race is close because of it. This political race is democracy in action, and it should run its course at intended.

    I hate this damned Bush/Cheney war and everything about it, so for me, McCain will NEVER be an option. As a result of our having horrific criminal leadership (dictatorship) for the past 7+yrs, our nation is trillons of dollars in debt, and the economy is dire and getting worse daily….WE ABSOLUTELY NEED A CHANGE.

    Both of the Democratic candidates are promising they can bring us that change. There is NO Way that any one candidate will be able to keep all of their promises but, they can and must at least begin to get this nation started back on the right track if it is going to survive. I have a gut feeling that whomever is elected will never be allowed get by with what the current admistration has..and if they fail to bring about change ASAP, they will face the wrath that now exists in every American taxpayer across the land.

  9. Sandra wrote:

    It shows us that Americans need the Orwellian Big Daddy to tell them what not to do. I would rather see our government close up and turn everything over to the states.

    Sandra, this is precisely what should have been happening all along!

    The Founding Fathers said as much when they wrote that idea into 10th Amendment to our Constitution. To wit:

    The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

    FAR too many Congresses and Presidents have conveniently forgotten (or have ignored) the true meaning of those words. And, it’s long past the time that WE gave them all a lesson in what our Constitution (which they all swore to uphold) REALLY says!

  10. Janet, I have the map of Scotland on my face with a touch of Cherokee from my Great-great grandfather picking up an orphaned baby in Oklahoma on his way to Deseret (Salt Lake City). However both my sons-in-law are Jewish as is my best friend. I find them all refreshing in their ethics and morals. I often celebrate the Jewish celebrations through music. I have no belief in any God but love the music of all celebrations.

    Flapsaddle, one of these days you might see the reason that our founders wanted a separation of church and state.
    They felt the first amendment was good enough. The religiousd right are aiming at our government and we might be doomed as another failed nation. I have never met a Christian who didn’t have their eye on our Federal Government. Those Prohibitions that came from Falwell, Robertson and Alan Keyes are still very much a part of the GOP agenda.

    McCain is playing a low profile on the bans but will be forced into admitting he is behind them 100% He will appoint Christian Supreme Court justices and that will make a mockery of our Justice Department. Two or more prohibitions are now being discussed and again alcohol and tobacco along with gun control are heading the discussions.

    It shows us that Americans need the Orwellian Big Daddy to tell them what not to do. I would rather see our government close up and turn everything over to the states. Our National Guards will protect us from attacks from other nations.

    The Pentagon has failed us because they could not train their employees well enough and we are being run by Contractors. The CIA has completely lost the respect of the American people because they take their orders from the White House and the drug cartels. Since 1988 our federal government has flopped around in a growing corruption that has destroyed us. In 2000 the religious right tried to change our Constitutional Republic into a Theocracy.

    But what has done more harm than anything, are people who play funny with the circumstances. You get a great joy out of America losing the respect of the people. “Taint Funny McGee.” I remember that from radio.

    This is serious shit and your brand of humor is sad. Have you any serious thoughts and actions on where we go from here? How many times have I asked you that?

  11. The longer this contest drags on, the more the Clintons expose themselves as horrifically unfit to govern. Clearly, they are unwilling (and/or unable) to put the welfare of the Democratic Party (let alone the country!) above their own.

    Mrs. Clinton’s publicly televised promise on the eve of the Potomac primaries that there would be “no new scandals” involving her husband was telling. The fact that she was even asked the question should speak volumes to any rational voter. Does our country REALLY want (or need) four more years of a philandering “first husband” in the White House?

    All the mistakes, all the leaks, all the reported fiscal irresponsibility and infighting in her camp, and the desperation she is now showing are simply the inevitable outcome of a campaign that is falling farther and farther behind…and will continue to do so right up until the time she is finally forced out of the race.

    Explanations are not excuses, and it’s growing increasingly harder for Mrs. Clinton to argue that her “experience” and “electoral discipline” set her apart from Mr. Obama when the largest organization she’s ever run…her own Presidential campaign…is listing so badly and exhibiting a reality so far from its high-sounding rhetoric as to be laughable.

    In one of her speeches in Ohio, Mrs. Clinton launched yet another broadside against Mr. Obama by saying that “while words matter, the best words in the world aren’t enough unless you match them with action.”

    I wholeheartedly agree!

    And, while you are speaking of “action”, Mrs. Clinton, there are several businesses here in New Hampshire that STILL haven’t been paid for the goods and services they provided to your campaign before, during and after the New Hampshire Primary. The Primary was held in early January. It’s now almost April. How about a little “action” to pay your campaign bills, Mrs. Clinton?

    Accoring to a recent story by Kenneth Vogel in POLITICO, New Hampshire businesses aren’t the only ones being left holding the bag:

    Clinton also reported debts more than one month old to a slew of apolitical businesses and organizations, large and small, in the states through which this historically expensive Democratic primary campaign has raged. For example, she owed Iowa’s Sioux City Art Center Board of Trustees $3,500 for catering and venue costs, New Hampshire’s Winnacunnet Cooperative School District $4,400 in event costs, Qwest $24,000 for phone service, various branches of the Iowa-based supermarket chain Hy-Vee $15,000 for food, beverages and catering, and $7,700 to Ohio and Massachusetts branches of the theatrical stage employees’ union, for equipment costs.

    In fact, about a third of the nearly 700 individual debts Clinton reported at the end of February were for various types of “event expenses,” including $319,000 for catering and venue costs, $420,000 for equipment, $11,000 for photography and $9,000 for security.

    What’s more Mrs. Clinton, you promised all of us that you would release your prior year tax returns. That was back before Super Tuesday. It’s now nearly a month later and we have yet to see any of them.

    The REAL problem for Mrs. Clinton is that Mr. Obama HAS matched his words with actions and has been rewarded with votes. It’s HER campaign that rests on an increasingly precarious foundation of empty words and unfulfilled promises. It’s HER campaign that needs to start demonstrating results to match its rhetoric.

    So far, NONE of that has happened.

  12. She shouldn’t quit until Obama wins enough elected delegates to clinch the nomination, or the delegate spread among elected delegates becomes wide enough that no reasonable person could imagine the supers swinging the nomination to her at the convention, and I won’t bother to go into the reasons, composition of, and machinations of the super delegate group. This is Obama’s nomination to lose. All he has to do is win the delegates necessary to win, not unlike the electoral votes he would have to do in the Fall.

  13. By publishing this, you are only propagating such a horrible thought. Is that really the most responsible thing to do? As the blog said, most of the searches are due to the published article, and hopefully, are from people worried about it, not intending or wanting it.

    One would think there are a lot of right wingnut Hillary and Bill haters who would have the same thing in mind.

  14. As usual TJF, great imagery along with spot-on analysis…! :))

    Carl Nemo **==

    p.s. You piqued my taste for popcorn, so I made some too. ; )

  15. When the New York Mob’s choice for President vs. the Chicago Mob’s choice for President, there is no quitting. I’m just wondering if the bookies are making odds on who gets whacked first.

  16. I want to add that the more people call for Hillary to drop out, the more the Clintons will dig in their heels and stay in the race. She and Bill can be as stubborn as Dumbya.

    Hillary and Bill will not drop out under pressure in disgrace, you guys all know that. If the Dem leaders want Hillary to drop out, they need to let her think it’s her own idea, and dangle a carrot that will allow her to drop out gracefully. Calling for her to drop out publically only makes it worse.

  17. I predict ( or wishfully think) that it will be over in early May after PA, NC and IN have their primaries. If Hillary doesn’t win big in all 3, she will be under so much pressure that she will have to drop out. I would bet that negotiations for a graceful and rewarded exit are going on as we speak.

    NC will go for Obama. IN, like Iowa, borders IL and is in the Chicago media radius. He could have a good chance there. I live in PA and Obama has really started to mobilize here. There are 1000 people being bussed in from Chicago to help canvass. In fact, this weekend is a big door-to-door canvassing. He may not win the state, but I think it will be much closer than you think. Interestingly, 2 or 3 weeks ago, I e-mailed Senator Casey and after selecting the topic, Intelligence, from a menu for the subject (because there was no “Other”), asked for him to do the intelligent thing and endorse Obama. Apparently I wasn’t the only one to encourage him. As the son of a very popular late guv Casey, and a Roman Catholic, his endorsement and 6 day road trip with Obama is impactful.

    A grassroots Obama office opened down the street from me, and I stopped in yesterday to sign up for volunteering. There were a few other white females over 50, like myself, volunteering there. A female friend of mine, also over 50, changed her lifelong Republican registration so she could vote for Obama. There’s something in the air here. Stay tuned.

  18. It’s a truly popcorn moment, isn’t it?

    Just three months ago, the reverend talking heads of the church of conventional wisdom had anointed Clinton as the next prophet(ess) and president – Obama was just a nice, well-spoken young black man famous for nothing – and declared that the primaries and the caucuses were just pro forma. Clinton was it, and she’d beat McCain in a heartbeat.

    Now, the future looks very, very different. The critical delegates from Michigan and Florida are apparently no longer available to either side. Clinton is darn near broke, her campaign is in shambles, and she is behind in the delegate count and looking more vulnerable with each new voter poll. The formerly-dismissed junior senator from Illinois is flush with cash, he leads in delegates and in the polls and he has handled his one or two missteps with considerable skill. McCain has the GOP nomination virtually locked and shows increasing strength among polls of voters. The public looks on at the continuing public urinating contest between Clinton and Obama and cannot help but wonder if a Democrat is really a choice in November.

    Now, the elder statesmen of the Democratic party have decided, is panic time. Clinton was by now supposed to have been confirmed and lining up McCain in her sights for the election battle – but instead she is in the process of losing a bitter, mud-slinging, race-torn whore-house brawl with Obama. Very likely the tribal elders of the party are now seriously concerned that the public might perceive the divisive contest as indicative of what the Democrats will bring to the next administration. John McCain, whatever his faults may easily appear to the public as definitely the lesser of what ever evil the Democratic party will vomit up for the general election.

    But the problem is ego, specifically the Clinton ego. She cares nought for her party or the nation – like that disfunctional collection of mediocrities foisted off on the nation as our “royal family”, it is all about self. Clinton feels that she is owed a presidency, something she has looked toward virtually all of her adult life, something she wanted so badly she made a Faustian bargain of putting up with a priapic life-partner who has regularly and deeply hurt and humiliated her, just so that she might stand on the platform some crisp January morning, raise her right hand and say “I, Hillary Clinton, do solemnly swear…”

    Well, the elders of the party have a problem, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. Clinton and Obama squabble like a couple of school-yard bullies while McCain – not really that appealing – looks at least not as bad as the Democrat offering. Clinton will not likely give up; she will take this to the bitter end. To her, she would rather the party lose an election than she lose or give up the nomination.

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle

  19. Hey Carl, I think with the Clintons, there even pushing for Britney Spears Hugs!!! 🙂

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