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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Which Republican failure for President?

Enough said.
Enough said.

With Ted Cruz first out of the gate to formally announce a run for the GOP Presidential nomination of 2016, many Republicans are now wondering just who — if anyone — the party can actually nominate who might stand a chance of winning.

Jeb Bush?  His negatives are increasing as revelations emerge about his questionable business dealings and his wife’s fondness for expensive Rolexes and high-priced jewelry.

Scott Walker?  The din of laughter up in Wisconsin is not from any of Walker’s jokes, although many see the governor there as a joke.

Chris Christie?  That star faded quickly as reality set in.

Rand Paul?  Ain’t gonna happen.

Marcio Rubio?  His missteps on immigration ruined his chances with the GOP.

In a party dominated by right-wing flakes, the Grand Old Party is wondering is the party is over even before it begins.

Republicans who still know how to read exit polls realize that even a failed President like Barack Obama was, in the minds of voters in 2012, a better choice than Mitt Romney and if Romney was the best the party could do in that election then the GOP is in serious trouble.

The rabid right still wants one of their own to lead the ticket in 2016 even though any voter with an IQ of an average plant would turn to anyone else when faced with someone from the tea party or one of its other extremes.

Republicans are in the third month of absolute leadership of Congress and the results are, by all measures, an absolute disaster.

The party can’t stop arguing and bickering long around to reach a consensus among themselves, much less the House and Senate.  The party of the elephant continues to fall on its fat, overweight ass time and again even when up against Obama, who is far less than a formidable opponent.

Speaker of the House John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell may serve as poster children for future political science classes on how to fail when the odds should favor you.

And if Republicans cannot find a real leader in Congress, how on earth can it identify and groom one for the Presidency?

Perhaps there is still a leader out there in the weeds of the GOP.

Yeah, right.  And perhaps pigs will fly.

2 thoughts on “Which Republican failure for President?”

  1. While the corrupt deranged ooze seeps out of the cracks to divert our attention from what is the new Republican ideology, there will bust forth a Tail Gunner from the back of one of those flying pigs to lead us to new heights in a downward spiral to our demise.. Wishing for 2018…

  2. I don’t know about you but I don’t need to be” lead” by *anyone* in the gov’t.
    We should hire a four year manager to run the country and still have a “president” but for weddings and funerals only.

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