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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Stars and bars license plate? Not in Texas

Not allowed in least not yet
Not allowed in Texas…at least not yet

Ironically, Texas — the state where right-wing edicts are law — is caught up in Supreme Court case where the Lone Star State denied a request from the Sons of Confederate Veterans for a vanity license plate with the stars and bars Confederate flag on it.

Either other states offer such plates.  Texas does not, saying the flag is “a racially charged symbol of repression.”

This brings a diverse group, including the American Civil Liberties Union, anti-abortion groups, Americans United for Church and State, Nat Hentoff and P.J. O’Rourke.

They say the right to display the stars and bars is protected by free speech.

“In a free society, offensive speech should not just be tolerated, its regular presencde should be celebrated as a symbol of democratic health,” says a legal brief filed by opponents of the Texas ruling.

The Lone Star State claims that a license plate issued by a government entity is different from a bumper sticker or a sign waved at a protest and does not think free speech applies.

Texas offers more than 350 “vanity” plate designs currently used on 877,00 vehicles in Texas and generates $17.6 million in revenue to the state.

A decision by the court is expected by late June.

1 thought on “Stars and bars license plate? Not in Texas”

  1. There’s nothing stopping drivers in Texas from putting a Confederate flag on their own cars as far as I know. The First Amendment doesn’t cover, last I heard, a state government that doesn’t want to put the flag on plates.

    In fact, since this is the state’s decision, you could make a case that their saying no is a state’s rights victory, and the Supreme Court telling Texas they must have a Stars and Bars plate, if they do, is activist judges enforcing Big Government.

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