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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Be afraid. Cruz announces Presidential run Monday

Texas GOP Senate nominee Ted Cruz: The new face of the Tea Party?
Texas GOP Senator and planned nominee for President Ted Cruz: The face of ignorance in America?

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz, who calls himself “an unabashed conservative” and outright enemy to “the mushy middle” will use the ultra right-wing setting of the late Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, Monday to announce his “outright bid” to become the next President of the United states.

Among the conservatives jockeying for a place on the Republican ticket, Cruz is the most hard-core and controversial, the Senator who led a failed effort to defund Obamacare but resulted in a 16-day government shutdown in 2013.  Cruz’s efforts included a 21-hour filibuster against any spending bill that included the President’s health care plan.

Cruz is also an unabashed supporter of unlimited campaign contributions, claiming that the ability to spend vast amounts of money protects free speech (at least his) — an interesting hypocrisy and contradiction to his claim to be a “fiscal conservative” on other matters.

He wants to abolish the Internal Revenue Service and Common Core, the educational program that promotes leaning at schools.

Some consider Cruz a buffoon but other recognize that he is a buffoon with a mission and a fallowing among the buffoons who dominate the right-wing of the Republican Party and who vote.  The Washington Post calls him “the first prominent candidate to announce for the GOP.”  That, in itself, should send shockwaves through political circles and fear among anyone wit an IQ above that of an average plant.

Cruz is running.  The ribald rabid right is energized.  The war against progress in America is underway.


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3 thoughts on “Be afraid. Cruz announces Presidential run Monday”

  1. We are about to find out how far Christianity can be shoved down the voting public’s throat.. Maybe they will all take a turn and get photographed while nailed to a ten foot cross. Then we could pick our savior on looks alone and skip all the speechy crap..

  2. Ok, what birther or birther organization will bring legal challenge to Senator Cruz’s right to be President? After all he was born in Canada, he has admitted it.

    Let him run, it will fracture the Republican Idiocracy and begin the cannibalistic feeding frenzy.

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