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Saturday, December 2, 2023

California to grant driver’s licenses to illegals

California Highway Patrol officer Armando Garcia explains to immigrants the process of getting a drivers license during an information session at the Mexican Consulate, in San Diego (AP Photo/Lenny Ignelzi)
California Highway Patrol officer Armando Garcia explains to immigrants the process of getting a drivers license during an information session at the Mexican Consulate, in San Diego
(AP Photo/Lenny Ignelzi)

California on Friday will start taking driver’s license applications from the nation’s largest population of immigrants in the country illegally.

The state Department of Motor Vehicles expects 1.4 million people will seek a license in the first three years of a program aimed at boosting road safety and making immigrants’ lives easier.

California officials say they can’t predict how many people will line up immediately to apply, but the number of people making appointments for a license more than doubled when immigrants were allowed to sign up. Appointments are required to apply for a license except at four newly-created DMV offices.

California is one of 10 states that now provide licenses to immigrants in the country illegally. The licenses issued to immigrants without legal status will include a distinctive marking and are not considered a valid form of federal identification.

Immigrants in the country illegally have not been allowed to apply for a driver’s license in California since the state began requiring proof of legal presence during the 1990s.

Immigrant advocates have cheered the licenses as a way to integrate immigrants who must drive to work and shuttle children to school. But critics have questioned state officials’ ability to verify the identity of foreign applicants, citing security concerns.

Law enforcement officials say the program will improve road safety because licensed drivers must be tested and insured. A DMV study of 23 years of crash data found that unlicensed drivers were more likely to cause a fatal collision than licensed drivers.

State insurance officials hope the change will increase the number of drivers holding auto insurance, though some immigrants say they have always held insurance even though they could not get a license.

Maritza Aguirre, 30, is one of them. She used to take a two-hour bus trip to work cleaning houses in driving-dependent Southern California. Now, she drives but lacks a license and fears her car might be impounded if she is ever stopped by police.

“For me, honestly, it is a blessing,” said Aguirre, who has an appointment this week to apply for a license. “The relief of knowing they won’t take your car is a big advantage.”

Advocates have encouraged immigrants to seek the license. But they are warning those with deportation orders or criminal records to first seek legal advice since law enforcement can access DMV data.

Applicants must submit proof of identity and state residency and pass written and road tests. Those who don’t possess foreign government-issued identification on a list of approved documents can be interviewed by a DMV investigator to see if they qualify.

Starting on Friday, immigrants who pass the initial hurdles will get a driving permit. But they must return for a driving test before they can get the new licenses, which will be marked with the words “federal limits apply.”


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1 thought on “California to grant driver’s licenses to illegals”

  1. Misleading title:

    Try “Or those without other documentation”, all of which costs money to acquire. Money which they may not have. Documents that they may not have been able to retain – It’s hard to be a hobo and not get mugged now and then.

    They’re not “illegals” until tried and convicted in a court of law.


    Not that it matters much, but I got my car walloped by a totally undocmented guy. Neither of us was injured, and my car was trivially damaged (his was ripped up – 70’s Datsun met 70’s Eldorado. Guess who won?). I gave his friends (he disappeared instantly after showing me some worthless paper belonging to someone else) a hundred bucks on the grounds that his car was ripped up and mine was fine. After a little negotiation (they were distinctly unhappy, but after I threatened them (they were holding my driver’s license, and asking for more money before they’d return it) with police action, that remained the deal, and I went away.

    Who was at fault remains a question: I was pulling out of a driveway, he was driving much too fast around a corner in the rain. Technically, I probably was at fault – If he’d any license or insurance or if even the car (somehow it magically disappeared during negotiations) was lawfully there at all.

    I wore the bent bumper on my Eldorado for some years afterwards with pride.


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