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Saturday, July 13, 2024

Snake oil on sale for choir members

by Maggie Van Ostrand Superdelegates of the Democratic Party aren't stepping up to endorse Barack Obama yet and my guess is because they're truly terrified of the Clintons. Who can blame them? They don't want to be found somewhere, just hanging around.

by Maggie Van Ostrand

Superdelegates of the Democratic Party aren’t stepping up to endorse Barack Obama yet and my guess is because they’re truly terrified of the Clintons. Who can blame them? They don’t want to be found somewhere, just hanging around.

Look at the amount of snake oil Hillary and accomplices, er, excuse me, I mean “surrogates,” are pouring down the throats of gullible voters. Talk about preaching to the choir — It’s almost impossible to believe the people of Ohio and Texas fell for Hillary’s lies, er, I mean “misstatements.” And they say Pennsylvania is falling for the same ones. The Clintons’ strategy: you can’t go broke underestimating the American people. Never mind that they are dividing the Democratic Party.

It doesn’t seem to matter how much proof is available to voters, they still believe her. Are they suffering from Alzheimer’s? Don’t they remember what a flop her health care plan was when she was first lady? That’s the same plan she now touts as “extensive experience in health care.”

Doesn’t it matter that her lying about sniper bullets, ducking heads and running for cover in Bosnia was a load of snake oil? Or maybe she thought the flowers handed her by a little Bosnian girl were really bullets with leaves.

Doesn’t it matter that her claims of participating in peace talks in Northern Ireland are another load of snake oil? Or maybe she thought the women at that tea party in Dublin were cross-dressing Irish terrorists.

Doesn’t it matter that all the time she was accusing Obama of plagiarism, she was stealing his words from him? His slogan was “Yes we can!” and shortly after, her slogan became “Yes we will!” Maybe she thought we wouldn’t notice.

Doesn’t it matter that Obama rightly claimed his campaign was funded by the people while hers was largely funded by lobbyists? One day after she withdrew $5 million from her account, she claimed her campaign was funded “by you [the people].” Will that $5 million go to pay her husband his speaking fee which is upward of $237,500? We’ll have to see their 2008 tax returns next year to find out. Oh that’s right, they haven’t liked to release their tax returns since Wite-Out bit the dust.

Doesn’t it matter that she shouted to the cheering women of Ohio: “Everybody knows that as Ohio goes, so goes the Nation,” except the saying actually is “As Maine goes, so goes the Nation.” Or maybe she thinks for her, personally, states’ names should be interchangeable.

Doesn’t it matter that she says “I’m of, for and by the middle class, like you … ”
I know a lot of middle class people, not one of whom can withdrawn $5 million from their checking account.

Limitless cyberspace is still not vast enough to hold all the Clinton lies. Looks like husband Bill is assigned the task of diverting attention from her lies. They managed to divert attention from her Bosnian gaffe by again dragging up the Reverend Wright. Soon, we’ll be referring to him as the Reverend Lazarus. They’ve dug him up so often, I’m beginning to feel sorry for him.

When Obama’s passport files were breached for the third time and media screamed “Obama Passport Files Breached,” Hillary came out and whined “So were mine!!!” effectively changing headlines to “Candidates Passport Files Breached.” This is old-fashioned politicking, like Tammany Hall. It’s cheap and tacky, like the Clintons. Living in a New York mansion doesn’t make gold bullion out of trailer trash.

Obama tried to remain above the politics-as-usual mentality that has wounded the United States at home and abroad, but the Clintons occasionally manage to suck him down into the top layer of the mud in which they function.

It’s surprising to learn how many potential voters fail to research both Democratic candidates in order to make an informed decision. And it’s heartbreaking to see the Clintons gleefully preparing to destroy Barack Obama, to smack down the best hope this country has had in decades, in order to further their own agenda, inflate their egos even more, and achieve self-aggrandizement by screwing the American people. Again.

The Clintons seem to have precious little respect for the Democratic Party; if they did, she’d step down. That, I would respect. But she is willing to rip the Party to shreds rather than see Obama become President. Democrats once stood for something grand, progressive, and (comparatively) selfless. Now it’s perceived by many as a bunch of politicians so terrified of the Clintons that they’re willing to see the party go down in flames and possible defeat by the Republicans rather than force her out, out, out.

The buck starts there.


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