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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

For Hillary, lying ain’t no big deal

Hillary Clinton got caught in a lie recently, a whopper about being under fire in a so-called combat zone, a well-rehearsed lie she has been telling on the campaign trail for months. When the truth came out, as it so often does in the microscopic world of politics, she shrugged her shoulders and dismissed it by saying:

Hillary Clinton got caught in a lie recently, a whopper about being under fire in a so-called combat zone, a well-rehearsed lie she has been telling on the campaign trail for months.

When the truth came out, as it so often does in the microscopic world of politics, she shrugged her shoulders and dismissed it by saying:

I made a mistake. That happens. It proves I’m human, which you know, for some people, is a revelation.

Calling her tall tales of running and ducking for a cover a “mistake” is massive understatement. Her claim about being human leaves an opening that’s ripe for comment but we won’t go there.

Clinton’s campaign for President is built on a mountain of lies. She says she brokered peace in Northern Island. The man who did broker the peace — and who won a Nobel Prize for his honest efforts — says her claims are a crock.

Ron Fournier of The Associated Press writes an excellent analysis of Clinton’s vague association with the truth:

During a speech last week on Iraq, Clinton stretched the truth to the breaking point. “I certainly do remember that trip to Bosnia and … there was a saying around the White House that if a place was too small, too poor, or too dangerous, the president couldn’t go, so send the first lady. That’s where we went. I remember landing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base.”

Hogwash. The truth is:

— There was no sniper fire.

— Nobody ducked for cover.

— Bad weather, not security concerns, kept her husband from making the same trip a few months earlier.

Clinton and her aides stood behind the story — which she has told more than once — until video surfaced showing the former first lady, her daughter, Chelsea, and their entourage strolling off the plane and walking calmly across the tarmac.

What makes Clinton’s situation unique — and the Bosnia embellishments so damaging — is the fact that the New York senator has built her candidacy on the illusion of experience. Any attack on her credentials is a potential Achilles heel.

As first lady, she did not attend National Security Council meetings, did not receive the presidential daily briefing on terrorism and other threats and did not have a top level security clearance. Her foreign trips were glorified goodwill tours, a collection of photo opportunities and sightseeing trips.

Let’s be fair. Hillary Clinton not the first political candidate to lie. Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin lied about being a combat pilot in Vietnam. Barack Obama has padded his resume with glorified claims about brokering a deal on immigration in the Senate and about writing a bill to deal with the housing crisis.

If Clinton manages to make it back to the White House, she won’t be the first — or the last — President to play fast and loose with the truth.

John F. Kennedy lied about American involvement in the Bay of Pigs fiasco. Lyndon Johnson lied about a purported attack on a Navy ship to justify escalating the war in Vietnam. Nixon lied about Watergate and many other things. Jimmy Carter lied by simply claiming he would never tell a lie. Ronald Reagan lied about Iran-Contra, among other things. Bill Clinton lied about doing the nasty with intern Monica Lewinsky and a lot of other things that were more important and damaging to his Presidency. George H.W. Bush lied when he promised to never raise taxes. His son lies just about every time he opens his mouth.

So we shouldn’t be surprised that Hillary Clinton is trying to lie her way into the White House. As a career politician she simply does not know any other way.

Yet her lies about being under fire, used as a questionable way to justify her claim of being qualified “from day one” to be commander-in-chief are an insult to every man and woman who served their nation and actually came under fire. Anyone who has been under fire in a combat situation will tell you that it’s not something you forget and it’s certainly not something that you simply “misspeak” about.

To accept Clinton’s ludicrous claims that she “misspoke” means accepting the fact that she misspoke at least three times during the campaign. Each time, she added more embellishment to the story. When challenged with the facts, her first claim was that she was “sleep deprived” and because of lack of sleep she wasn’t in full control of her memory or faculties.

This from the woman who wants us to believe that she will be the best person to answer that ringing phone at 3 in the morning.

Think about that sobering thought.

52 thoughts on “For Hillary, lying ain’t no big deal”

  1. Thanks for the compliment. There are several people that have put their lives on the line to bring this to light, and we all owe them a debt of gratitude. It took twenty some years for people to start to see the light. What really scares the hell out of me is there are outfits like Blackwater and Wakenhut (I guessed at the spelling on that last one) under mob control.

    Castro was the good guy and on our side until he shut down organized crime in Cuba. Then the forces of the U.S. were turned against him.

    Kennedy took heavy contrubutions from organized crime and then tried to shut them down. We all know how that one turned out.

  2. Thanks Stratocaster for all the mob related links.

    I guess we could call planet earth “Gangster Planet”, be they gutter, corporate, or political gangsters…no?! 😐

    I am concerned for Obama too, but I think the winds are changing for the Clintons and the mega-controllers of the planet have decided to throw them under the bus for Obama. Obama is the “honey pol” to them; ie., they, the controllers, enjoying more support for their ongoing planetary schemes with Obama’s “honey-tongued oratory” as opposed to the vinegar proffered by the Clinton and Bush gangs.

    They’l do far better with this impressive, articulate individual in place with far less of the citizenry looking askance; ie., continually distrusting the Clintonistas and the Bushistas.

    The Rockefellers and Rothschilds have decided to make a major seachange in their tactics. The Clinton and the Bush gang have reached the limit of their political shelf life so-to-speak. I think the Clintons best be concerned about wooded areas, airplane mechanics etc. too. : |

    Carl Nemo**==

    p.s. I also forgot to compliment you on the superb content of these links and their accuracy concerning as to how it all came down over the years. In my case you and I are “one” as Spock would say when he was doing the Vulcan mind meld with another being… : )

  3. The Dixie Mafia is the link between the Clintons and organized crime. They were involved with Mena and Barry Seal. Vince Foster paid a mule $1,000 a trip to bring him the cash from Mena. The Dixie Mafia specializes in murder by suicide, murder by malfunctioning airplane, and murder by accident. If I was Obama, I would stay away from scenic wooded areas and strange airplane mechanics.

    There are so many mobs involved in politics anymore that it is sometimes difficult to decide which mob to vote for.

  4. Yo Stratocaster…

    I’m rooting for the Chicago mob then. One thing about Chicago regardless of the historical corruption in high places is they do believe in patronage.

    This country is headed down a rathole for sure, but this being so, I’d rather have someone like Obama at least pitch out some scraps to the unwashed masses which he will most assuredly do, than a Clinton pitching out “all” the scraps to their buddies; ie., the Bushista’s and their corporate patrons in the MIC and the “oil patch”… ; )

    Carl Nemo **==

  5. Hi SEAL…

    Your comments concerning the “veto two-step” between the President and Congress is spot-on. Many people don’t realize this and you are right that Congress utilizing the very mechanism of the veto standoff could have ended this war some time ago.

    My suspicion is that the members of Congress on both sides of the aisle have their portfolios loaded to the gunnels both with MIC and “oil patch” stocks. They are nothing but free-booting, wartime profiteers. Harry Truman had a solution for these special case societal vermin; ie., summary execution…!

    The Executive branch along with our newly emergent politburo are all in this together; ie., the shakedown of the American tax/debtor, better known as a scam as you so referenced.

    Carl Nemo **==

  6. POLLCHECKER: When we elect the members of congress, we invest in them the “responsibility” for determining how and where our money is spent. There are no hard and fast laws or rules as to where or how.

    If they send the president a funding bill for a program such as the war in Iraq that he does not agree with he may reject it by veto. Congress has the power to override that veto and make the bill law anyway if they can acquire a two thirds majority of both houses to vote to pass it. If not, nothing happens, there is no funding for that program. The bill goes in the trash can.

    Congress is under no obligation by law or rule to send another bill.

    What generally happens in these cases is an alternative bill is negotiated that both the president and congress will accept. However, in the instant case of the Iraq war, Bush refuses to negotiate and congress does not have the two thirds majority necessary to override his veto.

    One of two things may now happen.

    Either congress or the president must give in to the other side
    congress does does nothing and there is no funding for the program/the Iraq war. That would end the war And the troops would have to come home.

    It’s just that simple for congress to end the war. Failure to support the troops has been the lying excuse they have used to allow the war to continue. However, they would support the troops more by ending the war and bringing them home.

    There is no law or rule that requires congress to fund Bush’s war. They could end it any time they choose by cutting off the money for it.

    It’s all a scam.

  7. Thanks Keith for your incisive spot-on analysis concerning the presidential wannabe’s and what we can expect from them.

    The main reason I’m enamoured with Obama are his oratory skills, articulation and thoughtfulness about issues. Whether he gets anything done or not is secondary. I just don’t want to listen to Hillary freaking and shrieking on the tube or John McPain’s nasal, empty content duckspeak; “let’s kill’em all and let god sort’em out” nonsense either… :))

    I know too much about Hillary Clinton to allow myself to vote for another Clinton or Bush ever, not that I ever did so…!

    John McCain is an accident waitng to happen relative to the well-being of our Republic. There’s something definitely wrong with the guy and it’s obvious at 71, along with his tragic military background he’s not banging on all cylinders. He needs to retire from public life and head back to Arizona next to the family pool enjoying the company of his family and friends if that’s possible. Tragically, I think he’s an “applause junkie” and needs to be in the limelight.

    Carl Nemo **==

  8. Hi Stratocaster..

    You are correct concerning Barry Seal’s knowledge about the Bush boys. Seal was also the key informant tying the Medellin drug cartel with the Sandinista government. So to neutralize Seal concerning his threat to the Bush clan they had Oliver North drop a dime on Seal to the cartel. The cartel put a $500,000 price tag on his head. He was wacked outside of a Louisiana halfway house near a dumpster where a judge had ordered him to stay which virtually signed his death warrant; ie., it made it very easy for the hit team to locate Barry Seal. He was wacked by two Columbian hit squad men sent by the cartel armed with Uzi and Mac silenced submachine guns…reference page 221 paragraph 4 of

    The Bigger Story Behind Whitewater
    Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA
    How the Presidency was Co-opted by the CIA
    by Terry Reed & John Cummings
    a 1994 release by S.P.I. Books a Division of Shapolsky Publishing Co.

    Seemingly you were somewhat close to the action from your comments. I highly recommend this book to you because it might provide some catharsis concerning issues from your past relative to this Iran/Contra drug smuggling linked debacle. I’ve handed out many free copies over the years to associates of mine and no one ever complained about the content as to be being bogus.

    The average citizen on the street simply has no idea what the Bushistas and the Clintonistas are all about. Possibly they don’t care either based on the way this nation seems to be enamoured with the Bush’s and the Clinton’s during the past 28 years.

    H.W. Bush nosed his way in as Reagan’s v.p. What’s interesting prior to Bush popping up as his v.p., Reagan had made a statement to the effect he would have no one as v.p. who was involved with secret societies, clubs etc., then H.W. Bush, Mr. Skull and Bones shows up as his choice for v.p. I suspect they took Ronnie to the woodshed so-to-speak and gave him his marching orders or else as to whom his running mate would be. Reagan was already in too deep concerning his bid for the Whitehouse to back out. They also may have also had some dirt on Reagan that if he didn’t comply it would ruin his public image forever. I don’t believe Reagan was involved with any of this aforementioned Iran/Contra, guns for drugs debacle and was simply Mr. “jellybean eater” talking in endless awshucks euphemisms to the public while H.W. was running the show, still as Mr. CIA, as he always had been in the years prior to becoming V.P.. Reagan was simply a presidential “front man” with onset senility which was ideal for their behind the scenes criminally slanted operations.

    Bill Clinton was already in place to be H.W. Bush’s hedge in the event he couldn’t win reelection. With Bill Clinton winning,it was truly a win-win for the Bushista’s all the way around. They aren’t going to give up their hopefully transgenerational stranglehold on the Whitehouse easily either…!

    Carl Nemo **==

  9. The way I heard it was that Barry Seal flew a load of coke into Homestead AFB, Fla., and who should show up to pick it up but the Bush Boys, Dubya and Jeb. What they didn’t know was that the aircraft had survalence cameras rolling the whole time. Supossedly he had the tape with him when he was shot but the feds took off with the evidence. They say he stashed a copy of it but its has never turned up.

    The FBI has recently got covictions against almost everyone in the New York Mob and that was the distribution network for the CIA drugs. I expect them to move the distribution to Chicago because that is probably the only other mob in the country that can handle that volume of drugs.

  10. Hi Stratocaster…

    Thanks SEAL for the link tip. I found it.

    What happened to many operatives in the Mena/Nicaraguan connection was they were no doubt sanctioned when the operation finally had to be aborted post the Eugene Hasenfus debacle when his Fairchild C-123 was shot down, especially those that knew far too much about the Bush family’s involvement in the operation. That was Barry Seal’s downfall. He bragged he had evidence that would show the Bush family in very bad light. Hasenfus disobeying orders had worn a parachute. It was his capture and interrogation that blew the lid off the Iran/Contra affair. Hasenfus’s latelife propensity to be arrested for indecent exposure is somewhat bizarre to say the least.

    The average citizen has no knowledge of the criminal shenanigans orchestrated from the highest levels while H.W. Bush was Reagan’s v.p. As I’ve written in my articles the Clintons have been annointed by the NWO’s frontman kingmaker, H.W. Bush, Mr. CIA as the successors to an ongoing dynastic usurpation of presidential power. It’s imperative that “Billary” makes it to the Whitehouse.

    Although Hillary is disowning NAFTA now, rest assured once our economy and our currency rolls over and dies like a slug in the noonday sun on her watch, she’ll be pushing for a new currency the Amero and a merger with Canada, Mexico and possibly some of the MERCUR alliance nations in South America as our salvation while everyone that so mindlessly supported her ascendancy will be going “wut da f**k…?!” : |

    Carl Nemo **==

    p.s. The second Forbidden Knowledge link will take you to one of my favorite sites; ie. “Hard Truth”. So for folks the are data miners make sure you go to the homesite and save the link too.

  11. Seal wrote:

    Keith: it was I and not Carl who asked you the question “exactly what lies has Obama uttered?”

    You could not answer the question because he hasn’t lied about anything. The answer you gave, “Give them enough time and they ALL become liars!” was very disapointing coming from you.

    The very foundation of Obama’s campaign for the presidency is truth in government. Were he to lie about something he would be totally discredited.

    Oops! I got you folks mixed up. Please accept my apologies.

    However, I stand by my statement. Given enough time, everyone becomes a liar.

    That’s because lying is as much a part of our human makeup as breathing. We alone among the animal kingdom are the only ones who can present an external persona that is something entirely different from who and what we really are inside. And lying is an integral part of maintaining that persona.

    Or, to put it another way, show me the person that has “never told a lie” and I’ll show you a person that is, in fact, lying. The only difference is how much of what kind of lying each of us chooses to do.

    Now, as far as Mr. Obama’s politics go, frankly, I’m not all that enthralled with ANY of the current front runners. Now, granted, I will agree that Mr. Obama has probably run the cleanest campaign of them all so far. But I also remain skeptical of his extremely Liberal voting record in both Illinois and the US Senate.

    And while I certainly admire his views on kicking the lobbyists out of Washington and trying to bring us together as a nation (his response last week to the whole Rev. Wright flap was absolutely brilliant), I also firmly believe that printing and then throwing yet MORE taxpayer money at our problems by making an already HUGE (not to mention horrifically broken) government bureaucracy even bigger is absolutely NOT the answer to our ills, either.

    For example, providing so-called “free” medical care for anyone and everyone who can still afford to buy their own health insurance (but simply chooses not to) is, in my estimation, a recipe for fiscal disaster. We only have to look north of the border in Canada to see how “universal”, government-run health care soon becomes horrifically confiscatory…and anything BUT “universal”. I invite you to read my blog entry “Some Thoughts on Universal Health Care”, for more of my family’s first-hand experiences with the Canadian medical system along my frank views on that subject. To find that article, simply do a Google search on that title from within Capitol Hill Blue.

    In previous postings I’ve also noted my utter disdain for what I call the “Republicrats”…the horrifically closed duopoly that is now running our nation. In many ways, the Republicans and Democrats have simply become two factions of the same horrifically corrupt “good ol’ boy country club.” And I fear that voting for one or the other of their “party line” candidates will only really result in us trading one form of political corruption for another.

    Mark my words, even IF Mr. Obama does manage to beat the Clinton machine and goes on to win the election, we will not see any real change in the downward spiral of the fiscal solvency and credibility of our nation…particularly if all the “pork barrel” spending habits of the current “Republicrat” Congress remain firmly in place.

    Clearly, our nation’s disdain from the far right, authoritarian policies of Mr. Bush have now whetted our appetite for something entirely different. However, I firmly believe that swinging to a far-left, ultra-Liberal (tax and spend) approach to our ills is absolutely NOT the answer either.

    Or, to put it another way, printing more money will only result in the government levying the worst tax of all upon those of us who can least afford it….rampant hyperinflation and the ultimate, steep devaluation of our currency.

    Think not? Think again. Right now, the third largest line item in our nation’s budget is simply paying the interest on the some $9 Trillion debt that these stupid clowns have already run up. Sadly, despite ALL the wonderful rhetoric about what they are going to do when they become President, the sad truth is that there is precious little discretionary money left for them to do it with in our nation’s budget. That’s because the money we are paying in interest on that pile of debt doesn’t buy us a bloody thing…except maybe just a bit more time. To do anything more will require printing more money.

    For many, many years, I voted straight Republican. But, thanks to the ruinous work of Mr. Bush and his Cabal in Congress, it will be a cold day in Hell before I ever vote for a Republican again.

    Rather, I now consider myself a staunch “Libertarian”…that is…socially liberal but fiscally conservative. I remain convinced we absolutely need to get the damn government’s nose out of our bedrooms AND their corrupt hands out of our pocketbooks!

    And, as far as I have been able to see, an Obama (or a Clinton or a McCain) Presidency will accomplish absolutely none of that.

  12. Mena is always on my mind because I inadvertantly got involved in an operation that involved pursuit planes forcing down a C130 with a full load of marijuana during Iran-Contra. Apparently there were some good people in the CIA trying to end the operation. I hate to think about what became of them. The C130s were also caught droping canisters of cocaine to offshore drilling rigs. The rigs they were dropping to were owned by George Bush Sr. It is good to know that there are other people with information and that the word is getting out. Here is anouther link I came across. I don’t know how accurate the information is, but I would say that at least 80% of it is certifiable.

    Illuminati News: Bill and Hillary Clinton’s Criminal Background

  13. Of the choices provided, Obama is the best. I don’t like him. I wish Clinton and Obama would ignore each other and both attack McCain. Then let us voters decide who we think will most effectively subdue him in the election.

    And maybe pigs will fly.

    — Kent Shaw

  14. Bluesman2007

    I am entitled to my opinion. If you don’t like it, you can go squat on it. Either way, it’s my opinion about what will happen. Get over it.

  15. Sorry, Bluesman, we tried three times to elect men of integrity, honor and honesty. Goldwater, Perot and Paul; and it was the voters who rejected them as they could not remember the Constitution they learned about in school.

    I’m a little tired of reading my emails and meeting up with people who always learn their mistakes when they vote for their party and not for the candidate. The American voters are not able to recognize leadership as they watch too much television instead of checking out which candidate promotes the Constitution. Many are still closet racists and actually believe black skin is God’s curse. This is the dark side of keeping bigotry in the family. It could stymie the evolution of our species and send us back to the dark ages.

  16. My apologies SEAL for not catching the misquote linked to my name. Thanks for catching it.

    Carl Nemo **==

  17. “Buckley himself has admitted that our American voters want the illusion of leadership not that actual thing.”

    I don’t know where Buckley got that notion from but, IMHO, that’s utter rubbish. All the public has been given IS the illusion and I believe that the American public CRAVE real leadership but have no way of getting it since we’re only offered up the lesser of two evils every damned time. This election seems to be the exception with Obama’s candidacy. He’s not perfect but anyone who’s waiting for that phenomena to come along, well, don’t hold your breath. But he’s the closest I’ve seen in decades.

    If Obama (who I know has the delegate lead right now) does not get the nomination, I will immediately switch parties and vote independent and the democratic party can kiss my ass. They’ve let me down for decades and I tired of it.

    Where I do blame the American public, aside from being clueless about what’s going on in the world is their superficiality. They like the “look” of certain candidates and not others. (Just ask Perot, Kucinich, Ron Paul and even “the spoiler” about that for verification).

    “The voters will get no representative of character in November, we will get a confirmed liar, a confirmed warrior or a man who could be destroyed by his color.”

    Are you saying that because Obama is black that he won’t be a representative of character? Sorry but your logic escapes me. The choice between those three is fairly obvious.

    “…but why the silence from these reporters?”

    Because they’re as gutless as the politicos they’re supposed to cover. The press/media both print, TV and online have failed the American public miserably.

    “I find it interesting that Obama had no voice about racism during the Duke Rape and Jena 6 cases. But when his pastor is involved, all the sudden he needs to talk about racism.”

    There was no need to talk about racism on Obama’s part (yet) but for the fact that it was crammed down his throat with that soundbite speech. By the way, which part of that fiery speech was inaccurate? The part where he said America is run by wealthy whites? Duhhhh. I believe the man is right. As far as his saying goddamn America, I’ve said that plenty of times myself and I’m not black. I fully understand where that man (who IS black) is coming from. We have equality in this county in name only but anyone with even half a brain knows that the reality is otherwise. I don’t think Obama should have had to apologize for a damned thing that pastor said.

    Has McBrainless apologized for anything that right wingnut pastor Hagee has said from the pulpet? Has Clinton apologized for being on Walmart’s board? Or all her lies. Give me a break.

    “you speak out about it in all cases, not just when it hurts your campaign”

    And you know for a fact that he hasn’t because…………….?

    Obviously, being black, he will bring a whole new perspective to the race issue in this country and maybe, just maybe, get people thinking about how much better off this country would be if we only stopped fighting ourselves on every damned front which is what we’re doing.

    “Oh, and he will be a disaster as a president and we will have 12 years of republican greed that will exceed the greed of Reagan/Bush I once Obama’s four years of disaster ends.”

    Where did you get your crystal ball? I’d love to have one so I’ll know what will happen in the future. I could clean up in the stock market. So, it’ll be bad for us when Obama’s 4 years are over? And that’s your cricism of Obama? You kind of logic plus ten bucks will get you a cup of coffee at any Starbucks.

    Bottom line, we’re all on the same page regarding Clinton and McCain. They’re both losers. Obama is the only hope we’ve got and, at least so far, he hasn’t disappointed me in any way.

    Over the last several decades I have an extremely honed BS meter built-in. I’ve learned to rely on it because it’s been infallible thus far. I was against Bush long before he was elected (and I say that tongue in cheek) to the presidency. Did you ever read the Bush family unauthorized biography? I did. Check it out.

    My trusty antennae buzz loudly every time Hillary opens her lying mouth. So far, it’s quiet when I hear from Obama.

    So my suggestion would be for us to stop preaching to the choir and start waking up the rest of somnambulist public. Don’t forget, at least 1/3 of the people still support Bush (believe it or not). They’re the ones we have to educate. We can (with few exceptions) sit here and agree with and stroke each other all day long but it’s a wasted effort. Let’s be in thought and word where we need to be.

  18. Keith: it was I and not Carl who asked you the question “exactly what lies has Obama uttered?”

    You could not answer the question because he hasn’t lied about anything. The answer you gave, “Give them enough time and they ALL become liars!” was very disapointing coming from you.

    The very foundation of Obama’s campaign for the presidency is truth in government. Were he to lie about something he would be totally discredited.

    What disturbs me is all of this blanket commenrting that is going on by so many people. They ALL do this or that – they’re ALL bad – and so on. These are only expressions of personal feelings and not always true based upon performance or fact.

    I consider this overemotional reactionism of stating that “I will not vote” or I’ll cast my vote for Donald Duck to be shirking ones responsibility to get the best possible person in the White House of those choices we do have. In this case, it becomes more obvious each day that that person is Barak Obama. You may not think he is the right person for the job. I don’t either. I don’t think there is one available for us to select. But, of the three choices, he is by far and away the best and, therefore, it is our responsibility to make sure he is the one that wins the primary, nomination, and national election.

    The glass isn’t half empty. It may not be half full either. But it sure as hell isn’t empty.

  19. Carl wrote:

    And, Keith, maybe I have missed somerthing. Exactly what lies has Obama uttered?

    Carl, it is important to always remember that “truth in politics” is an oxymoron.

    Give them enough time and they ALL become liars!

  20. Hi Siannan…

    Thanks for your feedback.

    As far as having fears that Hillary might win; you bet I do!

    I know far too much about Bush~Clinton methods for acquiring power in high places.

    I’ve written much about the fact that the presidency of the United States has been compromised by a CIA/Skull and Bones cabal.

    They’ve been working on the operation for a long time, most intensively so, starting with the Kennedy assassination. You can discount my thoughts as being that of a crackpot conspiracy theorist, but I’d advise you taking the time to read my thoughts on a post to Maggie Van Ostrand’s blog; ie., “A News Ruse” posted about six days ago. I’ll supply the link for your convenience.

    You are correct in that I’ve possibly beaten the head off my drum, but if I can hopefully awaken the electorate as to what they are up against then the drumbeat will be worth a warehouse full of them. : | The Clintons are not ordinary political adversaries in any sense of the word.

    My concern about McCain getting elected is simply due to white’s with race related “head issues” voting for the “white man” again; somehow feeling safe with this mattoid…not! John McCain is an accident waiting to happen relative to well-being and security of the United States and the entire world at large. He’s senile and quite possibly nuts too and will use the presidency as if it were his personal kingdom and toilet bowl…! He also has a very nasty temper that when publicly displayed is quite distasteful to anyone with all their oars in the water. There’s nothing “cool” about John McPain…!

    Again, thanks for your thoughts even if we have differences in opinion concerning Obama’s fitness for the presidency.

    Carl Nemo **==

  21. Carl Nemo

    As I said, I hate all three choices.

    I find it interesting that Obama had no voice about racism during the Duke Rape and Jena 6 cases. But when his pastor is involved, all the sudden he needs to talk about racism. This to me rings false. If you’re concerned about racism, you speak out about it in all cases, not just when it hurts your campaign. Oh, and he will be a disaster as a president and we will have 12 years of republican greed that will exceed the greed of Reagan/Bush I once Obama’s four years of disaster ends.

    Yes, Hillary is a liar, we know. You have broken the damned drum. Enough already. She isn’t going to win. Or are you afraid she might?

    McCain is growing senile fast, and his increasing senility will probably insure that if he does manage to win the White House, he will not hold the presidency long and his vice president (God I hope it’s not) Condi Rice, will take over.

    All three candidates are disasters. Unfortunately I don’t have any feasible replacements because anyone I might suggest would probably laugh and say “no frikken way”, which if you think about it, is the only reasonable response.

    After all, who in their right mind would want to follow President Retard?

  22. We know Hillary is a liar. I wrote about her weaknesses years ago and yet few remember the expose I did on her working with the teacher’s unions. Her plans were to ignore academics and teach how we all must get together and love each other. My girls went through this in the 60s too, but grew out of is when they hit the Universities and saw the hippies in action.

    McCain has little respect in Arizona but, being the only Republican, he will no doubt win the electoral voters here. But then I live in a senior development and when these folks retire, it is the brain that goes first.

    I find McCain and Hillary way too cocky for the White House. They will use their Oval Office power like a club over the American people. This is an action we have seen from both Bushs in office and one I will not accept again. So who is left? Barack Obama! He is bright enough not to take advantage of his power knowing he represents the majority of voters who do not want the same old itshay coming from the White House.

    I’m troubled by the many Evangelicals who vote and see the color of Barack’s skin as the mark of Cain and try to take him out for Jesus Christ. America is a sick nation to the core and probably will not survive much longer.

  23. Well, gee, Austin, Hillary walking across the tarmac waving and smiling isn’t nearly as emotion invoking as some black preacher screeming “God Damn America.” Hers requires comentary and explanation while his pretty much speaks for itself. No effort required. And lets not forget who owns the media also backs Hillary.

    And, Keith, maybe I have missed somerthing. Exactly what lies has Obama uttered?

  24. This whole election has now turned into a contest to see who can tell more lies than the current “Prevaricator in Chief”.

    So far, it would appear that Mrs. Clinton is leading the pack.

  25. Anybody notice that this story didn’t resonate enough for the press to slam it down the public’s throat like the Rev. Wright story?

    Maybe we’re so desensitized to the Clinton’s lying…it’s just one more added to the stockpile.

    Sooooooooo…the media isn’t cashing in like they expected and they’ve let the story go.

  26. The Clintons will NEVER tell the truth when a lie will do.. When will the sheeple grow up and use their own God given brains and see this woman for what she is.. At ANY cost to anyone else ,she will stay in the race and seperate the democratic party for good. She feels this presidency ie OWED her . for what reason is beyond my own thinking.. If she gets the nomination by some sort of illegal shennagins as the last elections occured.. I vote for NO ONE and I bet there are millions out there who cannot stand a liar. I would rather have dinner with a murderer..Liars do so on purpose and reveal their true being in doing so… her character will fall apart under the scrutiny of any sharp mind and may I add.. when this side of hell will she answer a question honestly when put to her and not turn the subject to how wonderful she is…In her own minds eye . I detest the woman….

  27. Hi Stratocaster…

    Thanks for posting a link about Mena. I write about the Mena, Arkanasas/Iran-Contra connection quite regularly on this site, but you are the first site participant other than myself to post anything about it.

    In the early days when Bush, Mr. CIA was Reagan’s v.p. and his plans for co-opting the presidency were in their infancy many people did end up being sanctioned for either exposing the base or digging too deeply into this scam engineered at the highest levels of our government.

    Now it’s old news and the media will not pick it up because they too are being orchestrated by the NWO/MIC/CIA cabal. Just watch how they have been pushing Hillary down our collective throats for over a year and are now doing everything possible to discredit Obama with the Reverend Wright “tempest in a teapot” sermons.

    Now just think what would happen if our duplicit MSM would pick up on the stale Mena story and republicize Iran/Conra, Mena and host of other things that show the Bush/Clinton cabal were up to their armpits in high level public corruption in the past as now…?!

    I recommend you read my comments to Maggie Van Ostrand’s blog article, “The News Ruse” of about 7 days ago. I wrote a lengthy expose’ as to how we currently got ourselves in the fix we are in as a nation and why it’s truly “Billary’s” turn to be president.

    Thanks for mentioning the Mena connection. What’s interesting is that the promises made to Bill and Hillary over twenty years ago are still unfolding with the powers that be trying to shove Hillary down our collective throats.

    They’ve established a Bush~Clinton serial dynasty in the Whitehouse and they won’t give up easily for the purpose of ripping off we the people and to engineer the NWO’s plans to neutralize the U.S. as a viable world power both militarily and economically.

    Lately though, I’ve noticed a change in support with key CFR, Tri-lat, Bilderberg members throwing in their support for Obama. Jay Rockefeller being one of them. David Rockefeller is virtually Chairman of the Board for implementing the Western hemispheric NWO. Obama is a CFR member too, but people must realize that just because one is nominated to the CFR that they aren’t automatically in tune with the destruction of the U.S. for the NWO’s benefit. So is Richardson and he attended a Bilderberg conference in Spain during the late 90’s. Bilderberg operates on the same principles as our intelligence agencies; ie., compartmentalization of information on a need to know basis. Their ultimate goals and secrets are only known to the higherups with those members down below operating basically with buckets on their heads not realizing they are involved with something truly dark for mankind.

    Carl Nemo **==

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