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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

So it’s official! 4000+ people have died for no good reason!


Saddam’s Files

You may not have paid attention, but in the past many bloggers have used the word “ALLEGEDLY” when refering to claims that Saddam Hussein was involved in attempts to assasinate member of GW’s family in 1993. This is because it was never proven to be TRUE! And 15 years later, the truth comes out like it always has a nasty way of doing. There is no proof that Saddam was any more involved in a failed assassination attempt than there was he was trying to get weapons of mass destruction.

Since every thing the man has done in the past 15 years politically is directly connected to this event, this study just proves what most people find too shocking to even consider…..that over 4000 people have died in Iraq for nothing more than one man’s personal distain for another world leader.

Using this as a rule, there is no reason why Venezuela or Cuba or any other country that concludes that GW Bush is not better but perhaps worse than Saddam, to call upon the world to invade the USA for the purpose of freeing the American people from the tyranny of those that have abducted the govt for their own personal and financial reasons.

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