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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Independence Day – 2014


Capitol Hill Blue founder and publisher Doug Thompson uses images and videos to both tell stories and express points of view.

For his annual Independence Day video, he used images that he feels portray a still beautiful but conflicted America.

“As an American, I love my country,” he says.  “But, as an American, I also worry about what it has become.”

In Thompson’s view, America has become a nation where we celebrate freedom while not actually practicing or having it, a country where we soldiers are asked to serve their nation and then are forgotten when they come home and a place where money and politics override common sense and decency.

Is it American the Beautiful or America the Ugly?  You decide.

From all of us at Capitol HIll Blue, our best wishes for a safe and enjoyable Fourth of July.

1 thought on “Independence Day – 2014”

  1. “Is it America the Beautiful or America the Ugly? You decide.”

    I’ve decided. It’s beautiful in my book!

    Of the worlds population only some 4.5% of us get to live in America and I’m thankful to be one of them. If there is one thing ugly about America it has to be its anonymous social media where anybody can say anything and get away with it. There is no other population on this planet that likes to bitch and complain more then we Americans.

    “When you’re born, you get a ticket to the freak show. When you’re born in America, you get a front row seat.” — George Carlin

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