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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Time to rid the nation of an embarrassment named Cruz?

Sen. Ted Cruz: The mouth that bored.
Sen. Ted Cruz: The mouth that bored.

Maybe it’s time to do something to put the misery called Ted Cruz out of America’s life and memory.

Depending on the voters of Texas to step in and do something about the national embarrassment called Cruz is useless.  Texas, after all, is the state that gave cretins like George W. Bush elected office more than once, so expecting anything remotely approaching rationality is a pipe dream when it comes to the Lone Star state.

Cruz, sadly, is a blatant example of just how incredibly stupid the tea party can be. To rally behind such a idiot shows how devoid the party and its followers are when it comes to having an IQ of even the average plant — as in vegetable.

After all, this is the party that thinks Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann should be considered serious Presidential material.

Let’s see.  Sarah Palin, the ditzy Alaska governor whose lust for money drove her to quit in her first term and the one who brought national embarrassment to the Presidential campaign of John McCain when he, in a moment of of madness, picked her as his running mate.  Or Bachmann, whose lack of knowledge about simple American geographically was driven home when she bragged about homeschooling her children.  We wonder if, in her so-called “education” of her children, she put Lexington and Concord in Massachusetts where they belong and not in New Hampshire as she claimed in a campaign speech in 2011 in one of her long history of gaffes that fell way short on accuracy.

The current tea party poster children are troglodytes like Ted Cruz, the rabid-right Republican Senator who tried to bring the government to its knees last fall with his bitter, often false, campaign against Obamacare and his cavalcade of idiocy in a 24-hour-long talkathon that was widely considered a “faux filibuster.”

Cruz, born in Canada as the child an American mother and a Cuban father known for his rapid right wing positions who says “let’s talk about the black population.  All the civil rights that African Americans have obtained have come from Republicans.”

Cruz’s father also calls blacks “uninformed” and “deceived.”

So it is no surprise that the son probably seizes on the current President’s race as justification for his unrelenting campaign against anything that has Obama’s name on it.

This week, he used his personal hatred of the President to bring further embarrassment to his party and the nation, trying — and failing — to filibuster passage of a “clean bill” to raise the national debt ceiling and keep the government from defaulting on its loans.

Most Republicans, tired of the fight that forced a partial shutdown of the government last fall, wanted the bill to pass with a simple majority so they could go home and beat a massive snow storm that was bearing down on Washington.

But Cruz’s antics forced a vote to shut him up and his efforts created political difficulty for a number of Republicans, including Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell, locked in a bitter primary in Kentucky against — you guessed it — a darling of the tea party.

But McConnell and Texas Republican John Cornyn came forward and voted to shut Cruz up.   Like McConnell, Cornyn faces a primary against a right-wing fanatic.

Cruz’s strategy even came under fire from the conservative Wall Street Journal editorial page, which said:

“We’re all for holding politicians accountable with votes on substantive issues, but Mr. Cruz knew he couldn’t stop a debt increase the House had already passed. He also had no alternative strategy if the bill had failed, other than to shut down the government again, take public attention away from ObamaCare, and make Republicans even more unpopular.”

In it’s editorial, the Journal called Cruz “The Minority Maker.”  On the liberal side, Washington Post blogger Chris Cillizza notes that Cruz “did something you almost never see in the Senate: He purposefully made political life harder for his Republican colleagues.”

Cillizza also notes that both McConnell and Cronyn are expected to win and they will remember what Cruz did, noting “Cruz won’t be climbing the leadership ladder.  Ever.”

On second thought, maybe we shouldn’t do anything about Ted Cruz.  Let him do what he does best:  Bring the rabid right, racist Republican Party to its knees and expose the tea party for what it is: a terrorist organization bent on destroying America.



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