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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

An ugly dispute taints ‘America the Beautiful’


A sadness emerges when one reads the absurd and downright nasty comments aimed at Coca Cola for creating a Super Bowl commercial featuring people singing “America the Beautiful” in different languages.

Some rabid right-wing groups urge a boycott of the company for creating the commercial.  Usual conservative blowhards like Rush Limbaugh are weighing in and demanded punishment of Coke.

Why?  Are we not a nation founded by immigrants who came to this land to escape persecution in other countries?  Are we not the nation that once welcomed immigrants with open arms?

Sadly, some out there want to destroy that America and forget that we, for the most part, are descendents of immigrants.   My forefathers were mostly Scots, with a mixture of Seminole Indian and Black Irish.  Of that mix, only the Seminole can claim to be a “native American.”

So why the uproar?  Are we so desperate for reasons to feel superior to others?  Do we need to demonize others so much?

Yes, America can be beautiful.  It is a mixture of of many different people of different genders, different races and different origins that make us that way.

The uproar over the commercial exemplifies how dominant political agendas have become in America today.

In simpler, more rational times, the commercial would be viewed as a homage to the melting pot that once symbolized America.

No longer.  Now it must be used to try and foster support for those who push intolerance and a narrow-focus agenda in a nation where partisanship abounds and derision replaces diversity.

It’s hard to sing about “America the Beautiful” at a time when too many want an “America the Ugly.”

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4 thoughts on “An ugly dispute taints ‘America the Beautiful’”

  1. I thought this Coke commercial was very moving — and exemplifies what I always thought this country was. Members of my family immigrated here from Switzerland in the mid 1800s and settled in Wisconsin. As you said Doug, unless we are Native American we are all the children of immigrants.

  2. What we should be doing is welcoming every hard working immigrant wanting to live here in the US with open arms. Then round up all the loud mouthed redneck aholes here in the US and boot them out of the country. I’d be willing to donate my time and boots to achieve the latter.

  3. One real Founding Father quote (as opposed to the almost countless fake ones circulating on the Internet) was Ben Franklin saying that anyone should be welcome to come to America if they were willing to work hard, and especially if they were fleeing tyranny.

  4. Good piece, Doug!…I agree…Very sad….To live life so full of anger…It’s gotta cause health problems and greatly shortens the time people would want to talk to them….Who’d want to listen to all that negativity and anger 24-7?

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