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Monday, June 17, 2024

GOP gay political operative says farewell to party

GOP political operative and gay activist
GOP political operative and gay activist Jimmy LaSalvia

Veteran GOP operative Jimmy LaSalvia is a rarity in the normally homophobic Republican party –an openly-gay activist who tried to bring the party of the elephant into more-mainstream thinking.

But he’s giving up the fight, turning independent and telling the GOP to go screw itself.

“I’ve determined that the Republicans can never win a national election again,” LaSalvia told “Top Line” in an announcement that he is leaving the party and adds he “has no hope for the Republican Party.”

“No matter how good your autopsy, the changes the Republican Party is implementing really amount to nothing more than lipstick on a pig,” he said.  “It’s a culture of intolerance that I don’t think any amount of messaging or policy changes can fix.”

Although he considers himself a conservative, LaSalvia says Republicans, as a whole, are “out of touch with life in America today” are the party itself is “useless.”

LaSalvia co-founded GOPoud, a conservative gay rights group.

“Forty-two percent of Americans are independents because they don’t feel either party represents their values or principles.  I’m like everybody else, and I think that 42 percent of Americans who aren’t represented by a party represent the new majority,” he said.

The Republican Party, he said, is led by “a segment who seems to be anti-everybody who’s not like them.  You have such fear that they might lose a small sliver of intolerant voters that they’re not willing to say to those people that you either need to modernize and get with the program or you cant come on our journey to help our country try.”

LaSalvia said the GOP had a chance to evolve and become a party of the mainstream but “it’s just too late.”

Although the GOP is consistently anti-gay in its public rhetoric, the party has long found gays within its midst.  A number of high-ranking officials in the GOP campaign committee were known within Washington to be gay and the late Terry Dolan, who died of AIDS in 1986, ran the National Conservative Political Action Committee (NCPAC).


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1 thought on “GOP gay political operative says farewell to party”

  1. This is the result of the Republican Party courting the Christian evangelical right-wingers. The R’s have succeeded, and now the Republican party grassroots activists are quite right-wing. The Tea Party activists have a lot of clout in the Republican primary elections, and often the Republican nominees are not electable in the general election.
    This results in the Democrats moving to the right also – to get elected they just have to be less extreme than the Republicans.

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